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information Restricted Resource Full text availableSAGE Research Methods Suite Help Guide
Descriptions: SAGE Research Methods Suite (SRM Suite) includes SAGE Research Methods (SRM), SAGE Research Methods Cases (SRMC) and SAGE Research Methods Datasets (SRMD).

SAGE Research Methods is a research methods tool created to help researchers, faculty and students with their research projects. SAGE Research Methods links over 175,000 pages of SAGE's renowned book, journal and reference content with truly advanced search and discovery tools. Researchers can explore methods concepts to help them design research projects, understand particular methods or identify a new method, conduct their research, and write up their findings. Since SAGE Research Methods focuses on methodology rather than disciplines, it can be used across the social sciences, health sciences, and more.

SAGE Research Methods Cases is a collection of case studies of real social research that faculty can use in their teaching. Cases are original, specially commissioned, and designed to help students understand often abstract methodological concepts by introducing them to case studies of real research projects.

SAGE Research Methods Datasets is a collection of teaching datasets that can be used to support the teaching and independent learning of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods used in the social sciences. These are datasets taken from larger national and international data sources, cleaned and reduced in size and complexity for teaching and self-study purposes, perfect for researchers learning a new method or brushing up on an old one.
Features: Search/browse/download/print
Sources: Books, journal, reference content
Language: English

information Open Access Scientific Research Publishing (open access)
Descriptions: Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) is one of the largest open access journal publishers. It is currently publishing more than 200 open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines including medical & life sciences, business & economics, chemistry & materials science, computer science & communications, earth & environmental sciences, engineering, medicine & healthcare, physics & mathematics, social sciences & humanities.
Features: All titles can be searched and browsed.
Sources: Books
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text availableScopus Help Guide
Descriptions: Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Delivering a comprehensive overview of the world's research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities, Scopus features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.
Features: Search
Sources: Journals, books and conference
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text available Resource contains videoSmall Business Resource Center Help Guide
(Gale Reference Complete)
Descriptions: Mapped to four key business stages—plan, fund, start and manage, this resource covers all major areas of starting and operating a business, including financing, management, marketing, human resources, franchising, accounting, and taxes. More than 850 business plans are included from the Business Plans Handbook series, with new business plans added monthly.
Features: Search/browse/download/print
Sources: Videos/journals/books…etc.
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text availableSocial Science Research Network
Descriptions: The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is an open access repository of scholarly research in the social sciences. SSRN is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences including Economics, Financial Economics and Legal Scholarship.

The SSRN eLibrary consists of two parts: an Abstract Database containing abstracts on over 500,000 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an Electronic Paper Collection currently containing over 400,000 downloadable full text documents in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. The eLibrary also includes the research papers of a number of Fee Based Partner Publications.
Features: Access to some features requires free registration
Sources: Journals and papers
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text availableSocial Theory Help Guide
Descriptions: Social Theory offers an extensive selection of documents that explore the complexities and interpret the nature of social behavior and organization. Particular care has been taken to index this material so that it can be searched more thoroughly than ever before. Included in the more than 150,000 pages of searchable content are seminal works by such theorists as Harriet Martineau, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Max Weber, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Jurgen Habermas, Talcott Parsons, Michel Foucault and Jean Baudrillard.
Features: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, and Firefox 3.0 or higher.
Sources: Selection from books essays and journals articles
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text availableSociological Abstracts Help Guide
Advanced Search
Descriptions: Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature of sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from thousands of serials publications and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, conference papers and working papers. Cited references are included for many journal articles.
Sources: Journal, books, dissertations, conference paper and working papers
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text availableSouth China Morning Post Digital IP Access Program
Descriptions: The database brings the editorial content of the South China Morning Post online edition together with breaking news and videos. It also allows users to retrieve any article, image or key word published in the database in the past 10 years. Users can also sub-select by subject and section category.
Features: Browse current content and search keywords for archives in the past 10 years
Sources: News with text, images, or videos
Language: English

information Restricted Resource sPOP + uMiner
源大網上信息閱讀平台 + 全媒體數據監測探勘平台
Help (sPOP) / Help (uMiner)
Descriptions: sPOP is an all-rounded solution to support the educational needs in online multimedia search, browse and mining. The portal sup-ports multiple concurrent login, accurate search of social media sources.

uMiner is a cloud-based proprietary big data mining platform to generate insights for decision making. It serves institutions for brand monitoring, public opinion and sentiment analysis, risk flagging, campaign evaluation and academic research.

For uMiner + sPOP:
1. Users only need to register once with their SYU email. The account can be used to log in both uMiner and sPOP
2. There are 25 concurrent accounts available for sPOP, and 5 concurrent accounts for uMiner, on first-come-first-serve basis
3. As to ensure fair usage of the platforms, when users keep the platform unused for 15min, they will be automatically logged out after alert

For uMiner:
4. Data will not be stored on the platform and will be cleared up every time user log out
5. At 2am – 3am every day the platform will be temporary unavailable for system maintenance
6. Please note the below limitations:
  • Maximum 100 subject keywords
  • Maximum 10 questions for categorization
  • Maximum 30 keywords for each option in questions for categorization (please refer to below screen cap)
  • Maximum 1000 main posts for coding (this limitation does not apply to replies, i.e. all replies under these 1000 main posts can be collected and coded.)
Sources: Newspaper, social media
Language: Chinese and English
Features: 螢幕最佳解析度:1440*900或以上,請使用Chrome、Firefox、Opera、Safari、IE9以上版本之瀏覽器

information Restricted Resource Statista Help Guide
Descriptions: Statista is one of the world's leading statistics portals offering statistics from over 22,500 sources as well as their own analytics on digital & consumer markets.
The features are:
  • Data aggregation and research platform with statistics and information covering 80,000 topics on worldwide markets, industries, and societal topics
  • All information is prepared and checked by Statista’s research team of more than 450 analysts in Hamburg, Germany
  • A reports database with over 50,000 studies and 5,500 exclusive dossiers and industry reports provides qualitative and quantitative data
  • Over 22,500 private, public, and proprietary from North American, European, and Asian sources
  • All statistics can be directly downloaded in PNG/PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint formats
  • All data prepared according to academic citation standards (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and Bluebook) with links to the original source for further research
  • An array of infographics used for illustration data visualization across all areas of interest including current events
  • All data can be published by authorized users with full-publication rights
  • The platform has English, Spanish, French and German versions
Features: Browse, search, chart type setting, download in PNG, PDF, XLS, PPT, download, social media sharing
Sources: Statistical reports
Languages: English, Spanish, French and German

information Restricted Resource Full text availableThe Sunday Times Digital Archive 1822-2016
Descriptions: Since 1822, The Sunday Times has provided thoughtful analysis and commentary on the week's news and society at large. Murder, theatre, sport and politics - all collide in its pages in an abundance of glorious narrative detail. In more than 800,000 pages, The Sunday Times Digital Archive is a gateway to the greatest crimes, careers and culture of the last 180 years.
Sources: "The Sunday Times" newspaper
Language: English
Features: Search/browse/download/print

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