A. Application of HKSYU Library Cards

1. HKSYU Staff & Students

All staff and students are automatically entitled to use the services and facilities provided by the Library with your valid staff or student identity cards. Others need to register at the 2/F Information Counter.

2. HKSYU Alumni

HKSYU awarded local graduates are eligible to apply for Alumni Reader or Alumni Borrower Cards. Other joint courses graduates will be assessed individually. (Application form / Online Form)

Card Type Fee Borrowing Privileges

Alumni Reader Card

(two years)

  1. Cardholders can access the HKSYU Library and use the collections within the Library. The Card does not include any borrowing privileges throughout the entire valid period.
  2. Access to online databases (on-site / remote access).*

Alumni Borrower Card

(two years)

  1. Cardholders can access the HKSYU Library with borrowing privileges (12 items of books for 30 days) throughout the entire valid period.
  2. Access to online databases (on-site / remote access).*

*Cardholders of Alumni Reader / Borrower can access to online databases on-site, also they can remote access to selected online databases (see the below list):

The list is subject to change from time to time.


Method of Application

Applicants should bring along the graduation certificate or other equivalent documents, one 1.5 x 2 inch recent photograph and the application fee (by Cash or Octopus card) to the 2/F Information Counter to apply for the Alumni Library Cards.

Applicants can also submit the Online Form with their e-photo, a copy of proof of graduation to in advance and pay the application fee in person.

Notes to Users

  1. The Library reserves the right not to offer services to any individual based on his/her past conduct in the Library.
  2. The Alumni Reader and Borrower Card are not transferable to another user.
  3. Loss of the Card must be reported immediately to the Library Circulation Counter at 2806-5113.
  4. A replacement Card for accessing the Library or borrowing before your current service valid period expires could be applied by submitting (i) a recent photo and (ii) a completed application form to the Circulation Counter of the Library. All replacements must be applied in person.

3. Staff Family Members

Family members, who are over 12 (Twelve) years old on the application date, (including spouses, children, parents and siblings) of the HKSYU staff can apply for the Card free of charge. The Card duration is the same as to the staff’s employment period. However, a staff family member who stays in Hong Kong for less than 15 days is not eligible to apply for the Card (Online Form).

4. External Individual Readers

The Library may accept non-HKSYU members who need to locate our materials to conduct their research projects. The Library reserves the right to reject any application. The application of the External Individual Reader Card, Card duration and terms of usage are subject to the approval of the University Librarian.


  1. Requests are considered on individual basis.
  2. A written request, which includes a brief description of the research, may be submitted by person or mail to “The University Librarian, Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library Complex, 12 Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill Road, North Point, Hong Kong”.
  3. The request should be accompanied with supporting documents related to the research (e.g., a valid student card or tuition fee receipt); professional qualification (e.g., membership of professional associations); and/or recommendation letters from the academic supervisors.
  4. The Library will reply within five working days upon receiving each request. For approved request, the applicant is required to bring a recent photo (1.5″ x 2″) and come to the Library to complete the application form. When the Card is ready, the Library will contact the applicant for collection at the Circulation Counter.
  5. The Library will consider requests for Card renewal based on the same principles and arrangements listed above.
  6. The Reader Card does not include any borrowing privilege.

5. VIP Members

The HKSYU Library accepts individuals who make contribution to the Library to become VIP members. The application and borrowing privilege are subject to the approval of the University Librarian.

B. Lending Service

(Borrowing & Returning Library Items)

A valid staff or student identity card must be presented when borrowing materials. Most of the Library materials can be borrowed or returned at the G/F Circulation Counter. AV materials located at the Learning Commons should be borrowed at the 6/F Service Counter. Your card cannot be transferred to other users.

  • STAFF may borrow a maximum of 200 items, and the loan periods are listed below.
  • POSTGRADUATES may borrow a maximum of 140 items the loan periods are listed below.
  • UNDERGRADUATES may borrow a maximum of 100 items the loan periods are listed below.

STAFF Books 200 180 days* 720 days $1.5/day
Accompanied Materials $1.5/day
AV Materials 20 21 days 35 days $2/day
Reserves & Kits (AV) 3 hours N/A $2/hour
Bound Serials (Prefix P) 10 7 days N/A $2/day
Reserves (Books & Special Collection) 3 hours N/A $2/hour
Teaching References 10 30 days N/A $1.5/day
Notebook Computers & Tablets 1 4 hours N/A $30/hour
POSTGRADUATES Books 140 120 days 480 days


Accompanied Materials $1.5/day
AV Materials 20 14 days 21 days $2/day
Reserves & Kits (AV) 3 hours N/A $2/hour
Bound Serials (Prefix P) 10 7 days N/A $2/day
Reserves (Books & Special Collection) 3 hours N/A $2/hour
Notebook Computers & Tablets 1 4 hours N/A $30/hour
UNDERGRADUATES Books 100 90 days 270 days $1.5/day
Accompanied Materials $1.5/day
AV Materials 20 7 days 14 days $2/day
Reserves & Kits (AV) 3 hours N/A $2/hour
Bound Serials (Prefix P) 8 7 days N/A $2/day
Reserves (Books & Special Collection) 3 hours N/A $2/hour
Notebook Computers & Tablets 1 4 hours N/A $30/hour
Books 12 30 days 210 days $1.5/day
Accompanied Materials $1.5/day
Reserves & Kits (AV) 3 3 hours N/A $2/hour
Reserves (Books & Special Collection) 5 3 hours N/A $2/hour

* Academic staff can request 180 days loan items to 365 days (with no renewal) for teaching purpose on up to 10 items.

The user place a request on checked-out BOOKS through the Discover@ShueYan

Request Quota for checked-out BOOKS2010

The user’s library privileges will be suspended (including loan and renewal of library items) if:

  1. A user has long overdue books or over $200 unpaid library fines
  2. A user has 10 or more overdue library items
  3. A user has 1 or more overdue recalled items
C. Book Drop Service

Library materials can be returned to the book drop located at the Library entrance when the Library is closed. An express book drop is available at the Circulation Counter when the Library opens. The service hours are from Monday to Friday (9 am – 7:30 pm) and Saturday (9 am – 6 pm). The overdue books, non-print materials, ILL items and bound journals should not be returned through the book drops.

D. Circulation Notice

All overdue, courtesy, recall, hold pick-up and cancellation notices are sent to users’ email addresses. Please regularly check your email accounts.

E. Fines

Overdue fines may be charged according to different items. If the items have not been returned for more than 30 days from the due date, the borrowing privileges may be suspended. Please refer to the Lending Service for details.

F. Loss or Damaged Items

Users are responsible for taking care of the borrowed materials. Books should never be written on, marked or damaged. For lost or damaged items, the user will be charged the full replacement cost at a current market price, plus HK$50 processing fee per item. Loss of out-of-print materials will be charged depending on the evaluating costs.

G. Renewals

Borrowed items may be renewed via the Library homepage.
Renewal will NOT be accepted if:

  1. An item is requested by other library users
  2. An item cannot be renewed (e.g. a short loan item)
  3. A user has long overdue books or over $200 unpaid library fines
  4. A user has 10 or more overdue library items
  5. A user has 1 or more overdue recalled items
H. Reserving Books

All checked out books can be requested at the Library’s online catalogue. You will be notified once the book is available.

I. Recall Service

Books with normal loan period (staff: 180 days; postgraduates: 120 days; undergraduates: 90 days) are subjected to be recalled once they have been reserved by another user. If the books are recalled, the original loan period will be shortened. The Library will send a recall notice to inform the current borrower about the change of due date. Please always check your email notifications. You are responsible for the return of recalled items. Overdue fines will be charged if items are not returned before the new due date.

J. Library’s Online Catalogue (OPAC)

The Library’s online catalogue can be reached through the Internet. All computers located in the Library can be used by readers to search for both English and Chinese materials from the OPAC. There are help sheets which explain how to use the catalogue.

K. Library Instructions

Workshops on using different Library resources are ran regularly. Students in group may also request a workshop that fulfills their information needs. Please visit the Library Instruction Class for further information.

L. Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary loan service is provided to all registered Library patrons who request materials not acquired by the Library. ILL is a fee-based service.
Readers can make their requests online or contact us via email, or call 2806-5114 for further information.

M. Other Services

1. Photocopying, Printing, Scanning

Multi-function printers are located at 2/F to 6/F. You can pay by Octopus.

2/F – 6/FB/W & ColourB/W & ColourColour

The charges for photocopying and printing are:

OctopusA4@ 2/F – 6/FA3@ 2/F – 6/F
Black & White$0.3$0.6
ScanningFree of chargeFree of charge

2. Current Awareness

The Library always provides the latest information on the related subject areas. New books are displayed on the 2/F to 4/F sloping shelves. Lists of new titles can be found on the Library web page. Content pages of the latest issues of serials publications are delivered upon requested by Faculty staff. Latest publication catalogues are regularly sent to Departments for reference.

3. Reference Service

If you have any problems or questions in using the Library services or facilities, please feel free to contact our Library staff. Information or instruction leaflets on the usage of Library materials are available at information counters.

4. Book Detective System

A book detective system is installed on the G/F. This system can detect Library materials of which have not been checked out properly.

5. Access to Other Libraries

External Reader Cards

Seventeen academic libraries provide External Reader Cards for the HKSYU staff and students. Readers can go to the G/F Circulation Counter to borrow them. External Reader Cards provide access to their own libraries. Although the printed materials are not allowed to borrow, readers can access some e-databases on-site.

External Reader Cards Availability (note: In view of the pandemic, the borrowing privilege of external reader cards may be temporarily suspended, subject to the policy of the libraries.)

Library No. of
Privilege / Loan Period Fines
Hong Kong Baptist University 2 14 days (staff) /
3 days (student)
Caritas Bianchi College of Careers /
Caritas Institute of Higher Education
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 3
Chu Hai College of Higher Education 3
Gratia Christian College 3
The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong 3
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 3
Hong Kong Metropolitan University
(Former The Open University of Hong Kong)
Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education 3
Institute for Tourism Studies (Macau)
(Due to the entrance arrangement of Macau in the pandemic, HKSYU Library suspended this reader card service until further notice.)
Lingnan University 3
Tung Wah College 3
The University of Hong Kong 12
UOW College Hong Kong 3
Vocational Training Council Libraries* 4
Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education 3
Education University of Hong Kong* 3 14 days (staff) /
3 days (postgraduate)


* Due to campus entrance arrangements of the instructions in the pandemic, the reader cards are suspended.

  • One Reader Card can be borrowed each time, and no renewal is allowed.
  • Reader cards which are overdue for more than 30 days will be assumed lost and the reader has to pay for the replacement fee.
  • Lost Card processing fee:
    HK$50 administrative fee and card replacement fee if charged by the relevant institution.

More information:

A temporary Pass (a duration of 3 days) of the University of Hong Kong Libraries can be issued through the Hong Kong Central Library for users. For further information, please visit the Hong Kong Public Libraries or call 2921-0222.

6. Three Different Areas in the Library

The Library is divided into 3 areas designed to suit different needs of users:

  • a. Silent Zone: 2/F to 4/F (except discussion area on 2/F) for self-studying, no talking is allowed in these areas;
  • b. Quiet Zone: 2/F discussion area, 5/F and 6/F for group discussion;
  • c. Talking Zone: Quiet talking on mobile phones is allowed at the staircase area between 2/F and 6/F.

7. Study Facilities

a. Study Desks
The Library provides study carrels on the 2/F for private study as well as individual desks on 3/F and 4/F.b. Discussion Areas

a. The discussion areas are located on 2/F, 5/F and 6/F. They are separate areas providing large tables for group discussions.

b. There are also two multi-purpose discussion rooms located at the 6/F Learning Commons. Please access Meeting Room Booking System to view the room booking status before you register at the 6/F Service Counter.

8. Drinking Fountains

Six drinking fountains are installed on G/F, and 2/F to 6/F.

9. Wireless LAN Area

The Library offers wireless Internet access to patrons with wireless-enabled devices. Patrons can access the Internet with their notebook computers on the G/F, and 2/F to 6/F. Our network supports both 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi devices. For details, please refer to the following instructions.

10. Book Sale

The Library selects carefully at least 120 items on sale monthly. The Library hope that all users can bring them home at friendly prices.

11. Magazines Back-issues Bookcrossing

The Library put all Library’s withdraw subscribed magazines on a bookcrossing shelf for all users free to take monthly.