New database: Cabell's directory of publishing opportunities: Business, Psychology & Psychiatry

Below is the new database which could be accessed via library website.
1. Cabell’s directory of publishing opportunities: Business, Psychology & Psychiatry
The Cabell’s journal directory assists authors in their publication journey by providing an interactive, searchable database which covers 18 distinct academic disciplines from more than ten thousand international scholarly journals.
Cabell’s aim is to facilitate scholarly communication by offering an independent and comprehensive platform, to help researchers evaluate and select the most appropriate outlets for their work. All content is rigorously reviewed against journal selection policy in order to provide credible and thorough:
• Bibliographic information and journal contact information
• Manuscript submission criteria and review process guidelines
• Journal quality metrics and levels of impact/influence
• Powerful contextual and analysis tools
• Author publication experiences
HKSYU Library subscribes two sets data:

Economics & Finance
Psychology & Psychiatry

The library has other databases available for HKSYU users, further information can be found here.