Excessive Downloading is Prohibited

“Systematic” or “excessive” downloading of subscription database or e-journal content, either manually or by using an automated  program is a serious violation of the licensing agreements between the service providers and the University. The service providers can terminate the access for the University and such behavior not only affects individual, but also all users in the University.

Definition of Excessive Downloading

Here are some example of what the service providers mean by “excessive downloading”:

  • Rapidly downloading one article after another
  • Continuously downloading tables of contents, search results, citations, or output
  • Downloading entire issues or volumes of an e-journal
  • Downloading the entire contents of an e-book or multimedia resource
  • Using robots or other automated programs to download from subscription resources

Other License Violations

Other examples which would also violate the licenses include:

  • Sharing passwords with unauthorized users
  • Redistributing information from online resources to unauthorized users
  • Posting information retrieved or downloaded from online resources to a listserv, on a website, or to an email list
  • Reselling, redistributing or reproduction of any journal text, output, search results, or other information in any form or medium
  • Redistribution of materials to non-subscribers or non-subscribing institutions

If you have questions about any of these issues, please feel free contact us (Tel: 2806-5114 / Email: libinfo@hksyu.edu)