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information Restricted Resource Full text availableHistory of Feminism Help Guide
Descriptions: History of Feminism is an online platform that brings together the best and most relevant scholarship from Taylor & Francis, its imprints, and its authors.
This resource covers the fascinating subject of feminism over the long nineteenth century (1776-1928). It contains an extensive range of primary and secondary resources, including full books, selected chapters, and journal articles, as well as new thematic essays, and subject introductions on its structural themes:
  • Politics and Law
  • Religion and Belief
  • Education
  • Literature and Writings
  • Women at Home
  • Society and Culture
  • Empire
  • Movements and Ideologies
Features: Search / Browse
Sources: Book chapters, journals articles and images, etc.
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text availableHong Kong Scholarship Online Help Guide
Descriptions: Hong Kong Scholarship Online is a vast and rapidly expanding cross-searchable library which now offers quick and easy access to the full text of over 100 Hong Kong University Press books in six subject areas: Economics and Finance, Film, Television and Radio, History, Linguistics, Literature, Society and Culture.
Features: print and email articles ; use "Adobe Acrobate Reader" to view articles
Sources: E-books
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text availableHyRead ebook Help Guide
手冊: 操作手冊
簡介: HyRead ebook 是一個台灣電子書平台,提供最新出版學術、專業、休閒及工具書各類書籍,包含人文社會、文學小說、語言學習、財經商管、科學科普、電腦資訊、宗教心靈、醫藥養生、藝術設計、休閒生活、親子童書等各領域的電子書。
特徵: 支援各式載具的線上及離線閱讀,包括 PC、Android 及 iPad (借閱功能限於經港澳大學圖書館聯盟購買的書目)
資料來源: 中文書
語言: 中文

information Restricted Resource Full text availableHytung Books Help Guide
Hytung Books
簡介: 瀚堂典藏古籍數據庫採用 Unicode 四位元組編碼技術,突破了古籍整理和研究中生冷僻漢字數位化的瓶頸,完善了漢字資訊網路化的平臺,是目前唯一採用基於七萬漢字 Unicode 四位元組編碼和自然語言全文檢索的通用瀏覽器模式的典籍資料庫。

瀚堂典藏古籍瀚堂數據庫以精準校對的小學工具(文字、音韻、訓詁)、古代類書、出土文獻類資料 為基礎,大量納入包括經史子集,以及中醫藥典籍、古典戲曲、敦煌文獻、儒、釋、道等歷代傳世文獻,以及大型叢書、史書、方志、民國報刊等,涵蓋文史哲等專 業的教學和研究工作中所應用到的專業古籍文獻資料。
特徵: 目錄樹/檢索/簡繁體和常用異體字自動轉換; 安裝Unicode CJK-B 區漢字的字元集
資料來源: 文獻
語言: 中文

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