Library Tour and Orientation

Library tour and orientation are offered to students, staff, and visitors to explore the resources, services, and facilities available at Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library.

Library Tour
Library tour walks through the library floors and discover the library collections, facilities, and resources. Also, visits our feature exhibitions in the Library, like Chinese Rare Books Reprints, Judicial Gowns Exhibition, Ten Great National Treasures of Bronze Vessels and Twelve Chinese Animal Zodiac and Surname Bronze Wares, etc.

Library Orientation
Regular library orientation targets undergraduates and postgraduates respectively. It is usually held during the start of semesters to introduce the library basic services, searching skills, and citation management, etc. The schedule will be posted on the Library’s social media and sent via the University email.

Request a Library Tour or Orientation
Students, staff, and visitors are welcome to request a library tour or orientation. The Library can customise the content of tour or orientation upon request.

For students and staff, please submit your request through the online application form.

For visitors, please contact us by email at or phone at 2806-5113.