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information Restricted Resource Full text availableMcGraw-Hill eBook Library : Business Collection
Descriptions: McGraw-Hill eBook Library contains e-book titles available in subscribed business collection, including clusters of Business Skills, Career Advice, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, Finance & Investing, Human Resources & Training, Leadership & Management, Process Management, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing. Users can create their own accounts, add notes, bookmarks and highlights and print parts of the book for their personal use.
Features: Bookmarks / Print / Notes / Folder
Sources: E-books
Language: English

information Restricted Resource Full text availableMR Portal
Descriptions: MR Portal is a tool that allows organisations to deliver effective training to enhance management and leadership skills and frontline staff skills. The content includes about 300 training films in streaming media with categories of management, office health and safety, leadership, customer service, sales, and communication.
Sources: Streaming films and clips
Language: In English with Chinese subtitles; some in Cantonese

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