Deposit Refund 辦理退保證金手續

Library Notice
Final year students who wish to complete the procedure for deposit refund should go to the Library counter on G/F, 2/F or 3/F. (The 3/F counter will provide this service until 31 May 2014 only). Please note that graduates* can no longer borrow Library materials or access online databases remotely once the procedure is completed but can still enter the Library and use the facilities until 31 August 2014.
圖 書 館 通 告
畢業生如需辦理退回保證金手續,請前往圖書館地下、二樓或三樓櫃位辦理(三樓櫃位只提供這項服務至五月底)。當圖書館職員在《畢業生申請退回保證金表格》 上蓋印後,畢業生*將不能再借閱圖書館資料及在館外使用線上資料庫,但仍可進館閱讀及使用設施,直至二零一四年八月三十一日止。
*The borrowing privileges of year 4 final students will be ended on 30 June 2014.

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