“Book Sale” is now back in service

The Library is pleased to announce that the “Book Sale” is now back in service for all library patrons.

At least 120 items will be sold on the bookshelf (Near the 2/F counter), and they will be updated monthly. The price table is shown below:

書籍 Book
8元 1本 $8 for a book
20元 3本 $20 for 3 books

HKSYU Library


Back-Issue Magazines Sale: Rewind to 2015 – 2018

The Library launch a new selling program “Back-Issue Magazines Sale”. There is a total of 9 title magazines that published from 2015 to 2018 are available on this bookshelf, and the title includes 明報周刊、雅舍、孤獨星球、野外動向、新假期、突然一周 、壹周刊 、U magazine and 竉物閑情.

This shelf is located near the 2/F counter, and the selling price is shown as below table:

5 元一本
• 月刊、雙月刊、季刊
• 不適用於週刊
$5 for 1 issue
• For monthly magazines, bi-monthly magazine, quarterly magazine
• Not applicable for weekly magazines
• 週刊必須要一套購買
(一套週刊 = 同月出版的所有期數)
• 一套必須是同名的期刊
$10 for 1 set
• Weekly magazines must buy 1 set
(1 set of weekly magazines = all publications in the same month)
• One set must be the same journal title

HKSYU Library