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Course CodeCourse NameInstructorSemester
ACCT100 Financial Accounting Ms. S.C. Chak Fall 2021
ACCT101 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Spring 2022
ACCT130 Managing Business Information Systems and Applications Dr Zhou Qiang Fall 2021
ACCT131 Business Analytics and Statistics Dr. Tina Chen Fall 2021
ACCT132 Workshop in Spreadsheet Skills for Statistical Analysis Dr. Tina Chen Fall 2021
ACCT200 Cost and Management Accounting Dr. Tina Chen Fall 2021
ACCT201 Intermediate Financial Accounting I Dr. H. Lee Fall 2021
ACCT202 Intermediate Financial Accounting II Spring 2022
ACCT210 Cost and Management Accounting Dr. H. Lee Fall 2021
ACCT300 Advanced Financial Accounting Dr. Tina Chen Fall 2021
ACCT302 Topics in Financial Reporting Spring 2022
ACCT310 Auditing Spring 2022
ACCT320 Advanced Management Accounting Spring 2022
ACCT330 Accounting Information Systems Ms. SC Chak Fall 2021
ACCT340 Financial Management Dr. Sabrina Xie Fall 2021
ACCT343 Investment Management Spring 2022
ACCT401 Financial Statements and Business Valuation Spring 2022
ACCT410 Advanced Auditing Dr. Sabrina Xie Fall 2021
ACCT420 Hong Kong Taxation Ms. SC Chak Fall 2021
ACCT425 Advanced Taxation in Hong Kong Spring 2022
ACCT440 Accounting for Management Control and Decision-Making Spring 2022
ACCT450 Professional Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Dr. ZHOU Qiang Fall 2021
ACCT471 Internship in Accounting Dr. Sabrina Xie (Academic Advisor: Dr. Lee, Hua) Fall 2021
ACCT480 International Accounting Spring 2022
ACCT490 中國會計 (Accounting System in China) 周強博士 Fall 2021
ACCT495 中國稅法 Spring 2022
BUS100 Introduction to Business Aloysius Lui Fall 2021
BUS110 I.T. Applications in Business Mr. C.K. Wong Fall 2021
BUS120 Principles and Practice of Management Dr. Nell Shen Fall 2021
BUS140 Principles of Human Resource Management Spring 2022
BUS200 Business Organization and Management Dr. Raymond Szeto Fall 2021
BUS210 Legal Environment for Business Spring 2022
BUS217 Principles of Corporate Risk Management Spring 2022
BUS220 Quantitative Methods for Business Peng Zhengmin, Kelly Fall 2021
BUS235 Marketing Research Spring 2022
BUS240 Customer Insights and Experiences Mr. Naskie Kong Fall 2021
BUS250 Organizational Behaviour Spring 2022
BUS251 Blockchain for Business Dr. Connie Yuen Fall 2021
BUS300 Auditing & Professional Practice Spring 2022
BUS303 Business Communication Dr. Gillian Yuen Shan Kong Fall 2021
BUS304 Marketing Strategy Spring 2022
BUS305 Operations Management Mr. Naskie C.Y. Kong Fall 2021
BUS306 Supply Chain Management Spring 2022
BUS307 Management Information Systems Dr. Celine Cui Fall 2021
BUS308 Financial Management Alice M Chung Fall 2021
BUS309 Human Resource Management Spring 2022
BUS310 Estate and Retirement Planning Alice M Chung Fall 2021
BUS318 Game Theory in Business Decision Aloysius Lui Fall 2021
BUS320 Business Research Methods Spring 2022
BUS340 Internet and Social Media Marketing Spring 2022
BUS350 Supply Chain Finance Spring 2022
BUS351 Data Analytics for Marketing Spring 2022
BUS352 HR Analytics Spring 2022
BUS360 Consumer Behaviour Dr. Brian Wong Fall 2021
BUS380 Digital Game Marketing Dr. Joseph Kong Fall 2021
BUS383 e-Business Management Dr. Brian Wong Fall 2021
BUS385 Internet of Things (IoT) Spring 2022
BUS403 Creativity, Innovation and Change Spring 2022
BUS404 Reward Management Fall 2021
BUS405 Hong Kong Taxation and Planning Spring 2022
BUS406 Insurance Spring 2022
BUS408 Asia Pacific Management Issues
BUS410 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Alice M Chung Fall 2021
BUS413 Training and Development Spring 2022
BUS415 Cross Cultural Management Dr. Na Shen, Nell Fall 2021
BUS417 International Business Spring 2022
BUS418 Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance Spring 2022
BUS420 Advanced Business Report Writing and Communication Spring 2022
BUS423 Seminar in Management Charles Ho Fall 2021
BUS424 Issues in Business Practice Spring 2022
BUS440 Industrial Relations and Labour Law Aloysius Lui Fall 2021
BUS460 Business Strategy Dr. Jimmy Chang Dr. Mac Mak Fall 2021
BUS480 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Dr. Shirley Law Fall 2021
BUS483 Digital Entrepreneurship Dr. Joseph Kong Fall 2021
BUS485 Electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) Spring 2022
BUS501 Consumer Psychology Fall 2021
BUS502 Marketing Communications and Brand Management Dr. Monica Law Fall 2021
BUS503 Applications of Psychology to Marketing Spring 2022
BUS521 Digital Marketing and Internet Consumer Behavior Spring 2022
BUS523 Customer Relationship Management Spring 2022
BUS531 Research Methods and Design Dr. Monica Law Fall 2021
BUS532 Marketing Analytics Spring 2022
BUS540 Strategic Innovation and Marketing Management Spring 2022
BUS130/233 Principles of Marketing Mr. Naskie Kong Fall 2021
CHI100 文學概論 Introduction to Literature 王家琪博士 Fall 2021
CHI101 大一國文(一)First Year Chinese I Fall 2021
CHI102 大一國文(二) First Year Chinese II (including Practical Chinese Writing) Spring 2022
CHI103 現代文學 Modern Chinese Literature Spring 2022
CHI105 基礎中國美學Fundamental Chinese Aesthetics 陳允鋒教授 Fall 2021
CHI110 文學批評 Chinese Literary Criticism Spring 2022
CHI112 史記 Shi Ji 傅承洲教授 Fall 2021
CHI114 詩選 Chinese Poetry Spring 2022
CHI121 中國文學史(上)History of Chinese Literature I 傅承洲教授 Fall 2021
CHI122 中國文學史(下) History of Chinese Literature Ⅱ Spring 2022
CHI131 基礎普通話 I Elementary Putonghua Ⅰ 畢宛嬰女士 Fall 2021
CHI132 基礎普通話II Elementary Putonghua Ⅱ Spring 2022
CHI133 現代漢語 Modern Chinese Spring 2022
CHI213 詩經 Shi Jing 何祥榮教授 Fall 2021
CHI215 古籍導讀 Guided Readings of The Chinese Classics
CHI233 古代漢語 Classical Chinese
CHI234 文字學 Chinese Etymology 陳永豐先生 Fall 2021
CHI248 漢語與華人社會文化 Chinese Language, Society and Culture 楊若薇教授 Fall 2021
CHI250 唐宋文 Essays of the Tang and Song Dynasties 陳允鋒教授、伍鈞鈞博士 Fall 2021
CHI251 應用普通話 I Applied Putonghua Ⅰ 畢宛嬰女士 Fall 2021
CHI252 應用普通話II Applied Putonghua Ⅱ Spring 2022
CHI253 詞選Chinese Ci Spring 2022
CHI254 中國古典小說 Chinese Classical Novels Spring 2022
CHI258 明清雜文小品選讀 Selected Readings in Prose of Ming and Qing Dynasties 許建業博士 Fall 2021
CHI273 語言學概論 General Linguistics 陳永豐老師 Fall 2021
CHI284 論孟研究Lun Yu and Mencius 周國良博士 Fall 2021
CHI285 中國現當代散文Modern and Contemporary Chinese Prose Spring 2022
CHI290 創意寫作 Creative Writing Spring 2022
CHI310 先秦思想 Philosophical Thoughts in Pre-Qin Period 周國良博士、張喜儀博士 Fall 2021
CHI323 駢文 Pian Wen
CHI324 《文心雕龍》Wenxin Diaolong Spring 2022
CHI328 五四以後中國文學語言的變遷 Changes of Chinese literary language after the May 4th movement 楊若薇教授 Fall 2021
CHI350 楚辭 Cui Ci
CHI353 古代文學欣賞與創作 Literary Appreciation and Creative Writing Spring 2022
CHI354 古代小說戲劇批評 Literary Criticism of Classical Novels and Dramas 許建業博士 Fall 2021
CHI356 漢語語言學專題 Special Topics in Chinese Linguistics Spring 2022
CHI358 紅樓夢 Dream of the Red Mansions 傅承洲教授 Fall 2021
CHI365 中文報刊與現當代文學研究 Chinese Periodicals and the Study of Modern and Contemporary Literature Spring 2022
CHI368 中國當代小說 Contemporary Chinese Fiction 王素韻博士 Fall 2021
CHI375 修辭學 Rhetoric 楊若薇教授 Fall 2021
CHI376 漢語音韻學 Chinese Phonology
CHI378 語文教學理論與實踐 Theory and Practice of Chinese Teaching 楊若薇教授 Fall 2021
CHI383 目錄學Bibliography Spring 2022
CHI384 左傳Zuo Zhuan 段書偉教授 Fall 2021
CHI388 中文科幻小說 Chinese Science Fiction 何嘉俊博士 Fall 2021
CHI392 二十世紀西方文學理論 Western Literary Theory in the Twentieth Century 王家琪博士 Fall 2021
CHI396 中文應用實習 Work Placement Spring 2022
CHI450 元曲 Songs of Yuan Dynasty
CHI452 蘇軾及辛棄疾詞 Su Shi and Xin Qiji’s Ci 吳志廉博士 Fall 2021
CHI455 賦選 Selected Reading Of Fu
CHI460 香港文學 Hong Kong Literature 王家琪博士 Fall 2021
CHI463 魯迅研究 The Study of Lu Xun Spring 2022
CHI468 李白杜甫詩Li Bai and Du Fu's Poetry 伍鈞鈞博士 Fall 2021
CHI470 說文解字 ShuoWen JieZi 段書偉教授 Fall 2021
CHI473 粵語研究 Studies in Cantonese
CHI476 《文選》Wen Xuan 段書偉教授 Fall 2021
CHI480 易經研究 Study of Yi Jing
CHI483 戰國出土文獻 Unearthed Manuscripts Dated in the Warring States Period Spring 2022
CHI484 宋明理學 Confucian Philosophy of Song and Ming Spring 2022
CHI490 佛學與中國文學 Buddhism and Chinese Literature 陳允鋒教授 Fall 2021
CHI492 現當代中國女性文學 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Women’s Literature Spring 2022
CHI496 台灣文學 Taiwan Literature 何嘉俊博士 Fall 2021
CHI498 唐宋文學地理研究 Study of Literature and Geography in the Tang and Song Dynasties Spring 2022
CHI101A 大一國文(一)(調適課程) First Year Chinese I (Alternate Scheme) 何嘉俊博士 Fall 2021
CHI102A 大一國文(二)(調適課程)First Year Chinese II (Alternate Scheme) Spring 2022
COUN110 Personal Growth Ms Helen KWOK Fall 2021
COUN200 Theories & Systems in Counselling and Psychotherapy Dr. CHEUNG Yim Yen and Dr. YUEN Wing Yan Winnie Fall 2021
COUN210 Microskills in Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy Spring 2022
COUN220 Cultural Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy Spring 2022
COUN310 Advanced Skills in Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy Dr. Pui Chi TSE Fall 2021
COUN320 School Counselling Ms. WONG, Kit Ping Priscilla Fall 2021
COUN330 Ethics: Professional Issues and Personal Awareness Dr. Daniel Kwok Fall 2021
COUN340 Advanced Skills in Group Facilitation Spring 2022
COUN350 Child Counselling Dr. CHEUNG Yim Yen Fall 2021
COUN360 Adolescent Counselling
COUN370 Counselling Students with Special Education Needs Mr. Daniel Kwok Fall 2021
COUN380 Addiction Counselling Dr. THOMPSON, Nigel Fall 2021
COUN390 Gerontological Counselling
COUN400 Chinese Psychology and Psychotherapy
COUN410 Alternate Approaches to Counselling and Psychotherapy Dr. Pui Chi TSE Fall 2021
COUN420 Relationship Counselling Spring 2022
COUN440 Family Therapy Dr. Patrick Connolly Fall 2021
COUN450 Career and Employment Counselling Dr. Raysen Cheung Fall 2021
COUN460 Loss, Grief and Bereavement Spring 2022
COUN461 Internship in Counselling I Mr. Isaac Chung-Yeung YU Fall 2021
COUN470 Application in Psychopathologies Dr Muriel M. Lin Fall 2021
COUN560 Counselling and Psychotherapy Dr. Patrick Connolly Fall 2021
CP501 Solution Focused Brief Therapy - Clinical Practicum Dr. Adrian TONG Fall 2021
CP504 Clinical Practicum: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Dr. Patrick Connolly Fall 2021
CP507 Clinical Seminar: School Psychology & Counselling Dr. Yen CHEUNG Yim, Professor Man Tak YUEN Fall 2021
CP509 Clinical Seminar: Vocational Psychology and Counselling Dr. Raysen Cheung Fall 2021
CP514 Psychotherapy I Muriel M. Lin, Ph.D Fall 2021
CP516 Research Methods in Counselling Psychology Fall 2021
CP519 Assessment & Evaluation in Counselling Psychology I Dr. Lan Sze PANG Fall 2021
CP522 Professional Practice and Ethical Issues in Counselling Psychology Dr. Lan-Sze PANG Fall 2021
CP530 Dissertation I Dr. FU Wai Fall 2021
CP531 Dissertation II Dr. FU Wai Fall 2021
CP534 Specific Issues in Developmental Psychology Dr. Winnie Yuen Fall 2021
CP602 Conceptual Issues in Counselling Psychology Raysen W. L. Cheung, PhD Fall 2021
CP605 Advanced Skills in Research Methods in Counselling Psychology Spring 2022
CP617 Advanced Study in Psychotherapy Practice Dr. Lan-Sze PANG Fall 2021
ECON100 Introduction to Economics Dr Li, R.Y.M. / Mr Wong, F.K. Joe / Mr Yeung, W.M. Fall 2021
ECON101 Principles of Economics I Raymond W M Yeung Fall 2021
ECON102 Principles of Economics II Spring 2022
ECON103 Basic Microeconomics Dr. Shu-kam Lee Fall 2021
ECON104 Basic Macroeconomics Spring 2022
ECON105 Quantitative Methods for Economics and Finance W.L. CHU Fall 2021
ECON113 Mathematics for Economics & Finance Ms. CHU Wan Ling Fall 2021
ECON114 Economic Statistics Spring 2022
ECON203 Intermediate Microeconomics Dr. Woo, Kai-Yin Fall 2021
ECON204 Intermediate Macroeconomics Spring 2022
ECON213 Introductory Econometrics Dr. Shu-kam Lee Fall 2021
ECON233 The Economy of Hong Kong Spring 2022
ECON244 Managerial Economics Spring 2022
ECON303 History of Economic Thought Spring 2022
ECON314 Economic Forecasting Spring 2022
ECON315 Economic Modelling Dr. Tang, Chi Ho Fall 2021
ECON320 International Trade
ECON323 The Economy of Contemporary China W.L. CHU Fall 2021
ECON334 International Economics Dr. YUEN Wai Kee Fall 2021
ECON336 Urban and Real Estate Economics Raymond W M Yeung Fall 2021
ECON346 Issues in Development Economics Spring 2022
ECON350 Research methodology Dr Rita Yi Man Li Fall 2021
ECON413 Mathematical Economics Spring 2022
ECON450 Economics and Ethics Spring 2022
ECON460 Internship Dr. Woo, Kai-Yin, Mr. Yeung, Wai-Man Fall 2021
ENG111 English Usage I Fall 2021
ENG112 English Usage Spring 2022
ENG120 Introduction to Literature Dr. Rebekah BALE Fall 2021
ENG140 Introduction to Translation
ENG153 Introduction to Cultural Studies Prof. WONG Kin Yuen / Dr. LAM Yee Man Fall 2021
ENG160 Introduction to Linguistics Spring 2022
ENG184 Women’s Writing & Feminist Readings Spring 2022
ENG185 Greek and Roman Mythology in Western Literature Dr. Michelle Chan Fall 2021
ENG233 The Language of Poetry Dr. Michelle Chan Fall 2021
ENG234 City Culture and H.K. Urbanscape Spring 2022
ENG240 Literary Translation Spring 2022
ENG250 Sociolinguistics Dr. Grace Leung Fall 2021
ENG260 Academic Writing Dr. Sherman LEE Fall 2021
ENG270 Discourse Analysis Spring 2022
ENG273 Children’s Literature Spring 2022
ENG274 Modernist Fiction Spring 2022
ENG283 Literature and Film Dr. Benjamin FREUDENBERG Fall 2021
ENG284 Modern Drama Maria Chan Fall 2021
ENG285 Work Placement Spring 2022
ENG305 Technoscience Culture Spring 2022
ENG320 Critical Analysis of Drama Dr. Michelle Chan Fall 2021
ENG330 Gender, Language and Translation Dr. Kacey LIU Fall 2021
ENG335 Popular Culture Spring 2022
ENG340 Interpreting I Spring 2022
ENG350 Psycholinguistics Dr. Ivy Wong Fall 2021
ENG364 Second Language Acquisition Spring 2022
ENG366 Interpreting II Dr. WONG Chi Keung Fall 2021
ENG381 The Sound System of English Prof. Peter Storey Fall 2021
ENG385 Shakespeare Rebekah Bale Fall 2021
ENG386 Renaissance Literature and the English Society,1516-1667 Spring 2022
ENG387 Media Translation Dr. WONG Chi Keung Fall 2021
ENG389 Travel and Culture Spring 2022
ENG406 Literature, Culture and Ecological Ethics WONG Kin Yuen / LAM Yee Man Fall 2021
ENG409 Interdisciplinary Approach to English Studies Spring 2022
ENG410 Linguistic Approaches to Translation Spring 2022
ENG440 Translation and Globalization Dr. Kacey LIU Fall 2021
ENG460 Contemporary Literature Spring 2022
ENG479 Science Fiction in Literature and Films Jason Leung Fall 2021
ENG480 Special Topic in Literature: Architecture in Fiction Spring 2022
ENG484 Romantics and Romantic Sceptics Spring 2022
ENG485 Victorian Literature and Society Dr. Michelle Chan Fall 2021
ENG486 Issues in Pragmatics Spring 2022
ENG487 Contemporary Translation Theory and Its Applications Dr. WONG Chi Keung Fall 2021
ENG489 Visual Culture Studies Spring 2022
ENG511 Language, Culture and Society Dr. Josephine YAM Fall 2021
FIN205 Foundations of Finance Spring 2022
FIN243 Money and Banking Mr. Joe Wong Fall 2021
FIN245 Introduction to Corporate Finance Mr. Joe Wong Fall 2021
FIN324 Financial Institutions in Hong Kong and Global Banking Spring 2022
FIN330 International Finance Spring 2022
FIN347 Introduction to Financial Derivatives Dr. Woo, Kai-Yin Fall 2021
FIN349 Wealth Management and Planning Dr. Tang, Chi Ho Fall 2021
FIN410 Financial Data Analysis Dr. Tang, Chi Ho Fall 2021
FIN423 Financial Risk Analysis and Management
FIN443 Financial Economics Dr. Woo, Kai-Yin Fall 2021
FIN445 Regulation and management of financial institutions in Hong Kong Dr Rita Yi Man Li Fall 2021
FIN446 Property Valuation, Funding and Finance Dr Rita Yi Man Li Fall 2021
FINT100 Introduction to FinTech Spring 2022
FINT200 Fundamentals of FinTech Computing Spring 2022
FINT300 Big data analysis Spring 2022
FINT301 Cloud and Cyber Security Spring 2022
FINT400 Artificial Intelligence Spring 2022
GEA101 Food and Nutrition in Chinese Culture Spring 2022
GEA103 The Origins and Transformation of East Asian Food Culture (EAFC) 東亞飲食文化演進史 Dr. Wong Ka Hong Desmond Fall 2021
GEA104 Knowing Hong Kong through Historical Sites Spring 2022
GEA106 古代志怪故事與創意產業 Mystery Tales of Ancient China and Creative Industries 吳志廉博士 Fall 2021
GEA107 陰陽五行與現代生活的創意發揮 Yin Yang Wu Xing and the Make use of Creativity in Contemporary Life Spring 2022
GEA109 風水的時空格局與中國文化 翁正石博士 Fall 2021
GEA110 儒家商業倫理與現代世界 (Confucian Business Ethics in the Modern World) 林昊輝 Fall 2021
GEA201 Chinese Medicine: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention CHENG Lee Chuen Fall 2021
GEA202 Urban Modernity in Chinese Cities: Hong Kong, Taipei & Shanghai (近代中國城市的「摩登」文化:香港、台北、上海) Dr. Wong Ka Hong Desmond Fall 2021
GEA203 The Wisdom of Ancient Chinese Architecture (中國古代建築的智慧) CHENG Lee Chuen Fall 2021
GEA204 Hong Kong Kung-fu Novels, Films and Chinese Spring 2022
GEA205 易經與社會人生管理 I-Ching and Life Management 周國良博士 Fall 2021
GEB102 Media and Society Dr. Anthony Lam Fall 2021
GEB103 Language of the Mass and Social Media Spring 2022
GEB105 Communication and Storytelling Dr. Kien Chan Fall 2021
GEB106 Exploring Talents with Media Psychology Spring 2022
GEB107 Predicting Human Behavior with Big Data Dr. Xiling Celine Cui Fall 2021
GEB108 Appreciating Cantopop Lyrics Spring 2022
GEB110 現代動畫與故事寫作 Modern Animation and Story Writing Spring 2022
GEB201 International Communication in the Digital Age Spring 2022
GEB202 Getting people to say Yes: Negotiation and Mediation Spring 2022
GEB203 Intercultural Communication Dr. Sherman Lee Fall 2021
GEB205 Be a Smart Financial Investor: Understanding Psychological Biases Spring 2022
GEB206 Understanding Korean Society through Dramas Spring 2022
GEB207 Hong Kong Popular Culture Dr. Tsang, Chung-kin Fall 2021
GEB208 Writing Apps for both Android and iOS Mobile Phones Spring 2022
GEB209 視覺文化與文藝創作 Visual Culture and Art Practice 王素韻博士 Fall 2021
GEC101 Environment and Society Dr. Li Hang Fall 2021
GEC102 The Struggling Self in the Global Society
GEC104 Understanding Self in Everyday Life Spring 2022
GEC105 Missionaries’ Experiences in Hong Kong (香港傳教士之經驗)
GEC106 Personal Finance and Taxation Spring 2022
GEC108 Stress Management and Healthy Life Style Spring 2022
GEC109 Art, Self-exploration and Spirituality Dr. Zhou Dehui-Ruth Fall 2021
GEC110 Exercise and wellbeing Dr. Gong Fall 2021
GEC111 Positive Education for Well-being in University Life Dr. Alex Chan Fall 2021
GEC112 籃球&排球運動 龔曉恩博士 Fall 2021
GEC113 羽毛球&乒乓球運動 龔曉恩博士 Fall 2021
GEC201 Emotional Intelligence and Thriving Under Pressure Dr. Kien Chan Fall 2021
GEC202 Positive life with Chinese Literature 中國文學與正向人生 Spring 2022
GEC203 Global Consumption and Culture of Coffee 世界咖啡消費與文化 Dr. Mark Ng Fall 2021
GEC205 Visual Representation of Animal Rights and Human-animal Relationship Dr. Wong Chi Keung Fall 2021
GED101 Happiness and Society: An Interdisciplinary Perspective YUEN Wai Kee Fall 2021
GED103 Gender and Culture in Asia
GED106 Manga and the Modern World Dr. WAN Shun Chuen Fall 2021
GED107 Economics and Sports Dr. Tang Chi Ho Fall 2021
GED109 Accent and Identity in Films Spring 2022
GED201 Cultural Insights for Business Success Dr. SHEN Na, Dr. GAO Chong Fall 2021
GED203 Science, Film and Fiction Lam Yee Man Fall 2021
GED204 Gender/Sexuality in Literature and Films Spring 2022
GED206 Exploring Cultural Tourism in East Asia Spring 2022
GED208 Nature and Spirituality Dr Bindu NAIR Fall 2021
GED210 Digital Games - Reality, Simulation, Interactivity Dr. Benjamin FREUDENBERG Fall 2021
HIST100 中國通史 General History of China 楊永漢博士 Fall 2021
HIST110 中國古代史概論 Ancient Chinese History Spring 2022
HIST120 The Ancient World Dr. Agnes Suk-man PANG, Dr. Cheung Hok Ming Fall 2021
HIST130 史學理論與方法導論Introduction to Historical Theories and Methods 黃嘉康博士 Fall 2021
HIST196 Knowing Hong Kong History through Heritages, Literature and Films 文物、文學、電影表述香港史 區志堅博士 Fall 2021
HIST210 秦漢魏晉南北朝史 History of Qin-Han-Wei-Jin Dynasties 羅永生博士 Fall 2021
HIST211 隋唐五代史 History of Sui Tang and the Five Dynasties Spring 2022
HIST220 The Modern World Dr. Agnes Suk-man PANG, Dr. Cheung Hok Ming Fall 2021
HIST230 中國史料學 Study of Chinese Historical Source & Materials Spring 2022
HIST240 香港史 History of Hong Kong 周子峰博士 Fall 2021
HIST241 由港英殖民地管治至特區成立: 回歸後香港的挑戰及機遇 From the British Colony to SAR: Challenges & Opportunities of Hong Kong after Reunification 區志堅博士 Fall 2021
HIST252 全球化與中國 Globalization and China 朱心然博士 Fall 2021
HIST260 中國經濟史 The History of Chinese Economy 周子峰博士 Fall 2021
HIST275 The Great World Wars Dr. Chu Sin Jan Fall 2021
HIST310 宋元史History of Song and Yuan Dynasties 何冠環博士 Fall 2021
HIST311 明清史History of Ming and Qing Dynasties Spring 2022
HIST320 The Contemporary World Spring 2022
HIST330 中西史學史 History of Chinese and Western Historiographies 羅永生博士 Fall 2021
HIST340 香港當代經濟史(1949年至今)Economic History of Hong Kong since 1949 Spring 2022
HIST350 中國與歐洲在現代世界的角色 (1500–1900) China and Europe in the Making of the Modern World (1500-1900) 朱心然博士 Fall 2021
HIST360 中國文化史History of Chinese Culture 何冠環博士 Fall 2021
HIST361 中國歷史地理Historical Geography of China 張偉國教授 Fall 2021
HIST362 中國政治制度史History of Chinese Political Institutions Spring 2022
HIST371 Making of the Contemporary Middle East Dr. Wong Ka Hong Fall 2021
HIST380 Work placement Dr. Wong Ka Hong Fall 2021
HIST410 中華民國史(1912-1949)History of the Republican China 何其亮教授、區志堅博士 Fall 2021
HIST411 中國當代史(1949年至今)China since 1949 Spring 2022
HIST430 中國歷史文獻選讀:《史記》及《資治通鑑》Study of Chinese Historical Texts: Shiji & Zizhitongjian Spring 2022
HIST440 1978年以後的香港與珠江三角洲的社會與經濟變遷 Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: Economic and Social Changes since 1978 Spring 2022
HIST450 China in the Contemporary World Dr. Au Chi Kin Fall 2021
HIST460 近代中國思想史Intellectual History of Modern China 何其亮教授 Fall 2021
HIST462 The Making of Modern Japan Dr. Chau Chi Fung Prof. Masui Yasuki Fall 2021
HIST463 近代中國的城市Cities in Modern China Spring 2022
HIST466 傳統中國歷史課題與爭議 Issues & Controversies in Traditional Chinese History 羅永生博士 Fall 2021
HIST467 中國近現代史上之爭議課題 (Issues & Controversies in Modern Chinese History) 魏楚雄博士 Fall 2021
HIST470 Sino-American Relations: History & Contemporary Issues Spring 2022
HIST468-469 Thesis Fall 2021
JOUR100 Introduction to Journalism & Mass Communication Dr. Anthony Lam Fall 2021
JOUR120 Introduction To Political Science Mr. Wan Kwok-fai Fall 2021
JOUR121 International Relations and Global Politics Mr. BUT Chor Fai Joshua Fall 2021
JOUR130 Digital Photojournalism Fall 2021
JOUR160 Current Social Issues in Hong Kong John LIAUW Fall 2021
JOUR170 Visual Communications Fall 2021
JOUR180 香港新聞史 History of Hong Kong Journalism Fall 2021
JOUR190 Media Aesthetics Fall 2021
JOUR200 Statistics for Communication Dr. LIANG, Jingwen Fall 2021
JOUR201 Audio-Visual Production Fall 2021
JOUR220 Mass Communication Theories Dr. LIANG, Jingwen Fall 2021
JOUR221 中文新聞採訪與報導I News Reporting & Writing in Chinese I Fall 2021
JOUR222 中文新聞採訪與報導II News Reporting & Writing in Chinese II Fall 2021
JOUR230 Technological Change and Human Communication Dr. LIANG, Jingwen Fall 2021
JOUR250 中國大眾媒介概論 Introduction to Mass Media in China 李曉瑾 Fall 2021
JOUR260 Computer Graphic Design and Publishing Dr. Keith Tsui Fall 2021
JOUR263 新聞與傳播專業普通話應用 Professional Putonghua in Journalism and Communication 李曉瑾 Fall 2021
JOUR280 Hong Kong Politics Mr. BUT Chor Fai Joshua Fall 2021
JOUR300 新聞編輯學 News Editing Fall 2021
JOUR301 Intermediate Audio-Visual Production Fall 2021
JOUR303 English News Writing Reporting Mr. BUT Chor Fai Joshua Fall 2021
JOUR310 Storytelling Dr. YUNG Yuk-Yu Fall 2021
JOUR311 Communication Research Methods Dr. LIANG, Jingwen Fall 2021
JOUR312 Public Opinion Polls Spring 2022
JOUR320 News Translation Yeung Ming Lung Fall 2021
JOUR335 Visulization Analysis & Design Dr. Keith Tsui Fall 2021
JOUR341 Digital News and Information Production Dr Kaman Lee Fall 2021
JOUR350 特寫寫作 何戎笙 Fall 2021
JOUR360 Magazine Writing and Editing Fall 2021
JOUR370 Mass Communication Law Mr. Andrew Lau Fall 2021
JOUR371 新聞實習(Newspaper Practicum) Fall 2021
JOUR380 Business and Financial Reporting Dr. LAM Wun Sum Fall 2021
JOUR381 Advanced Financial News Analysis Dr. Lam Wun Sum Fall 2021
JOUR390 Computer Animation in Journalism and Communications Mr. Au Ka Yu Fall 2021
JOUR395 Social Media and Networked Communication Mr.Ringo Cheung Fall 2021
JOUR400 新聞評論寫作 (Editorial and Commentary Writing) 郭金鋒 Fall 2021
JOUR403 專業新聞實習(校外傳媒機構) PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIP Fall 2021
JOUR410 Media Ethics So Kai Chi, Edgar Fall 2021
JOUR420 中國新聞法制和政策(Press Policy and Law of China) 郭金鋒 Fall 2021
JOUR431 Script Writing 潘漫紅 Fall 2021
JOUR440 Entertainment and Pop Culture Dr. LAM Wun Sum Fall 2021
JOUR450 Honours Project (In-depth Reporting / AV Production / Audio Production / PRA Project / Photo Essay) Mr. Wan Kwok-fai Fall 2021
JOUR460 Digitization and Interactive Multimedia Dr. Keith Tsui Fall 2021
JOUR470 In-Depth and Investigative Reporting Fall 2021
JOUR480 中國新聞 (兩岸新聞採訪) (CHINA REPORTING) 譚衛兒/郭金鋒 Fall 2021
JOUR490 Documentary & Public Affairs Programme Mr. Edgar So Fall 2021
JOUR441-2 Dissertation Mr. Wan Kwok-fai Fall 2021
LAW100 Legal Research and Writing Spring 2022
LAW101 Legal Process Dr Wendy Lui, Mr John Chan Fall 2021
LAW110 Introduction to Law Dr Wendy Lui, Mr John Chan Fall 2021
LAW191 Legal Literacy Workshop I Fall 2021
LAW200 Constitutional Law LAM, Hingchau, Brendan Fall 2021
LAW203 Employment Law LAM, Hingchau, Brendan Fall 2021
LAW250 Business Law Dr Wendy Lui, Mr Samuel Law Fall 2021
LAW290 Legal Literacy Workshop II Fall 2021
LAW300 Chinese Legal System Fall 2021
LAW301 Torts Fall 2021
LAW302 Equity Spring 2022
LAW310 Finance Law Spring 2022
LAW314 Commercial Dispute Resolution Dr. Wendy Lui, Assistant Professor Fall 2021
LAW315 Commercial Law Spring 2022
LAW316 Law of Commercial Crimes Mr. Magnum Ng Fall 2021
LAW320 Corporate Secretaryship Mr Samuel Law Fall 2021
LAW322 Risk and Compliance Spring 2022
LAW323 Internship Wendy Lui Fall 2021
LAW331 Company Law Dr Wendy Lui / Mr Samuel Law Fall 2021
LAW400 Property Law Dr Wendy Lui Fall 2021
LAW401 Company Law Samuel Law Fall 2021
LAW402 Banking Law Ms Pauline Li Fall 2021
LAW410 Research Project Spring 2022
LAW414 Evidence Dr Wendy Lui Fall 2021
LAW416 Private International Law Spring 2022
LAW420 Criminal Procedure Dr Wendy Lui Fall 2021
MDIT110 Principles of Interaction Design Spring 2022
PRA130 Principles of Advertising and Marketing Ms. Mimi Kwok Fall 2021
PRA200 Public Relations and the Media John LIAUW Fall 2021
PRA310 Advertising Copywriting Patrick Lai Fall 2021
PRA320 Public Relations Disciplines Dr. Crispy Tong Fall 2021
PRA330 Advertising Strategy and Design Christopher Chan Fall 2021
PRA340 Event Management Ms Mimi Kwok Fall 2021
PRA350 Public Relations Writing Dr. Crispy Tong Fall 2021
PRA420 Integrated Marketing Strategies & Planning Wong Tsz Kin Eiswein Fall 2021
PRA430 Audio-Visual Production in Public Relations and Advertising Fall 2021
PRA440 Advertising Agency Account Planning
PRA450 Crisis Communication Dr Quinton Chan / Ms Esme Lau Fall 2021
PRA460 Media Planning Alex Lee Fall 2021
PRA470 Financial Public Relations Crystal Chan Man Yin Fall 2021
PSY100 Introductory Psychology Dr. Bess Lam / Dr. Sandrine Chung / Dr. Lufanna Lai Fall 2021
PSY101 Core Competencies in Psychology Mr. Phoebus Tsui Fall 2021
PSY103 Statistics for Social Sciences Dr. Alex Chan / Dr. Jacky NG Fall 2021
PSY110 Biological Bases of Behavior Dr. Yat-Fan SIU Fall 2021
PSY120 Lifespan Developmental Psychology Dr Bess Lam Fall 2021
PSY200 Social Psychology Dr. Floria CHIO Fall 2021
PSY204 Personality and Individual Differences Spring 2022
PSY205 Cognitive Psychology Dr. Winnie Chan Wing Lui Fall 2021
PSY206 Research Methods and Designs Dr. L. Y. Lo Fall 2021
PSY207 History and Systems of Psychology Spring 2022
PSY208 Psychoanalytic Concepts Dr Wai FU Fall 2021
PSY209 Positive Psychology Dr. Lufanna Lai Fall 2021
PSY213 Computer-Assisted Data Analysis Dr. Jacky NG Fall 2021
PSY214 Qualitative Research Methods Spring 2022
PSY215 Cyberpsychology Spring 2022
PSY216 Psychology of Aging Spring 2022
PSY217 Sensation and Perception Dr. Winnie Chan Wing Lui Fall 2021
PSY300 Abnormal Psychology Dr Bobo Lau Fall 2021
PSY303 Health Psychology Dr. Nigel Thompson Fall 2021
PSY304 Psychological Assessment Spring 2022
PSY307 Educational Psychology Ms. Liu Kwan Yi, Queenie Fall 2021
PSY308 Human Sexuality Dr. Edmond Kam-lun Lau Fall 2021
PSY309 Industrial and Organizational Psychology Mr. Elvis Ho Shun, TSE Fall 2021
PSY311 Research Internship I Prof. Kai-Ching Yu Fall 2021
PSY312 Research Internship II Spring 2022
PSY320 Motivation and Learning Dr. Sandrine Chung Fall 2021
PSY330 Advanced Social Psychology Dr. Jasmine Chio Fall 2021
PSY340 Advanced Developmental Psychology Dr. Sandrine Chung Fall 2021
PSY350 Criminal Psychology Dr. Jasmine Chio Fall 2021
PSY371 Research Project I Spring 2022
PSY372 Research Project II Dr. Jacky NG Fall 2021
PSY373 Capstone Project I Spring 2022
PSY374 Capstone Project II Dr. Alex Chan Fall 2021
PSY401 Research Thesis I Spring 2022
PSY402 Research Thesis II Dr. L. Y. Lo Fall 2021
PSY404 Psychology of Consciousness Dr. L. Y. Lo Fall 2021
PSY405 Human Neuropsychology Spring 2022
PSY410 Psychoanalytic Readings Spring 2022
PSY411 Honours Research Project I Spring 2022
PSY412 Honours Research Project II Dr. L. Y. Lo Fall 2021
PSY461 Industrial Attachment Spring 2022
PSY501 Research Methods and Statistics I Spring 2022
PSY503 Lifespan Developmental Psychology Spring 2022
PSY505 Social Psychology Dr. Lufanna Lai Fall 2021
PSY506 Biological Bases of Behaviour Dr. Nicolson Siu Fall 2021
PSY507 Cognitive Psychology Spring 2022
PSY508P Contemporary Issues in Psychology Spring 2022
SOC100 Introduction to Sociology Dr. Hang Li Fall 2021
SOC103 Introduction to Anthropology Spring 2022
SOC106 The Art of Reasoning Dr. YUNG Ching Shek Fall 2021
SOC107 Understanding Sociology Dr. Gigi Lam Fall 2021
SOC108 Introduction to Statistics Dr. Liu Shuo Fall 2021
SOC204 Culture in the Contemporary World Dr. Veronica Mak Sau-wa and Ms. Xie Jieyi Fall 2021
SOC205 Sociological Theory I Dr. Hang Li Fall 2021
SOC206 Social Stratification Spring 2022
SOC207 Sociological Theory II Spring 2022
SOC208 Hong Kong Society and Culture Dr. Tsang, Chung-kin Fall 2021
SOC221 Social Research Methods Professor Y.W. Cheung Fall 2021
SOC231 Social Problem Spring 2022
SOC257 Art and Society Spring 2022
SOC259 Race and Ethnicity Dr. Flora Lau Fall 2021
SOC260 Food and Society Dr. GAO Chong Fall 2021
SOC302 Environmental Sociology Spring 2022
SOC307 Entrepreneurship and Society Dr. Gigi Lam Fall 2021
SOC308 Culture, Heritage and Society Dr. Veronica S.W. Mak Fall 2021
SOC309 Community Economy
SOC310 Social Enterprise in Asia Spring 2022
SOC311 Sustainable and Innovative Cities in the Contemporary World Spring 2022
SOC312 Popular Culture in Asia
SOC331 Western Classical Social Thought
SOC333 Urban Sociology Dr. Tsang, Chung-kin and Dr. Xie Jieyi Fall 2021
SOC336 Love and Family Kinship Spring 2022
SOC339 Sociology of Religion Dr. Weishan Huang Fall 2021
SOC341 Sociology of Development
SOC357 Migration and Mobility Dr. Huang Weishan Fall 2021
SOC358 Poverty, Social Policy and Social Innovation
SOC362 Tourism and Culture Spring 2022
SOC371 Chinese Culture and Society
SOC403 Globalization and Inequality
SOC405 Social Control Dr. Flora Lau Fall 2021
SOC406 Selected Topics: Social Innovation: A tool for social change
SOC409 Collective Memory and Social Change Dr. Hui Yew-Foong and Ms. Xie Jieyi Fall 2021
SOC410 The Sociology of Organization Dr. LAM Kit Fall 2021
SOC412 Contemporary Consumer and the Changing Community Dr. Liu Shuo Fall 2021
SOC413 Digitized Media, Culture and Society Dr. Weishan Huang Fall 2021
SOC414 Heritage Studies: Critical and Innovative Dimensions Dr. Hui Yew-Foong and Ms. Xie Jieyi Fall 2021
SOC415 Film, Television and Society Dr. Tsang, Chung-kin Fall 2021
SOC420 Evaluation Research Spring 2022
SOC430 Economic Reform and Social Transformation in Contemporary China Dr. GAO Chong Fall 2021
SOC440 Collective Behaviours and Social Movement Spring 2022
SOC221A Applied Quantitative Social Research Methods Spring 2022
SOC221B Applied Qualitative Social Research Methods Spring 2022
SW120 Principles of Sociology Dr. Chui Chi Fai, Raymond Fall 2021
SW131 Self-understanding and Self-development I Mr. Yip Chi Yan, Toby Fall 2021
SW200 Theories and Methods in Working with Individuals Mr. CHAN Yuen-yan, Matthew (Sec.1) & Ms. TAN Hiu Man, Lada (Sec.2) Fall 2021
SW210 Counselling Skills for Social Workers Spring 2022
SW220 Theories and Methods in Groups Mr. Yuen Wai Hang, Anderson Fall 2021
SW240 Theories and Methods in Community Work Dr. Au Wing Kwong / Dr. Chung Yuet Kiu, Priscilla Fall 2021
SW251 Social Work Research I Dr. Liu, Ben Chi Pun, Mr. Yip, Toby Chi Yan Fall 2021
SW252 Social Work Research II Spring 2022
SW270 Social Work Practice in China Spring 2022
SW300 Social Policy and Planning Spring 2022
SW310 Working with at Risk and Hidden Youth
SW320 Ethics for Social Workers Spring 2022
SW330 Family-based Service and Practice Spring 2022
SW340 Working with Older Adults Dr. Chow Kit Ling Lina Fall 2021
SW351 Integrative Practice Seminar I Dr. Lo Kai Yeung Kaiser & Dr. Mok Wai Kit Linda Fall 2021
SW352 Integrative Practice Seminar II Spring 2022
SW360 Working with New Arrivals and Ethnic Minorities Dr. Liu Chi Pun, Ben Fall 2021
SW361 Fieldwork I Spring 2022
SW362 Fieldwork III Spring 2022
SW363 Fieldwork III Spring 2022
SW370 Law and Social Work Ms. Lam Moon Hing, Vera Fall 2021
SW390 Social Work Practice for Children with Special Educational Needs and Their Families Dr. Fung Wing Fun, Josephine and Dr. Lo Kai Yeung, Kaiser Fall 2021
SW400 Programme Evaluation Dr. Chui Chi Fai, Raymond Fall 2021
SW420 Residential care for young people
SW430 Rehabilitation Services – Working with People with Intellectual Disabilities Spring 2022
SW450 Social Work in Pre-school, Primary and Secondary School Settings Ms. Lau Chiu Man Fall 2021
SW460 Addressing Gender and Sexuality in Social Work Practice Spring 2022
SW461 Integrative Practice Seminar III Dr. Chung Yuet Kiu, Priscilla / Mr. Chan Yuen Yan, Matthew Fall 2021
SW462 Integrative Practice Seminar IV Spring 2022
SW470 Social Work Practices in Mental Health Dr. FUNG Wing-fun, Josephine Fall 2021
SW480 Social Work Management Spring 2022
SW441-2 Honours Project I and II Dr. Chui Chi Fai, Raymond Fall 2021
SW471-2 Fieldwork IV and V Spring 2022

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