Interlibrary Borrowing

Interlibrary Loan System or Download Interlibrary Loan Request Form

Interlibrary Loan Service provides teaching, learning and research support to HKSYU users by obtaining materials that are not held in the Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) Library. All academic staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students are eligible to use this service.
Before submitting your requests, please check the Library Catalogue first as we do not process the requests which are held at HKSYU Library.

What kinds of materials are available?
Books and photocopies of journal articles are available for interlibrary loan.

Requests will be sent to local academic libraries in Hong Kong, includes UGC-funded universities and CSIDS members.

  1. If the books are not available in local libraries, requesters can recommend the items to be purchased by the Library. Library will not request books from overseas institutions.

  2. If the journal articles are not available in local libraries, requesters will be asked if they would like to request the items from overseas institutions.
Note: Charges for items from overseas institutions are much higher.

What kinds of materials are not available?
Lending policies vary from institution to institution. In general, e-books, e-journals, reference materials, course reserve items, rare books, dissertations, theses, manuscripts, AV materials and items in special collections are not available for interlibrary loan.

How much will the Library charge? Interlibrary loan is a fee-based service. The charge of each request varies, subject to local or overseas libraries' ILL policies.
Borrower Type
Administrative Fee
Academic Staff
(10 free quotas to borrow the
items from local libraries)
HK$25 / Book

For Academic Staff, if there are any charges from the lending libraries, the amount will be deducted from department's library budget.

For Postgraduate students, there are 10 free quotas to borrow books or journal articles from local libraries if charges are needed. The maximum grant to a single ILL item is HK$150. The amount will be deducted from department's library budget.

For Undergraduate students, they should pay the administrative fee and the charges to the lending libraries (if any). We will confirm with the requester before processing.

How do I submit a request? Requesters can make online or paper form submission for each item by filling in the Interlibrary Loan Service Request Form and then send the form in person or via email

Can I cancel the request?
No cancellation is permitted after the order has been placed with the lending library or document supplier.

Where should I collect the requested materials? Books

When the requested book arrives at the Library, the requester will be informed to pick it up at the 3/F Information Counter. A notification email will be sent at least 4 days before the due date to remind the user, who can return the book to the same counter or submit a renewal request via the system.

Journal articles

Journal articles are usually sent to our Library either in PDF format by email or in photocopy format by post. Requesters can collect the photocopy format of article at the 3/F Information Counter. If articles supplied by the lending library are in PDF format, we will send the article to requester by email.

Interlibrary Loan Service
Tel.: (852) 2806-7320