Collection Sharing and Information Discovery System with Enriched Digital Content (CSIDS) is a collaboration project between five self-financed academic libraries in Hong Kong:

In 2014-2016, a grant of over HK$50 million was awarded by Hong Kong Government’s Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund, Quality Enhancement Support Scheme to support the implementation of this initiative. The objectives of this project are:

  • Collaboratively develop an online collection-sharing and information discovery system to enable faculty members and students to easily find and access library and e-book collections among the five libraries through a one-stop search interface.
  • Allow each of these libraries to promote reading while enriching their digital contents. It was expected that more than 20,000 e-books would be acquired through the Project.

After the completion of the Project, a Steering Committee was formed to maintain the collection-sharing and information discovery system and collaborate with e-books purchase.

In 2022, the five libraries worked together again to upgrade the library management system to new cloud-based system and discovery platform, namely the Alma and Primo VE. After detailed evaluation and thorough system testing, the migration of Alma and Primo VE systems was completed successfully in July 2023.

CSIDS Website: http://www.csids.edu.hk/