CSIDS News – Over 4,000 e-books are available ______ CSIDS消息: 超過4,000本電子圖書可供線上閱讀


University Library and  four libraries of  institutions of higher education* purchased more than 4,000 e-books through the QESS project (For details, please read item J here or Library Handbook 2014-15 page 18) during the past 9 months.  It helps in enriching content of the Collection Sharing and Information Discovery System (CSIDS). Subjects of e-books comprise Chinese language & literature, Chinese history, English language & literature, business administration, accounting, economics, finance, history, social science, nursing, architecture, law, psychology, journalism and general studies, etc. Members of Shue Yan community can make use a PC workstation or a mobile device (i.e. smartphone or tablet) to search and access a title through the Library’s catalogue or browse the list of titles here. For enquiry or reporting problem, please send an email to libinfo@hksyu.edu.
* Includes The Open University of Hong Kong, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Chu Hai College of Higher Education and Tung Wah College

CSIDS News (Chinese)

本館與四間專上院校*圖書館在過去9個月間透過QESS項目(詳情可瀏覽這裡 的選項J或圖書館手冊2014-15第18頁),購買了超過4,000本電子圖書以豐富「館藏共享及資源發現系統」(Collection Sharing and Information Discovery System)的館藏,其主題包中國語言文學、中國歷史、英國語言文學、工商管理、會計、經濟、金融、歷史、社會科學、護理學、建築、法律、心理學、傳理學、及一般學科。樹仁大學教學人員、職員及學生均可利用電腦或流動設備(即智能電話或平板電腦)透過大學圖書館的線上目錄或在這列表連結尋找及在線閱讀相關書目。如有查詢或問題報告,歡迎發電郵至libinfo@hksyu.edu。