List of titles on the “E-BOOK DISPLAY” board at 5/F

No Title / Author   (Year)
1 CEO branding : theory and practice / edited by Marc Fetscherin. (2015)
2 Controlling the message : new media in American political campaigns / Victoria A. Farrar-Myers & Justin S. Vaughn (Editors)(2015)
3 Creating financial value : a guide for senior executives with no finance background / Malcolm Allitt. (2016)
4 Creating the social venture / Susan Coleman and Dafna Kariv.(2016)
5 Cyber-Proletariat : global labour in the digital vortex / Nick Dyer-Witheford. (2015)
6 Doing Women’s Film History: Reframing Cinemas, Past and Future/ Christine Gledhill & Julia Knight (Editors)
7 Excursions into modernism : women writers, travel, and the body / Joyce E. Kelley. (2015)
8 Joyce/Shakespeare / Laura Pelaschiar (Editor) (2015)
9 Lean Six Sigma : international standards and global guidelines (2nd Ed.) / Terra Vanzant Stern. (2016)
10 Narrative and the Making of US National Security / Ronald R. Krebs.(2015)
11 Plot & structure : techniques and exercises for crafting a plot that grips readers from start to finish / James Scott Bell. (2004)
12 Queer criminology / Carrie L. Buist and Emily Lenning. (2016)
13 Secrecy at work : the hidden architecture of organizational life / Jana Costas and Christopher Grey. (2016)
14 The invention of journalism ethics : the path to objectivity and beyond / Stephen J.A. Ward. (2015)
15 The sociolinguistics of digital Englishes / Patricia Friedrich & Eduardo H. Diniz de Figueiredo. (2016)
16 Thinking through China / Jerusha McCormack & John G. Blair. (2016)
17 Understanding Italian Opera / Tim Carter. (2015)
18 中國稅務安排技巧 / 黃炘強. (2012)
19 地文誌:追憶香港地方與文學 / 陳智德. (2013)
20 李白詩歌龍意象析論 / 陳宣諭. (2015)
21 香港大律師談民商法 / 麥業成, 羅沛然主編. (2014)
22 香港政府咨詢委員會制度 / 黃湛利. (2015)
23 張學良與趙一荻的清泉幽禁歲月1946-1960 / 張閭蘅, 張閭芝, 陳海濱. (2011)
24 淺談香港仲裁法 / 芮安牟(Anselmo Reyes)作 ; 陳星楠翻譯. (2013)
25 《華僑日報》與香港華人社會, 1925-1995 / 丁潔. (2014)
26 經絡拍打基本法 : 怎麼拍?拍哪裡?為什麼? / 凡夫. (2015)
27 蒙古史略 / 格魯賽(René Grousset)著 ; 馮承鈞譯. (1962)
28 稻盛和夫成功經營的10堂課 / 沈浩卿. (2014)
29 鍾博士講解弟子規 / 鍾茂森.(2014)
30 Big Data : 驅動大企業的幕後推手 / Bill Schmarzo. (2015)

HKSYU Library
18th November 2016

New database: Cabell's directory of publishing opportunities: Business, Psychology & Psychiatry

Below is the new database which could be accessed via library website.
1. Cabell’s directory of publishing opportunities: Business, Psychology & Psychiatry
The Cabell’s journal directory assists authors in their publication journey by providing an interactive, searchable database which covers 18 distinct academic disciplines from more than ten thousand international scholarly journals.
Cabell’s aim is to facilitate scholarly communication by offering an independent and comprehensive platform, to help researchers evaluate and select the most appropriate outlets for their work. All content is rigorously reviewed against journal selection policy in order to provide credible and thorough:
• Bibliographic information and journal contact information
• Manuscript submission criteria and review process guidelines
• Journal quality metrics and levels of impact/influence
• Powerful contextual and analysis tools
• Author publication experiences
HKSYU Library subscribes two sets data:

Economics & Finance
Psychology & Psychiatry

The library has other databases available for HKSYU users, further information can be found here.

Library Survey 2016 圖書館問卷調查2016

HKSYU Library Survey 2016

Tell us what you think, please take our survey!
Dear Members of Shue Yan University,
The HKSYU Library undertakes a survey from 1st to 30th November 2016. It aims to collect users’ opinions that help us understand how they satisfy with the Library’s services. The survey will take a few minute to complete.  Please visit to the following web page to start:
https://goo.gl/DKr3ZL (Login required off-campus)
It is voluntary and anonymous to take this survey.  Login information will NOT be recorded and IP addresses will NOT be associated with survey responses.  Moreover, there is no way to identify yourself by name in the questionnaires. The data collected will be saved on a password-protected database that is only accessed by library staff.  A summary of the result will be posted on the Library website whenever it is available.
Should you have any questions about the study, please write to libsurvey@hksyu.edu or seek assistance at the Library counter.
Thank you for your participation.
Best wishes,
HKSYU Library
1st November 2016
各位樹仁大學師生, 您們好!
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