Learning Commons

Learning Commons combines the services that enhance self-learning, language learning, research, study and leisure at the University. Located on the 6/F of Library, the visible and accessible space recognises the role of the Library as the gathering place for students to study, engage in writing and research, and learn in collaborative settings. The mission of Learning Commons is:

A defining characteristic of the Learning Commons is its ability to apply the combined expertise from librarians and teaching staff to meet the learning, writing, and research needs of students. By working in collaboration, Learning Commons partners are able to offer students a more coherent and integrated approach to support services. Learning Commons is able to provide not only the tools, but also the skills, to support students in the effective use of learning technologies in their academic studies.

The major facilities in the Learning Commons include:
  • Language Learning and Library Information Laboratory with 25 PC workstations
  • 2 Multi-purpose discussion rooms (6/F)
  • 1 Multi-purpose presentation room (5/F)
  • 1 Activity room (2/F)
  • 4 Multimedia stations
  • Leisure reading area
  • AV collection
  • Magazine corner
  • TV corner
  • Photocopier (including printer and scanning functions)

Discussion Rooms/ Presentation Room

The discussion rooms and presentation room in Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library are available for use by library patrons for group studies or group meetings.

Activity Room

The activity room on 2/F in Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library is available for use by library patrons for activities and teaching purposes.

Language Learning Online (LLO)

Language Learning Online provides an integrated language learning platform on the Internet.

Multimedia Collection

Collection includes Audio CD, DVDs, Interactive CD-ROMs and VCDs that can be borrowed at the 6/F counter. Marks on the spine labels and the catalogue entries carry capital letters: The library also allows users to view their own AV materials in the Learning Commons. For the details, please click here.

Loan Periods and Item Quotas
for CD-ROMs, VCDs, DVDs, Videotapes, Cassettes

Items Quota
Items Quota
21 days
Once for 14 days
$2.0 per day
7 days
Once for 7 days
$2.0 per day

Reviewed on 26 August 2017