Zoom a Librarian

1.  What is “Zoom a Librarian”?

Zoom a Librarian” is a service to support students’ and colleagues’ academic works.

It will provide a one-on-one session, and no recordings will be made.

All valid HKSYU students and staff can use Zoom to contact our library staff and get assistance in using library resources and services.

This service includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Library Services
  • Library Collections
  • Access to library e-resources, such as databases, e-books, etc
  • Citation Tools: RefWorks


2.  When is it available to use?

By appointment, click here to submit your request.


3.  Who can use this service?

HKSYU students and staff.

Valid Email Example: HKSYUstudent@hksyu.edu.hk OR HKSYUStaff@hksyu.edu


4.  What do I need to prepare to use this service?

Download and install Zoom to use this service.

Please refer to Zoom User Guide at Computing Services Centre for further assistance.


5.  What is the procedure to use this service?

There are 8 steps to use this service:

  • Click the link to reserve a Zoom session;
  • Click the Zoom link in the confirmation email at your reserved time;
  • Click the Sign in to Join button;
  • Click Sign in with SSO;

  • Enter hksyu.zoom.us and click Continue;
  • Log in with your HKSYU email and password;
  • Enter and wait in the “Zoom a Librarian” Waiting Room;

    (It is important to notice that this service is a one-on-one session. You might need plenty of waiting time in peak hours.)

  • Enter the meeting session and ask your question.
  • 6.  What about other research support from the Library?

    You can get assistance from the Library by other channels as well: