List of titles on the “E-BOOK DISPLAY” board at 5/F

No Title / Author   (Year)
1 Art Therapy Theories: A Critical Introduction / Susan Hogan. (2016)
2 Black and white cinema : a short history / Wheeler Winston Dixon.(2015)
3 China’s Economic Growth Prospects: From Demographic Dividend to Reform Dividend / Cai Fang. (2016)
4 Decoding Anorexia: How Breakthroughs in Science Offer Hope for Eating Disorders / Carrie Arnold.  (2013)
5 Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds / Heidi A. Campbell (Editor) (2013)
6 Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community (4th Ed) / Joe Lambert. (2013)
7 Email Marketing in A Digital World : the Basics and Beyond / Richard C. Hanna, Scott D. Swain, Jason Smith. (2016)
8 Fiction And Art: Explorations In Contemporary Theory / Ananta Ch. Sukla (Editor) (2015)
9 Global Business Leadership (2nd Ed) / E.S.Wibbeke & Sarah McArthur. (2014)
10 John F. Kennedy: The Spirit of Cold War Liberalism / Jason K. Duncan. (2014)
11 Leading the Internal Audit Function / Lynn Fountain. (2016)
12 Legalism: rules and categories / Paul Dresch & Judith Scheele (Editors) (2015)
13 Make it Memorable: Writing and Packaging Visual News with Style (2nd Ed) / Bob Dotson. (2016)
14 Narrative: The Basics / Bronwen Thomas. (2016)
15 Neither Peace nor Freedom : The Cultural Cold War in Latin America / Patrick Iber. (2015)
16 Nonprofit governance: innovative perspectives and approaches / Chris Cornforth and William A. Brown (Editors) (2014)
17 Praising Girls: The Rhetoric of Young Women, 1895-1930 / Henrietta Rix Wood. (2016)
18 Rules of the Game: Sports Law / Michael E. Jones. (2016)
19 The Art of Writing Fiction / Andrew Cowan. (2013)
20 The New Consumer Psychology: Scanning Buying Behavior with MRI of the Mind / Sang Min (Leo) Whang.(2016)
21 Understanding Semantics (2nd Ed) / Sebastian Loebner.(2013)
22 中國時尚 : 與中國設計師對話 / 冷芸著. (2013)
23 反派的力量 : 影史經典反派人物,有你避不開的自己 / 馬欣. (2015)
24 宅男宅女症候群:與社交焦慮症共處 / 林朝誠. (2014)
25 何謂文化 / 余秋雨. (2012)
26 現代台灣客家女性 / 薑貞吟. (2015)
27 陶淵明飲酒及擬古詩講錄 / 葉嘉瑩. (2014)
28 圖像晚清:《點石齋畫報》/ 陳平原, 夏曉虹編註. (2015)
29 醍醐灌頂: 金庸武俠小說中的思想世界 / 陳岸峰. (2015)
30 鹽田兒女 / 蔡素芬. (2014)

HKSYU Library
29th September 2016


We are pleased that the topical exhibition “Anti-Corruption” is launched today. Here is details:
Theme: Anti-Corruption
Duration: 27 Sept. – 28 Oct.,2016
Venue: 5/F Library
Web page: Topical Exhibition – Anti-Corruption
Related subjects: Public administration, Bribery, Business ethics, Corruption, Corporate governance, Embezzlement, Integrity, Laws, Misconduct in office, Political corruption.
We provide printed books, e-books and related web pages. You may refer to the web page for details. Moreover, you are welcome to borrow the printed books on display at 5/F Library.
Best wishes
HKSYU Library
27th September 2016
——— Chinese version ———-
專題展覽”廉政建設”今天開始了. 以下是有關詳情:
主題: 廉政建設
展期: 二零一六年九月二十七日至十月二十八日
地點: 圖書館五樓
網頁: 專題展覽”廉政建設”
相關題材: 公共行政, 賄賂, 商業道德, 貪污, 公司管治, 盜用公款, 誠信, 法律, 公職失當及政治腐敗.
我們提供紙本圖書, 電子圖書與相關網頁. 詳情可參考本專題網頁. 另外, 歡迎各位借閱展覽期間的紙本圖書.

Emerald platform training and a guide to getting published

Emerald Group Publishing will provide a training section for HKSYU library users with details as below:
Topic: Emerald platform training and a guide to getting published
Date: 28th October 2016
Time: 10:30 am to 12:00 nn
Venue: Learning Lab in 6/F Learning Commons
Language: English or Chinese
Speaker: Trainer from Emerald Group Publishing
Seats: Maximum 25
Topic Description:
1. Emerald platform training session
2. Emerald’s Guide to Getting Published session will focus on the topics that help you publish and increase the publicity of your academic work. The session will cover publishing process from how and why should the academics publish to the search tips, Emerald is also going to share with you what to emphasize to have more audience on your published works.
(i)Why publish?
(ii)How to get started?
(iii)Keyword search & Emerald platform guide
(iv)Academic writing tips
(v)How to target your work more effectively?
(vi)Demystifying publishing process
(vii)Self-review and to survive peer review
(viii)Promotion and increase the visibility
Interested users please register with your full name and department by email to libchow@hksyu.edu. Seats are available on a first come first served basis.
HKSYU Library

New External Reader Card 新增的圖書館讀者證

Library Notice
One more academic library provides external reader card for HKSYU staff and students:

  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

External reader cards can be borrowed at the Library G/F circulation counter. You can find out more information from our Library website.
圖 書 館 通 告

  • 香港科技大學

HKSYU Library

Online Recommendation of book/audio-visual materials – 在線推薦圖書/視聽資料

Online Recommendation of book/audio-visual materials
Dear Members of Shue Yan University,
The building of Library’s collection aims to support teaching, learning and research. From time to time, we often receive recommendations from faculty, staff and students. Now, there is a direct way to submit recommendations online at the Library website (under Quick Link) as below:
New Book/AV Recommendation (login required)
According to “Library Collection Development Policy, the requester (member who submits recommendation) should note conditions of required materials such as teaching categories, priority, availability, duplicates, and our acquisition schedule. After submission, an acknowledgment email will be issued to the requester and the corresponding department head, too.  Then our Acquisition Section will take follow-up action.
The online recommendation service helps you enter relevant information at any time. We look forward to receiving your recommendation soon. If you have enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact staff of Acquisition Section or send to libinfo@hksyu.edu.
Best wishes,
HKSYU Library
圖書館館藏的建立主要支援教學、學習及研究之用。本館時常收到各位的推薦書目以作購買。這裡有一個直接渠道以供各位於圖書館網站(Quick Link下的項目)在線遞交:
“推薦新圖書/視聽資料” New Book/AV Recommendation (必須登入)
按照”圖書館館藏發展政策”(Library Collection Development Policy), 推薦者(遞交書目人士)必須注意有關遞交書目的條件,例如教學類別、優先次序、可購買性、重覆購買及採購時間表。當收到書目後,一封確認電郵會發給推薦者及其系主任。然其本館採購組會跟進購買事宜。

Login Your Library Account. Open A New Page of Study. – 登入圖書館帳戶; 展開學習新一頁


Login Your Library Account. Open A New Page of Study
Hi! Freshmen, your library account is ready. Please refer to the following links for information of login and searching:
(1) First time login
User guide “Circulation Record (Quick Link)”
(2) Manage your library account at Library’s Primo
User guide “Primo Login”
(3) Search information at Library’s Primo
User guide “Primo Search”
The account provides functions to help you study at university. If you have enquiries, please contact library staff at Circulation Counter or write to libinfo@hksyu.edu for assistance.
Best wishes for your study!
HKSYU Library
登入圖書館帳戶, 展開學習新一頁
您好!各位’新鮮人’, 你的圖書館帳戶已準備好. 請查閱以下有關登入及檢索資料的連結:
(1) 第一次登入圖書館帳戶
“Circulation Record (Quick Link)”使用指引
(2) 在圖書館Primo網頁,管理帳戶事宜
“Primo Login”使用指引
(3) 在圖書館Primo網頁檢索/搜尋資料
“Primo Search” 使用指引
這帳戶俱備功能以協助你於大學學習。如有問題, 請與流動櫃檯的圖書館職員垂詢或電郵至libinfo@hksyu.edu

New databases: Project MUSE – Social Sciences Collection ; The New York Times / The New York Times in Education

Below is the new databases which could be accessed via library website.
1. Project MUSE – Social Sciences Collection
The Social Sciences Collection for journals is a subset of the Premium Collection. It is a collection of high quality, peer reviewed journals designed for institutions acquiring extensively in the social sciences. Building on MUSE’s strengths in international relations and in aspects of political science and economics, this collection is designed to meet the needs of special libraries such as thinktanks, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and related organizations. Of the new journal titles added to MUSE each year, the best of those with a clear social science focus are added to the Social Sciences Collection.
2. The New York Times / The New York Times in Education
The New York Times (Register and login account with university email)
• Historical articles: Unlimited access to articles in the date ranges 1851 – 1922 and 1981 – now.
• Access to articles from 1923-1980 is limited to five articles per day for each user.
• Videos, multimedia, blogs… etc.
To activate your Academic Pass for access to The New York Times, please follow these steps:
Visit https://myaccount.nytimes.com/verification/edupass, create a free NYTimes.com account using your university email address. If you already have a NYTimes.com account associated with your university email address, log in with those credentials. Remember to login out when you leave the platform. You may download NYTimes mobile apps at nytimes.com/mobile.
The New York Times in Education (Register and login account with university email)
Twelve major areas: Business, Leadership, Economic, International Relation, Psychology, Writing & English Composition, Environmental Science, American Government, Criminal Justice, Biology, Religious Studies, Campaigns and Elections.
It covers Case Study, Article Discussion, Must Read Article and Sharing Teaching Strategy across the world.
To activate your Academic Pass for access to The New York Times in Education, please follow these steps:
Visit http://nytimesineducation.com/register/, create a free New York Times Education account using your university email address. If you already have an account associated with your university email address, log in with those credentials. Remember to login out when you leave the platform
The library has other databases available for HKSYU users, further information can be found here.