About Us

A. About the Library Complex and the Library

The Hong Kong Shue Yan University (Former: Hong Kong Shue Yan College) was established in 1971. The aims of the University are to enhance the standards of higher education in Hong Kong and increase international academic co-operation with overseas higher education institutions. To meet this mission, a new library complex building was built and opened in 1995 next to the campus on Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill.

The Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library Complex building is multi-functional and has 19 storeys. It includes seminar rooms, conference rooms, research centres, a podium, as well as a parking lot and accommodation facilities for overseas scholars.

The Library is located in G/F and 2/F to 6/F in the Library Complex.

B. Our Mission

The mission of Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library is to facilitate teaching and promote research in the campus. Its main functions are to act as:

  • a resource centre to organise various types of materials for learning, teaching and research;
  • a learning centre to offer study areas, discussion rooms and reference services;
  • a user education centre to provide users with library literacy instructions;
  • a service centre to equip the Library with multi-functional facilities;
  • a library 2.0 centre to interact with users and design user-centred services;
  • a repository centre to keep and archive the intellectual and historical resources of the University.