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information Restricted Resource Full text availableChina and the Modern World: Hong Kong, Britain, and China Part II, 1965–1993 (Until 15th October 2023)
Descriptions: This collection provides scholars with essential reference material for researching Hong Kong and its interactions with mainland China, UK, US, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia. It will appeal to students and researchers around the world, particularly in Asia Pacific, Britain, Europe, and North America, who are engaged in researching the twentieth-century history of China, Britain and British Commonwealth, and Sino-British relations during the era of Cold War. 

Trial period: Until 15th October 2023
information Restricted Resource Full text availableCNKI 電子書 (直至2023年11月25日止)
簡介:CNKI 電子圖書庫(原名中國學術典藏圖書庫)是以學術性、研究性、資料性為選題依據,彙集中國經典學術論著。入編的圖書以史料性、資料性和研究性為主要特點,很多都是從事中國研究的素材。內容涉及經濟學、語言學、藝術、宗教、民族、歷史、文學、城市研究、中醫研究等領域。

試用期: 直至2023年11月25日止
information Restricted Resource Full text availableCNKI工具書 (直至2023年11月20日止)
簡介:CNKI 工具書庫收錄了近200家出版社的3000餘部工具書,類型包括語文詞典、雙語詞典、專科辭典、百科全書、手冊、圖錄圖鑒、表譜、名錄等。其內容涵蓋自然科學、人文科學、社會科學與工程技術、農業、醫學等各個領域。

試用期: 直至2023年11月25日止
information Restricted Resource Full text availableDigital dissertation consortium = 國際博碩士論文全文資料庫 (Until 15th October 2023)
Descriptions: Digital Dissertations Consortium (DDC) was established in 2001. The platform provides consortium members with selected ProQuest full-text dissertations and theses in various disciplines mainly from North American universities.

Trial period: Until 15th October 2023

Remarks: During the trial period, users can only read 5 pages only on each dissertation article.
information Restricted Resource Full text availableSage Research Methods - Datasets (Until 30th November 2023)
Descriptions: Learn by doing, with downloadable datasets and step-by-step guides that walk users through quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Sourced from government and academic sources, each dataset has been chosen for its ability to illustrate key techniques, so you get to learn analysis hands-on and instructors save hours of work sourcing and cleaning data.

Advantages: Quickly find the right dataset with options to search by method, discipline, or data format
Learn SPSS, R, Stata, and Python with software guides included with quantitative data examples
Source student-ready data for assignments and exams
Learn how to manage “dirty data,” or datasets with missing variables and other problems

Trial period: Until 30th November 2023
information Restricted Resource Full text availableSage Research Methods - Cases (Until 30th November 2023)
Descriptions: Written by the researchers themselves, these eye-opening case studies follow real research projects – walking you through why methods were chosen and how the inevitable unforeseen challenges were overcome. Explore and learn from the realities of research, so often left out of journal articles and textbooks.

Advantages: Discover methods appropriate for your study – search by discipline for methods used successfully in similar projects to yours
Learn first-hand about the decisions and pivots that researchers often need to make
Easily adapt cases for coursework with the provided learning objectives and discussion questions

Trial period: Until 30th November 2023
information Restricted Resource Full text availableState Papers Online Colonial: Asia, Part I: Far East, Hong Kong, and Wei-Hai-Wei (Until 15th October 2023)

This collection is the first part of a major new program bringing the British Colonial Office files to a global audience

These working files bear witness to the two very different sides in the colonial relationship: a British Government whose main priority was the acquisition of commodities, wealth and labour; and the local people living under colonial rule and British-style institutions for law, health, education, policing, defense, agriculture and industry.

Trial period: Until 15th October 2023
information Restricted Resource Full text available Resource contains images故宮期刊知識庫 - National Palace Museum Journals Archive (直至2023年11月20日止)

特點: 全庫則為近20年來唯一支援內文檢索者,獨家特色還有: 黑白圖新增彩色原圖,英文標題/文物名稱獨家中譯,圖說檢索,6種閱讀模式等。

試用期: 直至2023年11月20日止

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