Friendly Advice to Fourth Year Students

  1. If you would like to apply for deposit refund, please fill in a form for refunding deposit and go to Library G/F or 3/F counter to proceed. (Service at 3/F counter will end after 31st July 2020)
  2. Before proceeding application, you should clear library accounts by (a) Returning all items on loan (if any), and (b) Paying the fine (if any);
  3. To check status of a library account, please login at our Primo web page:
  4. After account clearing, the form will be stamped by library staff. You will immediately lose borrowing privileges and remote access right of online databases (normal expiry date is 31st August 2020). You can still enjoy reading and using facilities in the Library until 31st August 2020.
  5. If you wish to continue using library service, you may apply for an alumni card. For details, please visit the web page or contact library staff.

HKSYU Library

New database/module

The Library is pleased to launch the following database/module:

1. The Illustrated London News Historical Archive, 1842-2003

With its debut in 1842, the Illustrated London News became the world’s first fully illustrated weekly newspaper, marking a revolution in journalism and news reporting. The publication presented a vivid picture of British and world events (including news of war, disaster, ceremonies, the arts, and science) with coverage in the first issue ranging from the Great Fire of Hamburg to Queen Victoria’s fancy dress ball at Buckingham Palace.

2. China and the Modern World : Hong Kong, Britain and China 1841–1951
New module ” Hong Kong, Britain and China 1841-1951 ” is purchased.

China and the Modern World: Hong Kong, Britain and China 1841–1951 presents a collection of British government documents on colonial Hong Kong, spanning a period of over a century. Digitized from the British Colonial Office records grouped under the CO 129 Series titled “War and Colonial Department and Colonial Office: Hong Kong, Original Correspondence,” the collection consists of despatches and correspondence between the governors of Hong Kong and the Colonial Office, as well as letters and telegrams of other government departments and organizations such as the Foreign Office, Home Office, and War Offices. In the form of bound volumes, these records were arranged chronologically till 1926 when arrangement by subject files was introduced. Each volume comes with a contents list, or a précis of each letter giving the name of correspondent, date of letter and subject matter.

The library has other databases available for HKSYU users, further information can be found here.

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