Issue of Message on the Library Facebook

Issue of Message on the Library Facebook
In addition to regular notice, we occasionally share interesting news on the Facebook starting from January 2016.  Please often visit and read.  As illustrated, you can find us by entering the name “Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library” on the search box of Facebook or entering the URL on a browser.  To receive our message automatically, please “Like us on Facebook”.
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由2016年1月起, 除了一般公告,本館不時在Facebook分享有趣新聞,請常來瀏覽和閱讀。如圖所示,讀者在Facebook搜尋框輸入名稱”Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library” 或在瀏覽器直接輸入本館網址 就能找到。 如欲自動收取訊息,請”讚好”本館Facebook。

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HyRead ebook使用說明

HyRead ebook是一個中文電子書平台,支援各類電子裝置:包括個人電腦(PC, notebook computer)及流動裝置(tablet, smartphone)。在個人電腦上,讀者除了可到本館Catalogue/Primo尋找HyRead電子圖書外,亦可以於此網站 瀏覽本館訂購的電子圖書。在流動裝置上,讀者須利用應用程式”HyRead Library”(可在Android的Google Play商店或Apple iOS的 App Store免費安裝),然後直接瀏覽/搜尋本館訂購的電子圖書。如欲閱讀圖書全文,讀者須先登入,才可進行線上閱讀或借閱(借閱功能限於經港澳大學圖書館聯盟購買的書目) ,讀者如以校內網絡連線的電子裝置作線上閱讀可無需登入;此平台還提供其他功能,有關詳情, 請參考手冊

New database

Below is the new database which could be accessed via library website.
1. ACLS Humanities E-Book
ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) includes several thousands of full-text, cross-searchable books in the humanities selected by scholars for their continuing importance for research and teaching. The project includes both in-print and out-of-print books and many prize-winning works. It is an ongoing collaboration of the American Council of Learned Societies, various constituent member learned societies of the ACLS and over 100 publishers.
The library has other databases available for HKSYU users, further information can be found here.
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