IngentaConnect (Staff Only)

In order to strengthen the existing Interlibrary Loan Service, the HKSYU Library subscribes the IngentaConnect database in September 2010 to provide Document Delivery Service. The database consists of more than 4,000,000 articles, reports, chapters, etc.
The articles can be purchased from IngentaConnect directly via pay-per-view. The Library has created payment accounts for 11 Departments of HKSYU. Each includes a certain amount of cash deposit. When an article is successfully purchased from the database, the charge is deducted automatically from the individual account.
Please note that the Library only requests articles from IngentaConnect if they are neither available in HKSYU Library* nor supplied by other local institutions. Also, as the overseas charge of each article is higher than local (average US$38 per article or above while local charge is HK$20), requester will be informed before an article is purchased.
*N.B. Please kindly check our Library catalogue before submitting any ILL request.
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