Areas Division in the Library 圖書館的三個區域

Library Notice
Effective from Dec 2013, the library has adapted a colour for each of the three zones to provide a more noticeable usage for the designated areas:

(1) Silent Zone 2/F (except discussion area on 2/F) to 4/F for self-studying;

(2) Quiet Zone – 2/F (discussion area), 5/F and 6/F for discussion area; and

(3) Talking Zone – the staircase area between 2/F and 6/F is assigned for mobile phone use.

圖 書 館 通 告

(1) 寧靜閱覽區設於2樓(討論區除外)至4樓作自修用途,請肅靜及切勿圍站在電腦旁;

(2) 低聲討論區設於2樓討論區 、5樓及6樓,用作小組討論;及


Division of zones 2

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