Five Judicial Gowns by the Hon. Mr. Justice Patrick Chan


On 21st November 2015, our University is honored to receive judicial gowns donated by the Honorable Patrick Chan (陳兆愷), Mr. Justice of the Court of Final Appeal (終審法院法官) (2000-2013). HKSYU was the second tertiary institute in Hong Kong to own judicial robes donated by a judge. These gowns are now exhibited at the 4/F Law Library.

The Five Judicial Gowns include:

  1. Court of Appeal Ceremonial Dress (上訴法庭法官禮儀袍)
  2. Court of First Instance Dress (原訟法庭法官袍)
  3. Court of First Instance Ceremonial Dress (原訟法庭法官禮儀袍)
  4. Court Master Dress (聆案官袍)
  5. District Court Dress (區域法院法官袍)

During the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Mr. Justice Patrick Chan delivered a speech "Judges' Attires - Some Personal Thoughts of a Judge" to express his feeling about these dresses. For details, a printed version is placed at the exhibition area. Also an online version can be refered at Shue Yan Newsletter Issue 1, 2016.

Image Gallery

Judicial GownsJudicial Gowns
Court of Appeal Ceremonial Dress<br />
上訴法庭法官禮儀袍Court of Appeal Ceremonial Dress
Court of First Instance Dress<br />
原訟法庭法官袍Court of First Instance Dress
Court of First Instance Ceremonial Dress<br />
原訟法庭法官禮儀袍Court of First Instance Ceremonial Dress
Court Master Dress<br />
聆案法官袍Court Master Dress
District Court Dress<br />
區域法院法官袍District Court Dress


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