HDTV Available Now on Library 6/F

A HDTV has been available at the TV corner on the Library 6/F. The plan aims to promote language learning through English and Mandarin TV programs.
The daily TV program schedule during 10 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday is arranged as below:
10 am – 1 pm: 鳯 凰 衛 視 (Channel 7)
1 pm – 5:30 pm: World (Channel 5)
Users just need to tune their own radios to the FM 106.7 channel to listen to the TV. Besides the scheduled time and programs, Library staff on the 6/F may switch on the TV and change to other channels per user’s special request or Library’s arrangement.
HKSYU Library

New Databases

You can access these two new databases via the Library website.
1. Asia Studies Full-text Online
The database brings together thousands of full-text reports covering 53 countries on a multitude of business, government, economic, and social issues.
Subject coverage include finance, trade, environment, human resources development, best practices in government, fisheries, tourism, education, and women’s studies.
Country coverage includes all of Asia, Australia/New Zealand, the Americas Pacific Rim countries, and Pacific islands.
2. China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database 中國重要會議論文全文數據庫 : 文史哲、政治軍事與法律、教育與社會科學綜合、經濟與管理專輯 (Beijing site)
中國重要會議論文全文數據庫收錄我國 2000 年以來國家二級以上學會、協會、高等院校、科研院所、學術機構等單位的論文集。
學科內容分為十個專輯,包括: 理工A (如數學、力學、物理學等)、理工B (如化學、石油、礦業工程等)、理工C (如工業通用技術及設備、機械儀器工業、航空航天技術等)、農業、醫藥衛生、文史哲、政治軍事與法律、教育與社會科學綜合、電子技術與資訊科學、經濟與管理。
本館購買文史哲、政治軍事與法律、教育與社會科學綜合、經濟與管理專輯,全文內容由 2009 年起。
For more information, please go to Alphabetical List.
HKSYU Library

SMS Service

The Library now provides SMS service for the following notices:
1. Courtesy
2. Overdue
3. Hold Pickup
4. Hold Cancel
5. Recall
For details, you could find the procedures at SMS Service.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Library (Tel: 2806-5114 / Email: libinfo@hksyu.edu.hk) or visit the Library 3/F Information Counter.
HKSYU Library

No Eating & Drinking in Library

Please note that eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library. Thank you for your cooperation.
HKSYU Library

Green Computing in Library

The Library is further adopting the new energy saving policy. Library staff will NOT switch on all the PCs when the Library opens (Except Release Stations).
Please feel free to switch on the PCs if necessary.
Many thanks for your cooperation.
HKSYU Library

New Searching Tool: OASIS

A new searching tool OASIS is now available for testing. As the tool is integrated with the online databases subscribed, it can be used to search keywords from different databases simultaneously.
You can also make your searching within a predefined catalogue. Its feature can be experienced through http://www.hksyu.edu.hk/lib/db_campus/index.htm now.
For details, a user manual is now ready for you. Please visit: http://www.hksyu.edu.hk/lib/download/dbwiz.ppt
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Library (Tel: 2806-5114 / Email: libinfo@hksyu.edu.hk) or visit the 3/F Information Counter of the Library.
HKSYU Library