Login Instructions

Credential information that is used to login to the following Library Subsystems is now changed.

Subsystems Affected parties
“For Students” Students
“For Staff” Staffs
Book/AV Recommendation Staffs and Students
Interlibrary Loan Service Staffs and Students
Short Loan Request Staffs

For Students, please login with “Student Number” and “Password”. Example: Student Number 987654. The default password will be the last 3 digits before the left parenthesis “(” of your Hong Kong identity card number, plus the day of your birthday transposed. Example: Student 987654 has HK ID card number A123456(0) and birthday on 17 June 1982; then the Login ID will be 987654 and password will be 45671.
For Staffs, please login with “Login Name” and “Password”. The “Login Name” is the user name before ‘@’ in your campus email. Example: “chantaiman” is the login name if the email address is chantaiman@hksyu.edu.
This credential information for both students and staffs is the same as the one used in accessing Campus restricted pages such as ILN, Veriguide, Webmail, Moodle and HKNEWS. We hope this can provide a consistent login interface to users.
HKSYU Library