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25 Oct – 11 Dec 2021

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Call No. Title
001.0285 CUL 2018Cultural heritage infrastructures in digital humanities / edited by Agiatis Benardou, Erik Champion, Costis Dallas and Lorna M. Hughes.
001.0285 DUN 2019A history of place in the digital age / Stuart Dunn.
001.3 ROC 2016Hermeneutica : computer-assisted interpretation in the humanities / Geoffrey Rockwell and Stéfan Sinclair.
001.30285 BER 2017Digital humanities : knowledge and critique in a digital age / David M. Berry and Anders Fagerjord.
001.30285 DIS 2018Disrupting the digital humanities / edited by Dorothy Kim & Jesse Stommel.
001.30285 DOI 2020Doing more digital humanities : open approaches to creation, growth, and development / edited by Constance Crompton, Richard J. Lane, and Ray Siemens.
001.30285 HIS 2019The historical web and digital humanities : the case of national web domains / edited by Niels Brügger and Ditte Laursen.
001.30285 LAN 2017The big humanities : digital humanities/digital laboratories / Richard J. Lane.
001.30285 LED 2018Digital humanities : history and development / Olivier Le Deuff.
001.30285 MAK 2017Making things and drawing boundaries : experiments in the digital humanities / Jentery Sayers, editor.
001.30285 MCG 2020Applying Language Technology in Humanities Research : design, Application, and the Underlying Logic / Barbara McGillivray, Gábor Mihály Tóth.
001.30285 NEW 2016A new companion to digital humanities / edited by Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth.
001.30285 NYH 2016Computation and the humanities : towards an oral history of digital humanities / Julianne Nyhan, Andrew Flinn.
001.30285 RES 2018Research methods for the digital humanities / lewis levenberg, Tai Neilson, David Rheams, editors.
001.30285 ROU 2021Routledge International Handbook of research methods in digital humanities / edited by Kristen Schuster and Stuart Dunn
001.30285 SVE 2016Big digital humanities : imagining a meeting place for the humanities and the digital / Patrik Svensson.
001.30285 WYM 2021Introduction to digital humanities : enhancing scholarship with the use of technology / Kathryn C. Wymer.
001.3071 BAT 2017Using digital humanities in the classroom : a practical introduction for teachers, lecturers and students / Claire Battershill and Shawna Ross.
001.3072 DIG 2020Digital technology and the practices of humanities research / edited by Jennifer Edmond.
001.42028557 MIL 2019Big data for qualitative research / Kathy A. Mills.
001.422 ADA 2019Student study guide with IBM SPSS workbook for research methods, statistics, and applications / Kathrynn A. Adams, Guilford College, Eva K. Lawrence, Guilford College.
001.422 BAR 2016Statistical analysis of questionnaires : a unified approach based on R and Stata / Francesco Bartolucci, Silvia Bacci, Michela Gnaldi.
001.4226 HEA 2019Data visualization : a practical introduction / Kieran Healy.
004 CHA 2021Challenges and opportunities for the convergence of IoT, big data, and cloud computing / Sathiyamoorthi Velayutham, editor.
004 GIL 2016Industry 4.0 : the industrial internet of things / [edited by] Alasdair Gilchrist.
004 INT 2020Internet of things, smart spaces, and next generation networks and systems : 20th international conference, NEW2AN 2020, and 13th conference, ruSMART 2020, St. Petersburg, Russia, August 26-28, 2020 : proceedings. Part II / Olga Galinina [and three others] editors.
004 WIC 2017R for data science : import, tidy, transform, visualize, and model data / Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund
004.678 ADA 2019Understanding cyberrisks in IoT : when smart things turn against you / Carolina A. Adaros Boye.
004.678 BAN 2018Secure and Smart Internet of Things (IoT) : using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Ahmed Banafa.
004.678 DAT 2021Data science and Internet of Things : research and applications at the intersection of DS and IoT / Giancarlo Fortino [and three others] (editors).
004.678 INT 2021Internet of things : from the foundations to the latest frontiers in research / edited by Kolla Bhanu Prakash.
004.678 LEG 2019Legal tech, smart contracts and Blockchain / Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwick, Helena Haapio, editors.
004.678 LI 2018An economic analysis on automated construction safety : Internet of things, artificial intelligence and 3D printing.
004.678 NEW 2016Internet of things, smart spaces, and next generation networks and systems : 16th International Conference, NEW2AN 2016 and 9th Conference, ruSMART 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 26-28, 2016, proceedings / Olga Galinina, Sergey Balandin, Yevgeni Koucheryavy (eds.)
004.678 PRI 2020Principles and applications of narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) / Sudhir K. Routray and Sasmita Mohanty, editors.
004.678 RAY 2018Compassionate superintelligence AI-5.0 : AI with Blockchain, BMIi, Drone, Iot, and Biometric Technologies / Amit Ray.
004.678 ROS 2016The Amazon way on IoT : 10 principles for every leader from the world's leading Internet of Things strategies / John Rossman
004.6782 REH 2019Cloud computing basics / T.B. Rehman.
004.6782 RUP 2016Cloud computing / Nayan B. Ruparelia.
005.133 DUR 2021Competitive programming in Python : 128 Algorithms to develop your coding skills / Christoph Dürr, Jill-Jênn Vie translated by Greg Gibbons, Danièle Gibbons.
005.133 GUT 2021Introduction to computation and programming using Python : with application to computational modeling and understanding data / John V. Guttag.
005.133 KAE 2021Introduction to Python programming for business and social science applications / Frederick Kaefer, Loyola University, Paul Kaefer, Carrot Health.
005.133 LAM 2019Fundamentals of Python : first programs / Kenneth A. Lambert, Martin Osborne, contributing author.
005.133 LUB 2019Introducing Python : modern computing in simple packages / Bill Lubanovic
005.133 MCK 2018Python for data analysis : data wrangling with pandas, NumPy, and IPython / Wes McKinney
005.133 PHI 2018Python 3 object-oriented programming : build robust and maintainable software with object-oriented design patterns in Python 3.8 / Dusty Phillips
005.2768 IOT 2018IoT, AI, and blockchain for .net : building a next-generation application from the ground up / [edited by] Nishith Pathak and Anurag Bhandari.
005.376 TAK 2017Ethereum : the ultimate guide to the world of ethereum / Ikuya Takashima
005.54 NEL 2016Excel data analysis for dummies / by Stephen L. Nelson and Elizabeth C. Nelson.
005.55 CRO 2020How to use IBM SPSS® statistics : a step-by-step guide to analysis and interpretation / Brian C. Cronk.
005.55 GEO 2020IBM SPSS statistics 26 step by step : a simple guide and reference / Darren George, Paul Mallery.
005.55 GRE 2017Using SPSS for Windows and Macintosh : analyzing and understanding data / Samuel B. Green, Arizona State University, Neil J. Salkind, University of Kansas.
005.55 KNA 2018Intermediate statistics using SPSS / Herschel Knapp, University of Southern California.
005.55 PAL 2020SPSS survival manual : a step by step guide to data analysis using IBM SPSS / Julie Pallant.
005.7 BIG 2016Big data : principles and paradigms / edited by Rajkumar Buyya, Rodrigo N. Calheiros, Amir Vahid Dastjerdi.
005.7 BIG 2021Big data analytics for cyber-physical system in smart city : BDCPS 2020, 28-29 December 2020, Shanghai, China / Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Neil Yen, Zheng Xu, editors.
005.7 BIG 2021Big data analytics for cyber-physical system in smart city : BDCPS 2020, 28-29 December 2020, Shanghai, China / Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Neil Yen, Zheng Xu, editors.
005.7 DAT 2017Data analytics in sigital humanities / edited by Shalin Hai-Jew.
005.7 DAT 2021Data science and digital transformation in the fourth industrial revolution / Jongbae Kim, Roger Lee, editors.
005.7 DAW 2017Big data analytics and knowledge discovery : 19th International Conference, DaWaK 2017 Lyon, France, August 28-31, 2017 Proceedings / Ladjel Bellatreche, Sharma Chakravarthy (eds.)
005.7 GHA 2021Big data management : data governance principles for big data analytics / Peter Ghavami.
005.7 HOL 2017Big data : a very short introduction / Dawn E. Holmes.
005.7 KEL 2018Data science / John D. Kelleher and Brendan Tierney.
005.7 ONE 2016Weapons of math destruction : how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy / Cathy O'Neil.
005.7 POL 2019The politics of big data : big data, big brother? / Edited By Ann Rudinow Sætnan, Ingrid Schneider, Nicola Green.
005.7 RIC 2018The big data agenda : data ethics and critical data studies / Annika Richterich.
005.7 VRA 2021VR/AR and 3D displays : first international conference, ICVRD 2020, Hangzhou, China, December 20, 2020, Revised Selected Papers / edited by Weitao Song, Feng Xu.
005.72 ADO 2019Adobe Photoshop & Dreamweaver Web design portfolio.
005.74 BAM 2018Blockchain : a practical guide to developing business, law, and technology solutions / Joseph J. Bambara, Paul R. Allen.
005.74 BLO 2021Blockchain technology : fundamentals, applications, and case studies / edited by E. Golden Julie, J. Jesu Vedha Nayahi, and Noor Zaman.
005.74 DAW 2018Big data analytics and knowledge discovery : 20th International Conference, DaWaK 2018, Regensburg, Germany, September 3-6, 2018, Proceedings / edited by Carlos Ordonez, Ladjel Bellatreche.
005.74 STE 2020Blockchain and the digital economy : the socio-economic impact of blockchain technology / Fred Steinmetz, Lennart Ante and Ingo Fiedler.
005.743 FER 2017Analyzing data with Microsoft Power BI and Power Pivot for Excel / Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo.
005.7565 VAN 2020The organisation of tomorrow : how AI, blockchain and analytics turn your business into a data organisation / Mark Van Rijmenam.
005.8 ASH 2017Decentralized computing using blockchain technologies and smart contracts : emerging research and opportunities / by S. Asharaf and S. Adarsh.
005.8 PRI 2017Privacy and security policies in big data / Sharvari Tamane, MGM's Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, India, Vijender Kumar Solanki, Institue of Technology, Science Ghaziabad, India, Nilanjan Dey, Tehcno India College of Technology, India.
005.824 CRY 2019Cryptographic security solutions for the Internet of Things / [edited by] Mohammad Tariq Banday.
005.824 DE 2018Blockchain and the law : the rule of code / Primavera De Filippi and Aaron Wright.
005.824 MUK 2018Ethereum smart contract development : build blockchain-based decentralized applications using solidity / Mayukh Mukhopadhyay.
006.3 BOD 2018Artificial intelligence : a very short introducion / Margaret A. Boden.
006.3 BRO 2019Artificial intelligence : a modern approach : artificial intelligence applied to modern lives in medicine, machine learning, deep learning, business and finance / Lewis Brown.
006.3 CHE 2020Artificial intelligence, analytics and data science. Volume 1. Core concepts and models / Chew Chee Hua, Nanyang Technological University..
006.3 DU 2019The creativity code : how AI is learning to write, paint and think / Marcus du Sautoy.
006.3 ERT 2017Introduction to artificial intelligence / Wolfgang Ertel translated by Nathanael Black with illustrations by Florian Mast.
006.3 FOR 2018Architects of intelligence : the truth about AI from the people building it / Martin Ford.
006.3 INT 2020Intelligent robotics and applications : 13th international conference, ICIRA 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 5-7, 2020, proceedings / edited by Chee Seng Chan and 6 others.
006.3 LAR 2021The myth of artificial intelligence : why computers can't think the way we do / Erik J. Larson.
006.3 MAC 2021Machine intelligence and big data analytics for cybersecurity applications / Yassine Maleh [and three others], editors.
006.3 MUL 2018Artificial intelligence for dummies / by John Paul Mueller and Luca Massaron.
006.3 OLI 2018The digital mind : how science is redefining humanity / Arlindo Oliveira.
006.3 SAB 2021Understanding artificial intelligence / Nicolas Sabouret illustrations by Lizete De Assis.
006.3 SMA 2021Smart technologies for society, state and economy / edited by Elena G. Popkova, Bruno S. Sergi.
006.3 TEG 2018Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence / by Max Tegmark.
006.3 VUP 2021Democratization of artificial intelligence for the future of humanity / Chandrasekar Vuppalapati.
006.3 YAO 2018Applied artificial intelligence : a handbook for business leaders / [Mariya Yao, Marlene Jia, Adelyn Zhou edited by Natalia Zhang]
006.301 BOS 2016Superintelligence : paths, dangers, strategies / Nick Bostrom, Director, Future of Humanity Institute, Director, Strategic Artificial Intelligence Research Centre, Professor, Faculty of Philosophy & Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford.
006.301 COL 2018Artifictional intelligence : against humanity's surrender to computers / Harry Collins
006.301 HUI 2019Recursivity and contingency / Yuk Hui.
006.301 RUS 2019Human compatible : artificial intelligence and the problem of control / Stuart Russell.
006.31 HOS 2019A human's guide to machine intelligence : how algorithms are shaping our lives and how we can stay in control / Kartik Hosanagar.
006.31 MAC 2021Machine learning and big data analytics paradigms : analysis, applications and challenges / Aboul Ella Hassanien, Ashraf Darwish, editors.
006.312 AND 2021Doing data science in R : an introduction for social scientists / Mark Andrews.
006.312 LEP 2020If then : how the Simulmatics Corporation invented the future / Jill Lepore
006.312 TAN 2019Introduction to data mining / Pang-Ning Tan, Michigan State University, Michael Steinbach, University of Minnesota, Anuj Karpatne, University of Minnesota, Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota.
006.312 TOR 2017Data mining with R : learning with case studies / Luis Torgo, University of Porto, Portugal.
006.312 WIT 2017Data mining : practical machine learning tools and techniques / Ian H. Witten, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, Eibe Frank, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, Mark A. Hall, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, Christopher J. Pal, Polytechnique Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
006.686 BAU 2018Adobe Photoshop CC for dummies / by Peter Bauer.
006.686 FAU 2018Adobe Photoshop CC : 2018 release / Andrew Faulkner & Conrad Chavez.
006.686 KEN 2018Adobe Photoshop & Dreamweaver CC : web design portfolio, 2018 release / [Erika Kendra]
006.8 AUG 2018Augmented reality and virtual reality : empowering human, place and business / Timothy Jung, M. Claudia tom Dieck, editors.
006.8 BEY 2019Beyond reality : augmented, virtual, and mixed reality in the library / edited by Kenneth J. Varnum.
006.8 EWA 2018Defying reality : the inside story of the virtual reality revolution / David M. Ewalt.
006.8 SHE 2019Understanding virtual reality : interface, application, and design / William R. Sherman, Alan B. Craig.
025.060013 DIG 2019Digital humanities : a knowledge perspective / edited by Bernard Wilcox.
025.060013 DRU 2021The digital humanities coursebook : an introduction to digital methods for research and scholarship / Johanna Drucker.
025.060013072 DOB 2019Critical digital humanities : the search for a methodology / James E. Dobson.
150.15195 BRA 2016SPSS for psychologists : (and everybody else) / Nicola Brace, Richard Kemp, Rosemary Snelgar.
300.15195 COM 2020Geographical data science and spatial data analysis : an introduction in R / Lex Comber, Chris Brunsdon.
300.285 BIG 2018Big Data in Computational Social Science and Humanities / edited by Shu-Heng Chen.
300.285555 WAG 2017Using IBM SPSS statistics for research methods and social science statistics / William E. Wagner, III, California State University, Channel Islands.
302.23 ROU 2020The Routledge companion to media studies and digital humanities / edited by Jentery Sayers.
302.231 STE 2018Everybody lies : what the Internet can tell us about who we really are / Seth Stephens-Davidowitz [foreword by Steven Pinker]
302.231072 VO 2019Mining social media : finding stories in Internet data / by Lam Thuy Vo.
303.483 SUM 2018Outnumbered : from Facebook and Google to fake news and filter-bubbles - the algorithms that control our lives / David Sumpter.
303.4833 ELL 2019The culture of AI : everyday life and the digital revolution / Anthony Elliott.
303.4833 KLO 2016We are Big data : the future of the information society / Sander Klous, Nart Wielaard.
303.4833 MOS 2017Becoming digital : toward a post-internet society / Vincent Mosco.
303.4834 INT 2016An introduction to cyberpsychology / edited by Irene Connolly [and three others]
303.49 LEE 2018Humanity beyond the 21st century / James Lee.
306.342 MAY 2018Reinventing capitalism in the age of big data / Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Thomas Ramge.
323.44820951 STR 2019We have been harmonised : life in China's surveillance state / Kai Strittmatter.
327.120973 BAZ 2019Open Source Intelligence Techniques : resources for searching and analyzing online information / Michael Bazzell.
330.02855133 SIN 2017R in finance and economics : a beginner's guide / Abhay Kumar Singh, Edith Cowan University, Australia, David Edmund Allen, University of Sydney, Australia.
331.256 DAU 2018Human + machine : reimagining work in the age of AI / Paul R. Daugherty, H. James Wilson.
332 NG 2020Hands-on artificial intelligence for banking : a practical guide to building intelligent financial applications using machine learning techniques / Jeffrey Ng, Subhash Shah.
332.091767 FIN 2019Fintech in Islamic finance theory and practice / edited by Umar A. Oseni and S. Nazim Ali.
332.178 CAS 2018The truth machine : the blockchain and the future of everything / Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna.
332.178 LEE 2018Inclusive fintech : blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO / David Kuo Chuen Lee (Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore), Linda Low (Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore)
332.178 LEE 2018Bitcoin and blockchain : cryptocurrency, technology swallowed by avarice / Justin Lee.
332.178 LEW 2018The basics of bitcoins and blockchains : an introduction to cryptocurrencies and the technology that powers them / Antony Lewis.
332.178 TUD 2019Bitcoin And blockchain basics explained : your step-by-step guide from beginner to expert in Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies / James Tudor.
332.178028 DRE 2017Blockchain basics : a non-technical introduction in 25 steps / Daniel Drescher.
332.178028 FRO 2016Frontiers of financial technology : expeditions in future commerce, from blockchain and digital banking to prediction markets and beyond / edited by David Shrier, Alex Pentland.
332.178028 GAR 2018AI+Blockchain : a brief guide for game changers / Kiran Garimella with Peter Fingar foreword by Vint Cerf.
332.178028 REE 2016Blockchain : blockchain, smart contracts, investing in ethereum, fintech / by Jeff Reed.
332.4 MEH 2019Bubble or revolution : the present and future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies / Neel Meeta, Aditya Agashe, Parth Detroja.
338.0640951 MA 2021The digital war : how China's tech power shapes the future of AI, blockchain and cyberspace / Winston Ma.
338.4700630951 LEE 2018AI superpowers : China, Silicon Valley, and the new world order / Kai-Fu Lee.
L 346.082178 CAM 2020The Cambridge handbook of smart contracts, blockchain technology and digital platforms / Edited by Larry A. DiMatteo, Michel Cannarsa, Cristina Poncibò.
L 346.71021 GRI 2019A practical guide to smart contracts and blockchain law / Aaron Grinhaus
364.4 BIG 2018Big data, crime and social control / edited by Aleš Završnik.
371.334 SEL 2018The fourth education revolution : will artificial intelligence liberate or infantilise humanity / Anthony Seldon with Oladimeji Abidoye.
371.33468 RIC 2019Seeing the possibilities with augmented reality / Debbie Richards.
420.72 ROU 2020The Routledge handbook of English language and digital humanities / edited by Svenja Adolphs and Dawn Knight.
519 MEN 2020Introduction to probability and statistics : metric version / William Mendenhall, Robert J. Beaver, Barbara M. Beaver.
519.5 BRA 2019Understanding basic statistics / Charles Henry Brase, Corinne Pellillo Brase, Aly El-lraki.
519.5 HAH 2020An introduction to statistical concepts / Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn, Richard G. Lomax.
519.5 HO 2018Understanding statistics for the social sciences with IBM SPSS / Robert Ho.
519.5 MOO 2020Introduction to statistics in human performance : using SPSS and R / Dale P. Mood, James R. Morrow, Jr., and Matthew B. McQueen.
519.5 PEC 2017Statistics : learning from data / Roxy Peck, Tom Short.
519.5 PEC 2020Introduction to statistics and data analysis / Roxy Peck, Tom Short, Chris Olsen.
519.5 STI 2016The seven pillars of statistical wisdom / Stephen M. Stigler.
519.50285 CLE 2016SPSS for starters and 2nd levelers / Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman.
519.50285 GIL 2021A guide to R for social and behavioral science statistics / Brian Joseph Gillespie, University of Groningen, Netherlands, Kathleen Charli Hibbert, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, William E. Wagner, III, California State University, Channel Islands.
519.50285 HAR 2020Statistics with R : solving problems using real-world data / Jenine K. Harris.
519.502855133 ROB 2021Beyond multiple linear regression : applied generalized linear models and multilevel models in R / Paul Roback, Julie Legler.
519.502855369 JAS 2020Data analysis using SPSS / Lokesh Jasrai.
519.54 MAV 2021Probability and statistical inference : from basic principles to advanced models / Miltiadis C. Mavrakakis, Jeremy Penzer.
519.55 BRO 2016Introduction to time series and forecasting / Peter J. Brockwell, Richard A. Davis.
519.56 VER 2019Testing statistical assumptions in research / J. P Verma, Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam.
609.01 MAY 2018Gods and robots : myths, machines, and ancient dreams of technology / Adrienne Mayor
610.28 DAT 2019Data science for healthcare : methodologies and applications / Sergio Consoli, Diego Reforgiato Recupero, Milan Petković, editors.
610.28563 PAN 2021Machine learning and AI for healthcare : big data for improved health outcomes / Arjun Panesar.
650.0285 MCC 2019Unblocked : how blockchains will change your business (and what to do about it) / Alison McCauley.
650.1 HES 2017Humility is the new smart : rethinking human excellence in the smart machine age / by Edward D. Hess and Katherine Ludwig.
657.0285 NG 2021Artificial intelligence in accounting : practical applications / Cory Ng and John Alarcon.
658.028563 NAQ 2020Artificial intelligence for audit, forensic accounting, and valuation : a strategic perspective / Al Naqvi.
658.0563 AGR 2018Prediction machines : the simple economics of artificial intelligence / Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, and Avi Goldfarb.
658.0563 DAV 2018The AI advantage : how to put the artificial intelligence revolution to work / Thomas H. Davenport.
658.30028563 EUB 2019Artificial intelligence for HR : use AI to support and develop a successful workforce / Ben Eubanks.
658.4013 DAV 2017Competing on analytics : the new science of winning / by Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris.
658.4022 BRA 2019Leadership through a screen : a definitive guide to leading a remote, virtual team / Joseph Brady, Garry Prentice.
658.4033 GRE 2021Management decision-making, big data and analytics / Simone Gressel, David J. Pauleen & Nazim Taskin.
658.40355 BUS 2021Business forecasting : the emerging role of artificial intelligence and machine learning / edited by Michael Gilliland, Len Tashman, Udo Sglavo.
658.4038 HBR 2019HBR's 10 must reads on AI, analytics, and the new Machine Age.
658.4038028557 MAR 2016Big data for small business for dummies / by Bernard Marr.
658.472028557 UTI 2019Utilizing big data paradigms for business intelligence / Jerome Darmont and Sabine Loudcher, editors.
658.5 GEO 2019Lean six sigma in the age of artificial intelligence : harnessing the power of the fourth manufacturing revolution / Michael L. George Sr., Daniel K. Blackwell, Michael L. George Jr., Dinesh Rahan.
658.8 MAT 2016Outside-in marketing : using big data to guide your content marketing / James Mathewson and Mike Moran.
658.80028563 KIN 2019Using artificial intelligence in marketing : how to harness AI and maintain the competitive edge / Katie King.
658.80028563 PRA 2019AI for marketing and product innovation : powerful new tools for predicting trends, connecting with customers, and closing sales / Dr. A. K. Pradeep, Andrew Appel, Stan Sthanunathan.
658.80028563 UNE 2018Data-driven marketing with artificial intelligence : harness the power of predictive marketing and machine learning / by Magnus Unemyr with contributions by Martin Wass.
670.113 BAI 2019Virtual local manufacturing communities : online simulations of future workshop systems / William Sims Bainbridge.
700.105 BIG 2018Big data in the arts and humanities : theory and practice / edited by Giovanni Schiuma, Daniela Carlucci.
740 COL 2019Graphic design : a practical guide for librarians / Valerie Jay Colston.
741.6 DAB 2017Graphic design school : a foundation course for graphic designers working in print, moving image and digital media / David Dabner, Sandra Stewart, Eric Zempol, Abbie Vickress.
809.93356 REC 2020Reconfiguring human, nonhuman and posthuman in literature and culture / edited by Sanna Karkulehto, Aino-Kaisa Koistinen and Essi Varis.
902.8557 GRA 2016Exploring big historical data : the historian's macroscope / Shawn Graham, Carleton University, Canada, Ian Milligan, University of Waterloo, Canada, Scott Weingart, Indiana University, USA.
索書號 書名
119.029 703 2020你也可以數位人文 : 數位策展 x 多媒體應用 x 創新教學 / 主編: 解昆樺 解昆樺 ... [et al.] 撰.
119.029 1507 2016數位人文 : 在過去、現在和未來之間 =Digital humanities: between past, present, and future / 項潔編.
312.13 910 2017大数据与人工智能导论 = Introduction to big data and artificial intelligence / 姚海鹏, 王露瑶, 刘韵洁著.
312.136 1112 2017大數據雲端應用 : Neutron: OpenStack網路技術 / 張華, 向輝, 劉艷凱著.
312.136 1404 2016雲端運算概論 = Cloud computing : concepts, technology & design / 廖文華, 張志勇著.
312.1695 1606 2017學好跨平台網頁設計 : HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery與Bootstrap超完美特訓班 / [文淵閣工作室編著 鄧文淵總監製].
312.2 1908 2017Swift AR擴增實境與感應器開發 / 關東升編著.
312.32P97 408 2020精通 Python : 運用簡單的套件進行現代運算 = Introducing Python : modern computing in simple packages / Bill Lubanovic著 賴屹民譯.
312.32P97 609 2016Python与数据挖掘 = Python and data minning / 张良均...[et al.]等著.
312.32P97 609 2020Python大數據特訓班 = Python : Python for big data training course / [鄧文淵總監製 文淵閣工作室編著].
312.32P97 609 2020Python初學特訓班 = Python : Python beginner course / [鄧文淵總監製 文淵閣工作室編著].
312.32P97 609 2020Python機器學習超進化 : AI影像辨識跨界應用實戰 = Machine learning evolution with Python / [鄧文淵總監製 文淵閣工作室編著].
312.32P97 916 2020Python 最強入門 : 邁向頂尖高手之路 : 王者歸來 / 洪錦魁著.
312.32P97 1411 2018超圖解 Python 物聯網實作入門 : 使用 ESP8266, MicroPython =The pioneer guide for all makers / [趙英傑著]
312.32P97 1411 2019超圖解 Python 程式設計入門 = Illustrated Python programming guide / [趙英傑著]
312.52 1411 2021超圖解 ESP32 深度實作 = The definitive guide to ESP32 / [趙英傑著]
312.74 315 2016大數據戰略4.0 / 任立中總編輯.
312.74 811 2016大数据挖掘 : 系统方法与实例分析 = Using big data to build your business / 周英, 卓金武, 卞月青著.
312.74 916 2016R语言 : 迈向大数据之路 / 洪锦魁, 蔡桂宏著.
312.74 1012 2020演算法的一百道陰影 : 從Facebook到Google,假新聞與過濾泡泡,完整說明解析、影響、形塑我們的演算法 = Outnumbered : from Facebook and Google to fake news and filter-bubbles - the algorithms that control our lives / 桑普特著 賴盈滿譯.
312.74 1014 2017認識資料科學的第一本書 / [Anil Maheshwari著 徐瑞珠譯].
312.74 1113 2018R語言 : 量表編製、統計分析與試題反應理論 = R programming language for scale development, statistical analysis and item response theory / [陳新豐著]
312.74 1707 2016大數據 : 語意分析整合篇 / 謝邦昌, 謝邦彥編著.
312.74 1814 2018大數據分析與資料挖礦 / 簡禎富, 許嘉裕編著.
312.8 512 2020VR : 當白日夢成為觸手可及的現實, 帶你迅速成為虛擬實境的一級玩家 = Virtual .reality / 甘開全編著.
312.8 808 2018擴增人類 : 科技如何塑造新現實 = Augmented human : how technology is shaping the new reality / Helen Papagiannis 著 黃銘偉譯.
312.8 1504 2016VR简史 : 一本书读懂虚拟现实 / 刘丹著.
312.83 203 2018人工智能导论 = Introduction to artificial intelligence / 主编: 李德毅 执行主编: 于剑 副主编: 马少平, 王万良 参编: 于剑...[et al.] 中国人工智能学会组编.
312.83 203 2019人工智能初階. Python編程基礎 / 陳玉琨主編.
312.83 203 2019人工智能進階. 圖像處理與機器學習 / 陳玉琨主編.
312.83 203 2019人工智能進階. 自然語言處理與深度圖像理解 / 陳玉琨主編.
312.83 203 2019人工智能進階. 人機交互與決策規劃 / 陳玉琨主編.
312.83 306 2017從人到人工智慧,破解AI革命的68個核心概念 : 實戰專家全圖解 × 人腦不被電腦淘汰的關鍵思考 = 絵でわかる人工知能: 明日使いたくなるキーワード68 / 三宅陽一郎, 森川幸人著 鄭佩嵐譯.
312.83 404 2017人工智能革命 : 历史、当下与未来 = The revolution of artificial intelligence : past present and future / 王天一著.
312.83 404 2018裂变 : 秒懂人工智能的基础课 / 王天一著.
312.83 507 2018Deep Learning基礎 : 設計下一代人工智慧演算法 = Fundamentals of deep learning : designing next-generation machine intelligence algorithms / Nikhil Buduma著 藍子軒譯.
312.83 512 2018AI行銷學 = Artificial intelligence for marketing : practical applications / Jim Sterne 徐瑞珠譯.
312.83 512 2018深度思考 : 從深藍到AlphaGo,了解人工智慧的未來、探索人類創造力的本質,大腦最後防線與機器鬥智的終極故事 = Deep thinking : where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins / 加里.卡斯帕洛夫 王年愷譯.
312.83 711 2020人工智慧競爭與法制 / 李崇僖.
312.83 712 2019工業人工智慧 / 李傑(Jay Lee)原著 劉宗長, 高虹安, 賈曉東整理.
312.83 812 2016情感机器 / 马文.明斯基 (Marvin Minsky) 著 王文革, 程玉婷, 李小刚译.
312.83 917 2018AI創世紀 : 即將來臨的超級人工智慧時代 / [埃米爾.侯賽因(Amir Husain)作 溫力秦譯]
312.83 1107 2019AI 導入起手式 : 人工智慧扭轉企業未來 / 野村直之著 陳令嫻譯.
312.83 1215 2021智慧新世界 : 圖靈所沒有預料到的人工智慧 / 主編: 林守德, 高涌泉 編者: 林軒田 ... [et al.]
312.83 1311 2020零基礎AI入門書 : 看圖就懂的AI應用實作 = 眠れなくなるほど面白い図解 AIとテクノロジーの話 / 三宅陽一郎監修 張智星審訂 衛宮紘譯.
312.83 2110 2018Life 3.0 : 人工智慧時代,人類的蛻變與重生 = Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence / 鐵馬克 Max Tegmark 著 陳以禮譯.
312.835 1309 2018AI也能說文解字 : Python上的文字算法 / 路彥雄著.
312.837 304 2018平面設計創意實務 : PhotoShop、Illustrator、InDesign / elearningDJ編著.
312.837 1109 2019跟我學 Photoshop CC 一定要會的影像處理技巧 / 郭姮劭, 何頌凱著.
312.86 1315 2019跟 Adobe 徹底研究 CS6 Design & Web Premium / [Adobe Creative Team 著 吳國慶譯]
319.53 1513 2016多元时间序列分析及金融应用 : R语言 = Multivariate time series analysis : with R and financial applications / 蔡瑞胸 (Ruey S.Tsay) 著 张茂军, 李洪成, 南江霞译.
470 708 2016从大数据到智能制造 = From bigdata to intelligent manufacturing / 李杰 (Jay Lee), 倪军, 王安正著 刘宗长整理.
471.516 1501 2018小手大創客 : IoT、Android和Surveillance專案設計 / 鄭一鴻著.
477.22 719 2019基本的基本 : 版面設計的基礎思維 / 佐藤直樹 (Asyl) 著 [譯者: 陳芬芳]
484.1 1211 2017智造大未來 : 洞察未見的需求 / [企劃主編: 王孝成, 郭燕鳳 執行編輯: 潘俐婷, 陳佑慈].
484.5 1017 2016VR來了! 第一本虛擬實境專書 : VR發展史、當紅產品介紹、未來應用解析 / 才華有限實驗室著.
484.6 412 2020工業4.0的物聯網智慧工廠應用與實作 : 使用Arduino.Node-RED.MySQL.Node.js / 王進德著.
484.6 417 2016互联网3.0 : 云脑物联网创造DT新世界 =Internet 3.0: cloud brain based IOT creates DT new world / 田丰, 张騄等著.
484.6 817 2020物聯網ABC = Internet of things : AI / big data / cloud / 吳瑞北 ... [et al.] 著.
484.6 1406 2019白話AIoT數位轉型 : 一個掌握創新升級商機的故事 / 裴有恆著.
484.6 1412 2016物聯網實作 : 工業4.0基礎篇 / 廖裕評, 陸瑞強著.
490.29 609 2018場景革命 : 萬物互聯時代的商業新格局 = Sence revolution / 朱建良, 王鵬欣, 傅智建著.
490.29 1506 2018成為大數據電子商務人才的第一本書 / 鄭江宇, 許晉雄著.
493.1 812 2017經濟與財務數學 : 使用R語言 / 林進益著.
494 709 2016實戰大數據 : 大數據的關鍵思考 = Big data: the business revolution / 車品覺.
494.029 105 2016一本書讀懂移動大數據 = Mobile big data / [海天電商金融研究中心著]
494.1 810 2018AI經濟的策略思維 : 善用人工智慧的預測威力, 做出最佳商業決策 / 阿杰.艾格拉瓦 Ajay Agrawal, 約書亞.格恩斯 Joshua Gans, 阿維.高德法布 Avi Goldfarb著 林奕伶譯.
494.1 812 2018用數字做決策的思考術 : 從選擇伴侶到解讀財報, 會跑Excel, 也要學會用數據分析做更好的決定 = Quantitative analysis for business / GLOBIS商學院著 鈴木健一執筆 李友君譯 顧彼思(中國)有限公司監修.
494.1 1814 2019工業3.5 : 台灣企業邁向智慧製造與數位決策的戰略 / 簡禎富著 賀桂芬採訪整理.
496 605 2019大數據行銷 : 邁向智能行銷之路 / 任立中, 陳靜怡著.
496.34 810 2016社交媒体大数据分析 : 理解并影响消费者行为 / Lutz Finger, Soumitra Dutta著 杨旸译.
497.5 415 2021比稿囉! 設計智囊團全員集合! : 四種風格的設計師,拿到相同素材時,會激發出怎樣的火花呢? / Power Design Inc.著 [沈俊傑譯]
501.2 709 2016當代整合分析理論與實務 = Theory and practice of modern meta-analysis : ESS, Meta-SEM, Mvmeta & WinBUGS / 李茂能著.
510 1707 2017統計學概論 : 大數據分析的領航員 =Essentials of statistics / 謝邦昌編著.
511.2 815 2018多變量分析 : SPSS的操作與應用 = Multivariate analysis : SPSS operation and applicaiton / 林震岩編著.
511.7 621 2018數據分析的力量 : Google、Uber都在用的因果關係思考法 / 伊藤公一朗著 王美娟譯.
512.4 705 2018多元统计分析与SPSS应用 / 汪冬华, 马艳梅著.
512.4 708 2018SPSS問卷統計分析快速上手祕笈 / 吳明隆, 張毓仁合著.
512.4 709 2019結構方程模式理論與實務 : 圖解AMOS取向 / 李茂能著.
512.4 809 2018問卷資料分析 : 破解SPSS的六類分析思路 / 周俊著 蕭培元審校.
512.4 812 2019量化研究與統計分析 : SPSS與R資料分析範例解析 / 邱皓政著.
512.4 1016 2016SPSS统计分析课堂实录 / 马晓玉, 刘艳春编著.
512.4 1104 2016数据分析方法及SPSS应用 / 陈方樱, 沈思编著.
512.4 1104 2017SPSS统计分析基础教程 / 张文彤编著.
512.4 1104 2018SPSS统计分析高级教程 / 张文彤, 董伟编著.
512.4 1105 2020R統計軟體與多變量分析 / 陳正昌, 林曉芳著.
512.4 1109 2016SPSS统计分析与应用 / 主编: 黄中文 副主编: 吴磊, 聂志鹏.
512.4 1111 2017Stata统计分析与行业应用案例详解 / 张甜, 李爽编著.
512.4 1111 2018多變量統計之線性代數基礎 : 應用STaTa分析 / 張紹勳著.
512.4 1111 2018邏輯斯迴歸及離散選擇模型 : 應用STaTa統計 = Logistic regression and discrete choice models in STaTa / 張紹勳著.
512.4 1111 2018高等統計 : 應用SPSS分析 / 張紹勳, 林秀娟著.
512.4 1111 2019人工智慧AI與貝葉斯Bayesian迴歸的整合 : 應用STaTa分析 / 張紹勳, 張任坊著.
512.4 1209 2016Stata统计分析与应用 / 主编: 马慧慧 副主编: 郭庆然, 丁翠翠.
512.4 1305 2016SPSS 22 统计分析案例教程 / 杨世莹著 高健译.
512.4 1305 2016Excel 2016統計分析實務 : 市場調查與資料分析 / 楊世瑩.
512.4 1505 2018民意調查資料分析的R實戰手冊 / 劉正山著.
512.4 1717 2017统计分析与SPSS的应用 = Statistical analysis and SPSS application / 薛薇编著.
521.539 1213 2018活用VR探全球 : 虛疑實境X社區考察 / 黃幹知, 陳國邦, 吳思朗編著.
540.14 1505 2016大數據的傲慢與偏見 : 一個「圈內數學家」對演算法霸權的警告與揭發 =Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy / 凱西.歐尼爾著 許瑞宋譯.
540.7 204 2018人文社會大數據研究 / [主編: 梁定澎]
541.41 512 2021被操弄的真實 : 演算法中隱藏的政治與權力 = If ... then : algorithmic power and politics / 泰娜‧布策 (Taina Bucher) 著 葉妍伶, 羅亞琪譯.
541.415 204 2018AI同僚 : 我的同事不是人!AI進入企業早已成真,人工智慧正在做什麼,我們又能做什麼? / Nikkei Top Leader, Nikkei BigData [郭家惠譯]
541.415 515 2016隱形帝國 : 誰控制大數據,誰就控制你的世界 = Data and goliath: the hidden battles to collect your data and control your world / 布魯斯.施奈爾著 韓沁林譯.
541.415 515 2017數據、謊言與真相 : Google資料分析師用大數據揭露人們的真面目 = Everybody lies : big data, new data, and what the internet can tell us about who we really are / 賽斯.史蒂芬斯.大衛德維茲 Seth Stephens-Davidowitz 陳琇玲譯.
541.415 712 2017人工智慧來了 / 李開復, 王詠剛著.
541.415 712 2019AI新世界 / 李開復.
541.415 811 2020AI可不可以當總統或法官?機器人要不要繳稅?: 思辨人類與人工智慧該如何共生 = Will AI replace us? : a primer for the 21st century / 作者: 范雪萊(Shelly Fan) 譯者: 余韋達.
541.415 907 2020AI未來賽局 : 中美競合框架下,科技9巨頭建構的未來 = The big nine / Amy Webb 艾美.韋伯著 黃庭敏譯.
541.415 1007 2018微粒社会 : 数字化时代的社会模式 = The granular society : why we need a new model of society for the digital age / 克里斯多夫.库克里克著 黄昆, 夏柯译.
541.415 1014 2018後人類時代 : 虛擬身體的多重想像和建構 = How we become posthuman : virtual bodies in cybernetics, literature, and informatics / N.凱薩琳.海爾斯著 賴淑芳, 李偉柏譯.
541.415 1210 2017智能革命 : 迎接AI時代的社會、經濟與文化變革 / 李彥宏等著.
541.415 1305 2018裸人 : 數位新獨裁的世紀密謀,你選擇自甘為奴,還是突圍而出? / 馬克.莒甘 Marc Dugain, 克里斯多夫.拉貝 Christophe Labbé 著 翁德明譯.
541.415 1515 2016我們是誰? : 大數據下的人類行為觀察 =Dataclysm: who we are when we think no one's looking / 克里斯汀.魯德 林俊宏譯.
541.83 405 2016大數據與未來傳播 = Big data and future communication / 主編劉幼琍 作者孔令信[and thirteen others].
548.6 1412 2016案發現場 : FBI警探和數學家的天作之合 =The numbers behind NUMB3RS: solving crime with mathematics / 齊斯.德福林, 蓋瑞.洛頓著 蘇俊鴻, 蘇玉惠等譯 洪萬生審閱, 導讀.
551.49 1003 2021數商 : 向阿里巴巴前副總裁學習數據時代的生存商數 / 涂子沛著.
551.98 703 2019未來的賺錢方式 : 20年內最熱門的工作趨勢與跨界商機 / 坂口孝則著 吳怡文譯.
552.16 1015 2018 一带一路 大数据定量分析 : 任务、挑战及解决方案 / 高剑波著.
555.29 712 2016工業大數據 : 工業4.0時代的智慧轉型與價值創新 / 李傑著.
555.6029 303 2020圖解智慧工廠 : IoT、AI、RPA如何改變製造業 = スマート工場のしくみ : イラスト図解 : IoT、AI、RPAで変わるモノづくり / 松林光男審閱 川上正伸, 新堀克美, 竹内芳久編著 翁碧惠譯.
557.7 511 20183S風潮 : 串流、分享、盜版, 看大數據如何改寫創意產業的未來 = Streaming, sharing, stealing : big data and the future of entertainment / 邁克.史密斯, 拉胡.泰朗著 洪慧芳譯.
561 405 2019代幣經濟崛起 : 洞見趨勢, 看準未來, 精選全球50則大型區塊鏈募資案例 / 王可言, 李漢超, 林蔚君著 臺灣金融科技公司, 亞洲大學金融科技區塊鏈研究中心編.
561.029 315 2018大数据区块链金融 : 贵阳的实践与思考 / 王玉祥, 杨东, 刘文献主编.
561.029 1008 2017圖解區塊鏈 = Blockchain / [作者: 徐明星, 田穎, 李霽月]
561.029 1009 2020區塊鏈社會學 / 高重建著.
561.029 1113 2018区块链金融革命 / 何诚颖等著.
563.146 708 2019區塊鏈智能合約與DApp實務應用 : 第一本兼具探討區塊鏈技術與產業實務應用的專業書籍! / [李昇暾, 詹智安著]
563.146 1315 2018HyperLedger Fabric 實戰 : 全球第一個成熟商用區塊鏈框架 / 楊毅編著.
563.53029 1612 2021以Python取勝 : 計量交易快速上手 / 錢琛著.
CL 571.94 1522 2020數權法2.0 : 數權的制度建構 = Data rights law 2.0 : the system construction / 大數據戰略重點實驗室著 連玉明主編.
CL 580.16 803 2018機器人也是人 : 人工智能時代的法律 = Robots are people too : how Siri, Google Car, and artificial intelligence will force us to change our laws / John Frank Weaver著 鄭志峰譯.
CL 580.7 1212 2018我是阿爾法 : 論法和人工智能 = Ego Alpha / 馮象.
601 1013 2019探索历史大数据 : 历史学家的宏观视角 = Exploring big historical data : the historian's macroscope / 肖恩.格雷厄姆 (Shawn Graham), 伊恩.米利根 (Ian Milligan), 斯科特.魏因加特 (Scott Weingart) 著 梁君英, 刘益光, 黄星源译.
802.5233 1807 2016看得見的廣東話 / [戴秀珍編著].
907 1316 2019神物我如 / 葉錦添.
907 1316 2019神物我如 / 葉錦添.
960 809 2021好作品的潛規則 = 알고 보면 더 재밌는 디자인 원리로 그림 읽기 / 金持勳 (김지훈) 著 陳馨祈譯.
960 1109 2017設計師一定要懂的基礎印刷學 : 避開DTP及印刷陷阱, 完美呈現設計效果 = Designer's handbook / Pie books編輯 古又羽翻譯.
962 907 2019字型散步next : 從台灣日常出發, 無所不在的中文字型學 / 柯志杰, 蘇煒翔著.
962 907 2019字型散步next : 從台灣日常出發, 無所不在的中文字型學 / 柯志杰, 蘇煒翔著.
964 302 2021版面研究所. 3, 混搭元素版面學 : 181個掌握設計元素與靈活應用訣竅! / ingectar-e著 黃筱涵譯.
964 307 2017學好設計一定要會的平面設計 Know How = Graphic design / 大里浩二監修 [吳嘉芳譯]
964 608 2020基本設計力 : 簡單卻效果超群的77原則 = デザイン力の基本 / 宇治智子著 陳聖怡譯.
964 610 2020設計排版, 最基礎教科書 : Layout essentials and rules / 米倉明男, 生田信一, 青柳千鄉 [譯者: 沈俊傑]
964 716 2020香港新生代平面設計師訪談 = The next stage : interviews with young design talents / 杜翰煬著.
964 805 2019編排&設計BOOK : 設計人該會的基本功一次到位 / 松田行正 [譯者: 陳妍雯]
964 809 2017版面設計學 = なっとくレイアウト / Flair著 [翻譯: 鍾佩純]
964 809 2020版面研究所 : 45個設計訣竅,讓提案一次通過! / ingectar-e著 黃筱涵譯.
964 809 2020版面研究所. 2, 心動版面學 : 53個讓女人下單的設計關鍵! = Layout / ingectar-e著 黃筱涵譯.
964 910 2017設計政治學 = The politics of design / 魯本.派特著 蔡伊斐譯.
964 1005 2019留白的設計美學 : 活用「留白」的版面配置設計教學本 / ingectar-e [洪禎韓譯]
964.2 915 2019看廣告學設計 : 讓你按讚的廣告設計力 / [作者: LINK UP INC. 編, Graphic社編輯部 編 翻譯著作人: 旗標科技股份有限公司]
964.2 1205 2018想法誕生前最重要的事 = アイデアが生まれる、一歩手前のだいじな話 / 森本千絵 [蔡青雯譯]
997.11 414 2017迎接AI新時代 : 用圍棋理解人工智慧 / 王銘琬著.
Links Title
EBOOKS3D Photoshop for creative professionals [electronic resource] : interactive guide for creating 3D art / Stephen Burns.
EBOOKS3D shape analysis : fundamentals, theory, and applications / Hamid Laga [and four others].
EBOOKSA 21st century cyber-physical systems education.
EBOOKSA Course in Statistics with R.
EBOOKSA guide to doing statistics in second language research using SPSS and R [electronic resource] / Jenifer Larson-Hall.
EBOOKSA practical guide to analytics for governments : using big data for good / Marie Lowman.
EBOOKSAdvanced analytics and AI : impact, implementation, and the future of work / by Tony Boobier.
EBOOKSAdvanced analytics with R and Tableau : advanced visual analytical solutions for your business / Jen Stirrup, Ruben Oliva Ramos.
EBOOKSAdvanced machine learning with Python : solve challenging data science problems by mastering cutting-edge machine learning techniques in Python / John Hearty.
EBOOKSAdvanced Node.js development : master Node.js by building real-world applications / Andrew Mead.
EBOOKSAdvanced Oracle PL/SQL developer's guide : master the advanced concepts of PL/SQL for professional-level certification and learn the new capabilities of Oracle Database 12c / Saurabh K. Gupta.
EBOOKSAdvanced Splunk : master the art of getting the maximum out of your machine data using Splunk / Ashish Kumar Tulsiram Yadav.
EBOOKSAdvances in edge computing : massive parallel processing and applications / edited by Fatos Xhafa and Arun Kumar Sangaiah.
EBOOKSAdvances in financial machine learning / Marcos López de Prado.
EBOOKSAdvances in mobile cloud computing systems / edited by F. Richard Yu, Victor C.M. Leung.
EBOOKSAdventures in Raspberry Pi / Philbin Carrie Anne.
EBOOKSAI : its nature and future / Margaret A. Boden.
EBOOKSAI concepts for business applications / Nelson E. (Nick) Brestoff.
EBOOKSAI for marketing and product innovation : powerful new tools for predicting trends, connecting with customers, and closing sales / A. K. Pradeep, Andrew Appel, Stan Sthanunathan.
EBOOKSAlgorithmic life [electronic resource] : calculative devices in the age of big data / edited by Louise Amoore and Volha Piotukh.
EBOOKSAlgorithmic regulation / Karen Yeung and Martin Lodge.
EBOOKSAlgorithms, blockchain & cryptocurrency : implications for the future of the workplace / Gavin Brown and Richard Whittle.
EBOOKSAn introduction to cyberpsychology [electronic resource] / edited by Irene Connolly ... [et al.].
EBOOKSAnalytics and big data for accountants / by Jim Lindell, MBA, CPA, CGMA.
EBOOKSAnsible 2 cloud automation cookbook : write Ansible playbooks for AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack / Aditya Patawari, Vikas Aggarwal.
EBOOKSApache spark 2.x machine learning cookbook : over 100 recipes to simplify machine learning model implementations with Spark / Siamak Amirghodsi [and three others].
EBOOKSApache spark deep learning cookbook : over 80 recipes that streamline deep learning in a distributed environment with Apache Spark / Ahmed Sherif, Amrith Ravindra.
EBOOKSApache Spark for data science cookbook : overinsightful 90 recipes to get lightning-fast analytics with Apache Spark / Padma Priya Chitturi.
EBOOKSApache Spark machine learning blueprints : develop a range of cutting-edge machine learning projects with Apache Spark using this actionable guide / Alex Liu.
EBOOKSApplications of internet of vehicles / guest editors: Gunasekaran Manogaran, Naveen Chilamkurti, Ching-Hsien Hsu.
EBOOKSApplied data analytics : principles and applications / Johnson I. Agbinya.
EBOOKSApplied machine learning with Python / Andrea Giussani.
EBOOKSApplied probabilistic calculus for financial engineering : an introduction using R / by Bertram K.C. Chan.
EBOOKSArcGIS for JavaScript developers by example : a practical guide to get you creating powerful mapping applications using the rich set of features provided by the ArcGIS JavaScript API / Jayakrishnan Vijayaraghavan, Yogesh Dhanapal.
EBOOKSArchitecting cloud computing solutions : build cloud strategies that align technology and economics while effectively managing risk / Kevin L. Jackson, Scott Goessling.
EBOOKSArchitecting Microsoft Azure Solutions -- exam guide 70-535 : a complete guide to passing the 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam. / Sjoukje Zaal foreword by Scott Hanselman.
EBOOKSArchitecting the industrial internet : the architect's guide to designing industrial internet solutions / Shyam Nath, Robert Stackowiak, Carla Romano.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence and expert systems / Itisha Gupta & Garima Nagpal.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence and intellectual property / edited by Jyh-An Lee, Reto Hilty, and Kung-Chung Liu.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence and problem solving / Dr. Danny Kopec [and three others].
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence basics / Neeru Gupta & Ramita Mangla.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence by example : develop machine intelligence from scratch using real artificial intelligence use cases / Denis Rothman.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence design and solution for risk and security / Archie Addo, Srini Centhala, and Muthu Shanmugam.
EBOOKSArtificial Intelligence for Big Data : complete guide to automating Big Data solutions using Artificial Intelligence techniques / Anand Deshpande, Manish Kumar.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence for risk management / Archie Addo, Srini Centhala, and Muthu Shanmugam.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence for security / Archie Addo, Srini Centhala, Muthu Shanmugam.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence in practice : how 50 successful companies used artificial intelligence to solve problems / Bernard Marr.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence research and development : current challenges, new trends and applications / edited by Zoe Falomir, Karina Gibert and Enric Plaza.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence with Python : build real-world artificial intelligence applications with Python to intelligently interact with the world around you / Prateek Joshi.
EBOOKSArtificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning / Oswald Campesato.
EBOOKSAugmented reality for developers : build practical augmented reality applications with Unity, ARCore, ARKit, and Vuforia / Jonathan Linowes, Krystian Babilinski.
EBOOKSAugmenting intelligence and neural networks. Part one / guest editors, P. Karrupusamy, Joy Chen and Yong Shi.
EBOOKSAutomating open source intelligence : algorithms for OSINT / edited by Robert Layton, Paul A. Watters.
EBOOKSAWS administration - the definitive guide : design, build, and manage your infrastructure on Amazon web services / Yohan Wadia.
EBOOKSAWS administration-- the definitive guide : learn to design, build, and manage your infrastructure on the most popular of all the cloud platforms-- Amazon Web Services / Yohan Wadia.
EBOOKSAWS certified developer - associate guide : your one-stop solution to pass the AWS developer's certification / Vipul Tankariya, Bhavin Parmar.
EBOOKSAWS lambda quick start guide : learn how to build and deploy serverless applications on aws / Markus Klems.
EBOOKSAWS tools for PowerShell 6 : administrate, maintain, and automate your infrastructure with easel 6 / Ramesh Waghmare.
EBOOKSBeginning data analysis with python and Jupyter : use powerful industry-standard tools to unlock new, actionable insight from your existing data / Alex Galea.
EBOOKSBeginning Java data structures and algorithms : sharpen your problem solving skills by learning core computer science concepts in a pain-free manner / James Cutajar.
EBOOKSBeginning React : simplify your frontend development workflow and enhance the user experience of your applications with React / Andrea Chiarelli.
EBOOKSBeginning server-side application development with Angular : discover how to rapidly prototype SEO-friendly web applications with Angular Universal / Bram Borggreve.
EBOOKSBig data : storage, sharing, and security / edited by Fei Hu.
EBOOKSBig data analytics : a handy reference guide for data analysts and data scientists to help obtain value from big data analytics using Spark on Hadoop clusters / Venkat Ankam.
EBOOKSBig data analytics for connected vehicles and smart cities / Bob McQueen.
EBOOKSBig data analytics for large-scale multimedia search / edited by Stefanos Vrochidis [and three others].
EBOOKSBig Data Analytics with Hadoop 3 : build highly effective analytics solutions to gain valuable insight into your big data / Sridhar Alla.
EBOOKSBig data analytics with R : utilize R to uncover hidden patterns in your big data / Simon Walkowiak.
EBOOKSBig data and analysis for infectious disease research, operations, and policy : proceedings of a workshop / National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (U.S.).
EBOOKSBig data and differential privacy : analysis strategies for railway track engineering / Nii O. Attoh-Okine.
EBOOKSBig data and HPC : ecosystem and convergence / edited by Lucio Grandinetti [and four others].
EBOOKSBig data and machine learning in quantitative investment / Tony Guida.
EBOOKSBig data architect's handbook : a guide to build proficiency in tools and systems used by leading big data experts / Syed Muhammad Fahad Akhtar.
EBOOKSBig data for insurance companies / edited by Marine Corlosquet-Habart, Jacques Janssen.
EBOOKSBig data in psychological research / edited by Sang Eun Woo, Louis Tay, and Robert W. Proctor.
EBOOKSBig data over networks [electronic resource] / edited by Shuguang Cui [and three others].
EBOOKSBig data war : how to survive global big data competition / Patrick H. Park.
EBOOKSBig data's big potential in developing economies : impact on agriculture, health and environmental security / Nir Kshetri.
EBOOKSBlockchain hurricane : origins, applications, and future of blockchain and cryptocurrency / Kate Baucherel.
EBOOKSBlockchain. / edited by Sandra Hirsh and Susan Alman.
EBOOKSBuilding machine learning systems with Python : explore machine learning and deep learning techniques for building intelligent systems using scikit-learn and TensorFlow / Luis Pedro Coelho, Wilhelm Richert, Matthieu Brucher.
EBOOKSBuilding RESTful web services with Java EE 8 : create modern RESTful Web Services with the Java EE 8 API / Mario-Leander Reimer.
EBOOKSBuilding serverless applications with Python : develop fast, scalable, and cost-effective web applications that are always available / Jalem Raj Rohit.
EBOOKSBuilding serverless Python web services with Zappa : build and deploy serverless applications on AWS using Zappa / Abdulwahid Abdulhaque Barguzar.
EBOOKSBuilding successful information systems : five best practices to ensure organizational effectiveness and profitability / Michael J. Savoie.
EBOOKSBusiness Data Science: Combining Machine Learning and Economics to Optimize, Automate, and Accelerate Business Decisions / Matt Taddy.
EBOOKSCloud Analytics with Google Cloud Platform : an end-to-end guide to processing and analyzing big data using Google Cloud Platform / Sanket Thodge foreword by Anand Vemula.
EBOOKSCloud computing / Nayan B. Ruparelia.
EBOOKSCloud computing : a self-teaching introduction / Rajiv Chopra.
EBOOKSCloud computing and virtualization / Dac-Nhuong Le [and three others].
EBOOKSCloud computing law / edited by Christopher Millard.
EBOOKSCloud ethics : algorithms and the attributes of ourselves and others / Louise Amoore.
EBOOKSCloud security automation : get to grips with automating your cloud security on AWS and OpenStack / Prashant Priyam.
EBOOKSC-machine learning projects : nine real-world projects to build robust and high-performing machine learning models with C. / Yoon Hyup Hwang.
EBOOKSCognitive hyperconnected digital transformation : internet of things intelligence evolution / Ovidiu Vermesan, Joël Bacquet, editors.
EBOOKSComputational network analysis with R : applications in biology, medicine, and chemistry / edited by Mathtias Dehmer, Yongtang Shi, and Frank Emmert-Streib.
EBOOKSComputer graphics programming in opengl with java / V. Scott Gordon, John Clevenger.
EBOOKSCreating value with big data analytics [electronic resource] : making smarter marketing decisions / Peter C. Verhoef, Edwin Kooge and Natasha Walk.
EBOOKSCrowd design : from tools for empowerment to platform capitalism / Florian Alexander Schmidt.
EBOOKSData analysis with SPSS software : data types, graphs, and measurement tendencies / Steven Davis and Evelyn R. Davis.
EBOOKSData analysis with SPSS software : variability, probability, and the normal distribution / Steven Davis and Evelyn R. Davis.
EBOOKSData analytics and big data / Soraya Sedkaoui.
EBOOKSData in society : challenging statistics in an age of globalisation / edited by Jeff Evans, Sally Ruane and Humphrey Southall foreword by Danny Dorling.
EBOOKSData intelligence and risk analytics / guest editor, Desheng Dash Wu.
EBOOKSData intensive computing applications for big data / edited by Mamta Mittal [and three others].
EBOOKSData mining : a tutorial-based primer / Richard J. Roiger.
EBOOKSData mining for business analytics : concepts, techniques, and applications in Microsoft Office Excel with XLMiner / Galit Shmueli, Nitin R. Patel, Peter C. Bruce.
EBOOKSData mining models / David L. Olson.
EBOOKSData science for dummies / Lillian Pierson foreword by Jake Porway.
EBOOKSData visualization. Volume 1, Recent trends and applications using conventional and big data / Amar Sahay.
EBOOKSData visualization. Volume II, Uncovering the hidden pattern in data using basic and new quality tools / Amar Sahay.
EBOOKSData-driven reservoir modeling : top-down modeling (TDM) : a paradigm shift in reservoir modeling, the art and science of building reservoir models based on field measurements / Shahab D. Mohaghegh.
EBOOKSDavid Rowe's Art of Knightmare / David Rowe foreword by Tim Child.
EBOOKSDeep learning for computer vision : expert techniques to train advanced neural networks using TensorFlow and Keras / Rajalingappaa Shanmugamani.
EBOOKSDeep learning with TensorFlow : explore neural networks and build intelligent systems with Python / Giancarlo Zaccone, Md Rezaul Karim.
EBOOKSDesign patterns and best practices in Java : a comprehensive guide to building smart and reusable code in Java / Kamalmeet Singh, Adrian Ianculescu, Lucian-Paul Torje.
EBOOKSDeveloping middleware in Java EE 8 : build robust middleware solutions using the latest technologies and trends / Mahmoud Abdalla.
EBOOKSDeveloping the forest machine group / Kari Tuominen.
EBOOKSDigital campus report, 2018 [electronic resource].
EBOOKSDigital policy, regulation and governance : artificial intelligence : beyond the hype / guest editor, Jean-Paul Simon.
EBOOKSDigital sound studies / edited by Mary Caton Lingold, Darren Mueller, and Whitney Trettien.
EBOOKSDiscovering the Internet of Things (IoT) : technology and business process management, inside and outside the innovative firms.
EBOOKSDoes big data mean big knowledge? KM management perspectives on big data and analytics / guest editors, David J. Pauleen and William Y. C. Wang.
EBOOKSDon't worry about the robots : how to survive and thrive in the new world of work / Dr. Jo Cribb and David Glover.
EBOOKSEmail marketing in a digital world : the basics and beyond / Richard C. Hanna, Scott D. Swain, Jason Smith.
EBOOKSEmerging technologies for health and medicine : virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics, industry 4.0 / Dac-Nhuong Le [and three others].
EBOOKSEnabling technologies for the internet of things : wireless circuits, systems and networks / editor, Sergio Saponara.
EBOOKSEncyclopedia of cloud computing / editors, San Murugesan, Irena Bojanova.
EBOOKSEngineering agile big-data systems / editors, Kevin Feeney [and seven others].
EBOOKSEnterprise internet of things handbook : build end-to-end IoT solutions using popular IoT platforms / Arvind Ravulavaru.
EBOOKSEssential first steps to data analysis : scenario-based examples using SPSS / Carol S. Parke.
EBOOKSEthereum projects for beginners : build blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and DApps / Kenny Vaneetvelde.
EBOOKSEthereum smart contract development : build blockchain-based decentralized applications using solidity / Mayukh Mukhopadhyay.
EBOOKSEvent mining : algorithms and applications / edited by Tao Li.
EBOOKSExact statistical inference for categorical data / Guogen Shan.
EBOOKSExcel data analysis for dummies / by Stephen L. Nelson and Elizabeth C. Nelson.
EBOOKSExploratory data analysis with MATLAB / Wendy L. Martinez, Angel R. Matinez, Jeffrey L. Solka.
EBOOKSExploring robotic minds : actions, symbols, and consciousness as self-organizing dynamic phenomena / Jun Tani.
EBOOKSfastText quick start guide : get started with Facebook's library for text representation and classification / Joydeep Bhattacharjee.
EBOOKSFinancial risk modelling and portfolio optimization with R / Bernhard Pfaff.
EBOOKSFinancial signal processing and machine learning / edited by Ali N. Akansu, Sanjeev R. Kulkarni, Dmitry Malioutov.
EBOOKSFog and edge computing : principles and paradigms / edited by Rajkumar Buyya, Satish Narayana Srirama.
EBOOKSFostering communication and learning with underutilized technologies in higher education / Mohammed Banu Ali, Institute of Management, University of Bolton, UK, Trevor Wood-Harper, University of Manchester, UK.
EBOOKSFoundations of info-metrics : modeling, inference, and imperfect information / Amos Golan.
EBOOKSFull-Stack React projects : modern web development using React 16, Node, Express, and MongoDB / Shama Hoque.
EBOOKSFunction Python programming : discover the power of functional programming, generator functions, lazy evaluation, the built-in itertools library, and monads / Steven F. Lott.
EBOOKSFundamental statistical inference : a computational approach / Marc S. Paolella.
EBOOKSFundamentals of smart contract security / Richard Ma [and four others] foreword by Keisuke Honda.
EBOOKSGame AI pro 3 : collected wisdom of game AI professionals / edited by Steve Rabin.
EBOOKSGenerative design : visualize, program, and create with JavaScript in p5.js / Benedikt Gross, [and three others] with contributions by Joey Lee and Niels Poldervaart translated by Marie Frohling.
EBOOKSGoogle Cloud AI services quick start guide : build intelligent applications with Google cloud AI services / Arvind Ravulavaru.
EBOOKSGoogle Cloud Platform cookbook : implement, deploy, maintain, and migrate applications on Google Cloud Platform / Legorie Rajan P. S.
EBOOKSGoogle cloud platform for architects : design and manage powerful cloud solutions / Vitthal Srinivasan, Janani Ravi, Judy Raj.
EBOOKSGoogle Cloud Platform for developers : build highly scalable cloud solutions with the power of Google Cloud Platform / Ted Hunter, Steven Porter.
EBOOKSGrid and cloud computing : concepts and practical applications : procedings of the International School of Physics Enrico Fermi / edited by F. Carminati, L. Betev and A. Grigoras.
EBOOKSHandbook of big data / edited by Peter Bühlmann, Petros Drineas, Michael Kane, Mark van der Laan.
EBOOKSHandbook of research on advanced hybrid intelligent techniques and applications / Siddhartha Bhattacharyya [and three others] contributors, João Sousa Andrade [and forty others].
EBOOKSHandbook of research on cloud-based STEM education for improved learning outcomes / Lee Chao.
EBOOKSHands-on automated machine learning : a beginner's guide to building automated machine learning systems using AutoML and Python / Sibanjan Das, Umit Mert Cakmak.
EBOOKSHands-on blockchain with hyperledger : building decentralized applications with hyperledger fabric and composer / Nitin Gaur [and five others].
EBOOKSHands-on cloud development with WildFly : develop, deploy, and configure cloud-based, enterprise Java applications with WildFly Swarm and OpenShift / Tomasz Adamski.
EBOOKSHands-on computer vision with Julia : build complex applications with advanced Julia packages for image processing, neural networks, and artificial intelligence / Dmitrijs Cudihins.
EBOOKSHands-on cryptography with python : leverage the power of python to encrypt and decrypt data. / Samuel Bowne.
EBOOKSHands-on cybersecurity with blockchain : implement DDoS protection, PKI-based identity, 2FA, and DNS security using blockchain. / Rajneesh Gupta.
EBOOKSHands-on data analysis with NumPy and Pandas : implement Python packages from data manipulation to processing / Curtis Miller.
EBOOKSHands-on data science with Anaconda : utilize right mix of tools to create high performance data science applications / Yuxing Yan, James Yan.
EBOOKSHands-on data visualization with bokeh : interactive web plotting for python using bokeh / Kevin Jolly.
EBOOKSHands-On data Wwarehousing with Azure Data Factory : ETL techniques to load and transform data from various sources, both on-premises and on cloud / Christian Cote, Michelle Kamrat Gutzait, Giuseppe Ciaburro.
EBOOKSHands-on deep learning for images with TensorFlow : build intelligent computer vision applications using TensorFlow and Keras / Will Ballard.
EBOOKSHands-on design patterns with Kotlin : build scalable applications using traditional, reactive, and concurrent design patterns in Kotlin. / Alexey Soshin.
EBOOKSHands-on ensemble learning with R : a beginner's guide to combining the power of machine learning algorithms using ensemble techniques / Prabhanjan Narayanachar Tattar.
EBOOKSHands-on full stack development with spring boot 2.0 and react : build modern and scalable full stack applications using the Java-based Spring Framework 5.0 and react / Juha Hinkula.
EBOOKSHands-on intelligent agents with OpenAI Gym : a step-by-step guide to develop AI agents using deep reinforcement learning / Praveen Palanisamy.
EBOOKSHands-on internet of things with Blynk : build on the power of Blynk to configure smart devices and build exciting iot projects / Pradeeka Seneviratne.
EBOOKSHands-on machine learning on Google cloud platform : implementing smart and efficient analytics using Cloud ML Engine / Giuseppe Ciaburro, V. Kishore Ayyadevara, Alexis Perrier.
EBOOKSHands-on machine learning with C# : building smarter, speedy and reliable data-intensive applications using machine learning / Matt R. Cole.
EBOOKSHands-on machine learning with JavaScript : solve complex computational web problems using machine learning / Burak Kanber.
EBOOKSHands-On MQTT programming with python : work with the lightweight IoT protocol in python / Gaston C. Hillar.
EBOOKSHands-on natural language processing with Python : a practical guide to applying deep learning architectures to your NLP applications / Rajesh Arumugam, Rajalingappaa Shanmugamani.
EBOOKSHands-on recommendation systems with Python : start building powerful and personalized, recommendation engines with Python / Rounak Banik.
EBOOKSHands-on reinforcement learning with python : master reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning by building intelligent app. / Sudharsan Ravichandiran.
EBOOKSHands-on serverless computing : build, run and orchestrate serverless applications using AWS lambda, microsoft azure functions, and google cloud functions / by Kuldeep Chowhan.
EBOOKSHealthcare analytics made simple : techniques in healthcare computing using machine learning and Python / Vikas Kumar.
EBOOKSHumility is the new smart : rethinking human excellence in the smart machine age / Edward D. Hess and Katherine Ludwig.
EBOOKSHybrid cloud for architects : build robust hybrid cloud solutions using AWS and OpenStack / Alok Shrivastwa.
EBOOKSHybrid cloud for developers : develop and deploy cost-effective applications on the AWS and OpenStack platforms with ease / Manoj Hirway.
EBOOKSICOMP 2017 : proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Internet Computing and Internet of Things. / editors, Hamid R. Arabnia [and thee others].
EBOOKSIlluminating statistical analysis using scenarios and simulations / Jeffrey E. Kottemann, Ph.D.
EBOOKSImplementing azure cloud design patterns : implement efficient design patterns for data management, high availability, monitoring and other popular patterns on your Azure Cloud / Oliver Michalski, Stefano Demiliani.
EBOOKSImplementing Splunk 7 : effective operational intelligence to transform machine-generated data into valuable business insight / James D. Miller.
EBOOKSIndustrial management and data systems : financial technologies : artificial intelligence, blockchain, and crowdfunding / guest editor, Xiuping Hua.
EBOOKSInformation fusion and analytics for big data and IoT / Èloi Bossé, Basel Solaiman.
EBOOKSInformation Quality : The Potential of Data and Analytics to Generate Knowledge.
EBOOKSIntelligent computational systems : a multi-disciplinary perspective / Edited by Faria Nassiri-Mofakham.
EBOOKSInternet computing and internet of things. / Hamid R Arabnia, Leonidas Deligiannidis, Fernando G Tinetti.
EBOOKSInternet finance in China [electronic resource] : introduction and practical approaches / Ping Xie, Chuanwei Zou [and] Haier Liu.
EBOOKSInternet of things : architectures, protocols and standards / Simone Cirani [and three others].
EBOOKSInternet of things : evolutions and innovations / edited by Nasreddiine Bouhai, Imad Saleh.
EBOOKSInternet of Things : Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, Transform Your Industry.
EBOOKSInternet of things security : fundamentals, techniques and applications / editors, Shishir Kumar Shandilya [and three others] foreword by Atulya Nagar.
EBOOKSInternet of Things with Raspberry Pi 3 : leverage the power of Raspberry Pi 3 and JavaScript to build exciting IoT projects / Maneesh Rao.
EBOOKSIntersectionality in digital humanities / edited by Barbara Bordalejo and Roopika Risam.
EBOOKSIntroduction to Bayesian estimation and copula models of dependence / Arkady Shemyakin, Alexander Kniazev.
EBOOKSIntroduction to computational models with Python / José M. Garrido, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA.
EBOOKSIntroduction to GIS programming and fundamentals with Python and ArcGIS / Chaowei Yang with the collaboration of Manzhu Yu [and seven others].
EBOOKSIntroduction to power analysis : two-group studies / E.C. Hedberg.
EBOOKSIntroduction to programming : learn to program in java with data structures, algorithms, and logic / Nick Samoylov.
EBOOKSIntroduction to statistical machine learning / Masashi Sugiyama.
EBOOKSIterative learning control for multi-agent systems coordination / Shiping Yang [and four others].
EBOOKSJava 9 dependency injection : write loosely coupled code with Spring 5 and Guice / Krunal Patel, Nilang Patel.
EBOOKSJava deep learning projects : implement 10 real-world deep learning applications using Deeplearning4j and open source APIs / Md. Rezaul Karim.
EBOOKSJava EE 8 cookbook : build reliable applications with the most robust and mature technology for enterprise development / Elder Moraes.
EBOOKSJava EE 8 development with eclipse : develop, test, and troubleshoot java enterprise applications rapidly with eclipse / Ram Kulkarni.
EBOOKSJava for dummies / Barry Burd. / by Barry Burd, PhD.
EBOOKSJava programming for android developers / by Barry Burd.
EBOOKSJavaScript and JSON essentials : build light weight, scalable and faster web applications with the power of JSON / Bruno Joseph D'mello, Sai Srinivas Sriparasa.
EBOOKSJavascript and open data / Robert Jeansoulin.
EBOOKSKiller Apps : War, Media, Machine / Jeremy Packer and Joshua Reeves.
EBOOKSKubernetes for developers : use Kubernetes to develop, test, and deploy your applications with the help of containers / Joseph Heck.
EBOOKSLeadership through a screen : a definitive guide to leading a remote, virtual team / Joseph Brady, Garry Prentice.
EBOOKSLeading with AI and Analytics : Build Your Data Science IQ to Drive Business Value / Eric Anderson, Florian Zettelmeyer.
EBOOKSLean Six Sigma in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing the Power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution / Michael L. George, Daniel K. Blackwell, Michael L. George, Dinesh Rajan.
EBOOKSLearn ARCore : fundamentals of Google ARCore : learn to build augmented reality apps for Android, Unity, and the web with Google ARCore 1.0 / Michael Lanham.
EBOOKSLearn ECMAScript : discover the latest ECMAScript features in order to write cleaner code and learn the fundamentals of JavaScript / Mehul Mohan, Narayan Prusty.
EBOOKSLearn Node.js by building 6 projects : build six practical and instructive Node.js projects / Eduonix Learning Solutions.
EBOOKSLearn python programming : a beginner's guide to learning the fundamentals of python language to write efficient, high-quality code / Fabrizio Romano.
EBOOKSLearn Unity ML-Agents : fundamentals of Unity machine learning : incorporate new powerful ML algorithms such as deep reinforcement learning for games / Michael Lanham.
EBOOKSLearning Azure Cosmos DB : a beginner's guide to creating scalable, globally distributed, and highly responsive applications using Cosmos DB / Shahid Shaikh.
EBOOKSLearning in virtual worlds : research and applications / edited by Sue Gregory [and three others].
EBOOKSLearning JavaScript data structures and algorithms : write complex and powerful JavaScript code using the latest ECMAScript / Loiane Groner.
EBOOKSLearning Node.js development : learn the fundamentals of Node.js, and deploy and test Node.js applications on the web / Andrew Mead.
EBOOKSLearning Python web penetration testing : automate web penetration testing activities using Phyton / Christian Martorella.
EBOOKSLearning robotics using Python : design, simulate, program, and prototype an autonomous mobile robot using ROS, Open-CV, PCL, and Phython / Lentin Joseph.
EBOOKSLearning transported : augmented, virtual and mixed reality for all classrooms / Jaime Donally.
EBOOKSLie Group Machine Learning.
EBOOKSLink : how decision intelligence connects data, actions, and outcomes for a better world / Lorien Pratt.
EBOOKSListed volatility and variance derivatives : a Python-based guide / Yves J. Hilpisch.
EBOOKSMachine learning for dummies / by John Paul Mueller and Luca Massaron.
EBOOKSMachine learning with core ML : an ios developer's guide to implementing machine learning in mobile apps / Joshua Newnham.
EBOOKSMachine learning with Swift : artificial intelligence for iOS / Alexander Sosnovshchenko.
EBOOKSMade by humans / Ellen Broad.
EBOOKSManaging and processing big data in cloud computing / Rajkumar Kannan [and three others].
EBOOKSMarketing in customer technology environment : prospective customers and magical worlds / Devanathan Sudharshan.
EBOOKSMastering Blockchain : distributed ledger technology, decentralization, and smart contracts explained / Imran Bashir.
EBOOKSMastering internet of things : design and create your own IoT applications using Raspberry Pi 3 / Peter Waher.
EBOOKSMastering JavaFX 10 : build advanced and visually stunning Java applications / Sergey Grinev.
EBOOKSMastering Kibana 6.x : visualize your Elastic Stack data with histograms, maps, charts, and graphs / Anurag Srivastava.
EBOOKSMastering Linux shell scripting : a practical guide to Linux command- line, Bash scripting, and Shell programming / Mokhtar Ebrahim, Andrew Mallett.
EBOOKSMastering machine learning algorithms : expert techniques to implement popular machine learning algorithms and fine-tune your models / Giuseppe Bonaccorso.
EBOOKSMastering machine learning for penetration testing : develop an extensive skill set to break self-learning systems using Python / Chiheb Chebbi.
EBOOKSMastering numerical computing with NumPy : master the skills necessary for performing complex numerical computations and effective data manipula / Mert Cuhadaroglu, Umit Mert Cakmak.
EBOOKSMastering pfSense : manage, secure, and monitor your on-premise and cloud network with pfSense 2.4 / David Zientara.
EBOOKSMastering PostgreSQL 10 : expert techniques on PostgreSQL 10 development and administration / Hans-Jürgen Schönig.
EBOOKSMastering TensorFlow 1.x : advanced machine learning and deep learning concepts using TensorFlow 1.x and Keras / Armando Fandango.
EBOOKSMastering the faster web with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript : develop state-of-the-art web applications using the latest web technologies / Andrew Caya.
EBOOKSMatplotlib for Python developers : effective techniques for data visualization with Python / Aldrin Yim, Claire Chung, Allen Yu.
EBOOKSMind+machine : a decision model for optimizing and implementing analytics / Marc Vollenweider.
EBOOKSMobX quick start guide : supercharge the client state in your React apps with MobX / Pavan Podila, Michel Weststrate.
EBOOKSModern Scala projects : leverage the power of Scala for building data-driven and high-performant projects / Ilango Gurusamy.
EBOOKSModern software engineering methodologies for mobile and cloud environments / Antonio Miguel Rosado da Cruz and Sara Paiva, editors.
EBOOKSMolecular data analysis using R / Csaba Ortutay, Zsuzsanna Ortutay.
EBOOKSM-powering marketing in a mobile world / Syagnik Banerjee, Ruby Roy Dholakia, Nikhilesh Dholakia.
EBOOKSNatural language processing with Java : techniques for building machine learning and neural network models for NLP / Richard M. Reese, AshishSingh Bhatia.
EBOOKSNatural language processing with TensorFlow : teach language to machines using Python's deep learning library / Thushan Ganegedara.
EBOOKSNetwork function virtualization : concepts and applicability in 5G networks / Ying Zhang.
EBOOKSNext.js quick start guide : server-side rendering done right / Kirill Konshin.
EBOOKSNode.js web development : server-side development with Node 10 made wasy / David Herron.
EBOOKSObtaining value from big data for service systems. Volume II : big data technology / Stephen H. Kaisler [and three others].
EBOOKSOCA/OCP Java SE 8 programmer : practice tests / Scott Selikoff, Jeanne Boyarsky.
EBOOKSOpenCV 3 computer vision with Python cookbook : leverage the power of OpenCV 3 and Python to build computer vision applications / Aleksei Spizhevoi, Aleksandr Rybnikov.
EBOOKSOpenCV 3.x with python by example : make the most of OpenCV and Python to build applications for object recognition and augmented reality / Gabriel Garrido, Prateek Joshi.
EBOOKSOpenStack for architects : design production-ready private cloud infrastructure / Ben Silverman, Michael Solberg.
EBOOKSOrganisation design for UBER times : structuring organisations in times of radical change / Dr Mark Bussin.
EBOOKSOrganizational behavior and virtual work : concepts and analytical approaches / Arvind K. Birdie, PhD, Madhu Jain, PhD.
EBOOKSOwn the A.I. Revolution: Unlock Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy to Disrupt Your Competition : Unlock Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy to Disrupt Your Competition / Neil Sahota, Michael Ashley.
EBOOKSPattern recognition : a quality of data perspective / by Władysław Homenda, Witold Pedrycz.
EBOOKSPersonhood and social robotics [electronic resource] : a psychological consideration / Raya Jones.
EBOOKSPhoenix web development : create rich web applications using functional programming techniques with Phoenix and Elixir / Brandon Richey.
EBOOKSPostgreSQL 10 administration cookbook : over 165 effective recipes for database management and maintenance in PostgreSQL 10 / Gianni Ciolli, Simon Riggs.
EBOOKSPower management for internet of Everything / editors, Mathieu Coustans, Catherine Dehollain.
EBOOKSPractical industrial internet of things security : a practitioner's guide to securing connected industries / Sravani Bhattacharjee.
EBOOKSPredict and surveil : data, discretion, and the future of policing / Sarah Brayne.
EBOOKSProfessional azure SQL database administration : equip yourself with the skills you need to manage and maintain your SQL databases on the microsoft cloud / Ahmad Osama.
EBOOKSProfessional Microsoft SQL server 2016 reporting services and mobile reports / Paul Turley.
EBOOKSProfessional Spark : Big Data Cluster Computing in Production.
EBOOKSProfit drive business analytics : a practitioner's guide to transforming big data into added value / Wouter Verbeke, Bart Baesens, Cristián Bravo.
EBOOKSPySpark cookbook : over 60 recipes for implementing big data processing and analytics using Apache Spark and Python / Denny Lee, Tomasz Drabas.
EBOOKSPython : an introduction to programming / James R. Parker.
EBOOKSPython artificial intelligence projects for beginners : get up and running with artificial intelligence using 8 smart and exciting AI applications / Joshua Eckroth.
EBOOKSPython crash course : a hands-on, project-based introduction to programming / Eric Matthes.
EBOOKSPython for non-Pythonians : how to win over programming languages / Gaia Rubera, Francesco Grossetti.
EBOOKSPython for offensive PenTest : a practical guide to ethical hacking and penetration testing using Python / Hussam Khrais.
EBOOKSPython GUI Programming with Tkinter : develop responsive and powerful GUI applications with Tkinter / Alan D. Moore.
EBOOKSPython machine learning / Wei-Meng Lee.
EBOOKSPython penetration testing essentials : techniques for ethical hacking with Python / Mohit.
EBOOKSPython robotics projects : build smart and collaborative robots using Python / Diwakar Vaish.
EBOOKSQt5 Python GUI programming cookbook : building responsive and powerful cross-platform applications with PyQt / B. M. Harwani.
EBOOKSR for programmers : mastering the tools / Dan Zhang.
EBOOKSRaspberry Pi 3 cookbook for Python programmers : unleash the potential of Raspberry Pi 3 with over 100 recipes / Tim Cox, Dr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes.
EBOOKSReact : cross - platform application development with react native : harness the power of react native to build 4 real - world apps. / Emilio Rodriguez Martinez.
EBOOKSReact 16 tooling : master essential cutting-edge tools, such as create-react-app, Jest, and Flow / Adam Boduch.
EBOOKSRecent advances in the integration of big data and smart computing / Pradeep Kumar Mallick.
EBOOKSRefining the concept of scientific inference when working with big data : proceedings of a workshop / The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Ben A. Wender, rapporteur.
EBOOKSRegulating blockchain : techno-social and legal challenges / Ioannis Lianos, Philipp Hacker, Steph Eich, and Georgios Dimitropoulos.
EBOOKSReinforcement learning with TensorFlow : a beginner's guide to designing self-learning systems with TensorFlow and OpenAI Gym / Sayon Dutta.
EBOOKSRisks of artificial intelligence [electronic resource] / edited by Vincent C. Müller, University of Oxford, UK and American College of Thessaloniki/Anatolia College, Greece.
EBOOKSRobot learning by visual observation / Aleksandar Vakanski, Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi.
EBOOKSScala machine learning projects : build real-world machine learning and deep learning projects with Scala / Md. Rezaul Karim.
EBOOKSSecret recipes of the Python Ninja : over 70 recipes that uncover powerful programming tactics in Python / Cody Jackson.
EBOOKSSecurity, privacy and digital forensics in the cloud / edited by Lei Chen, Hassan Takabi, Nhien-An Le-Khac.
EBOOKSServerless design patterns and best practices : build, secure, and deploy enterprise ready serverless applications with AWS to improve developer productivity / Brian Zambrano.
EBOOKSServerless Web Applications with React and Firebase : Develop real-time applications for web and mobile platforms / Harmeet Singh, Mayur Tanna.
EBOOKSService excellence : creating customer experiences that build relationships / Ruth N. Bolton.
EBOOKSSingularity bank : AI and runaway transformation in financial services / Claudio Scardovi.
EBOOKSSocial Media and Big Data in Consumer Behaviour / guest editors, Dr. Anne L. Roggeveen and Professor Dhruv Grewal.
EBOOKSSplunk operational intelligence cookbook : over 80 recipes for transforming your data into business-critical insights using Splunk / Josh Diakun, Paul R Johnson, Derek Mock.
EBOOKSSports research with analytical solution using SPSS / J.P. Verma.
EBOOKSSpring : microservices with Spring Boot : unlock the power to Sring Boot to build and deploy production-redy microservices / Ranga Rao Karanam.
EBOOKSSpring Boot 2.0 projects : build production-grade reactive applications and microservices with Spring Boot / Mohamed Shazin Sadakath.
EBOOKSSPSS Statistics for data analysis and visualization / Keith McCormick, Jesus Salcedo with Jon Peck and Andrew Wheeler.
EBOOKSSQL by example / John Russo.
EBOOKSStatistical Data Analytics : Foundations for Data Mining, Informatics, and Knowledge Discovery, Solutions Manual.
EBOOKSStatistical Implications of Turing's Formula.
EBOOKSStatistical intervals : a guide for practitioners and researchers / William Q. Meeker, Gerald J. Hahn, Luis A. Escobar.
EBOOKSStatistics for psychology using R / Vivek M. Belhekar.
EBOOKSStatistics from a to Z : Confusing Concepts Clarified.
EBOOKSSurrogate humanity : race, robots, and the politics of technological futures / Neda Atanasoski and Kalindi Vora.
EBOOKSTensorFlow Deep Learning Projects : 10 real-world projects on computer vision, machine translation, chatbots, and reinforcement learning / Luca Massaron [and four others].
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EBOOKSTesting statistical assumptions in research / J. P. Verma, Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam.
EBOOKSText mining : a guidebook for the social sciences / Gabe Ignatow, Rada Mihalcea.
EBOOKSText mining in practice with R / Ted Kwartler.
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EBOOKSThe Birnbaum-Saunders distribution / Víctor Leiva.
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EBOOKSThe future of work : robots, AI, and automation / Darrell M. West.
EBOOKSThe History of Modern Mathematical Statistics : From Laplace to More Recent Times.
EBOOKSThe internet of things & data analytics handbook / edited by Hwaiyu Geng.
EBOOKSThe Invisible Brand : Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning / William Ammerman.
EBOOKSThe patient paradigm shifts : profiling the new healthcare consumer / Judy L. Chan.
EBOOKSThe real work of data science : turning data into information, better decisions, and stronger organizations / Ron S. Kenett, Thomas C. Redman.
EBOOKSThe singularity : could artificial intelligence really out-think us (and would we want it to)? / edited by Uziel Awret with keynote author David Chalmers with contributions by David Chalmers and Bryan Appleyard.
EBOOKSTime-like graphical models / Tvrtko Tadić.
EBOOKSTkinter GUI application development cookbook : a practical solution to your GUI development problems with Python and Tkinter / Alejandro Rodas de Paz.
EBOOKSTkinter GUI programming by example : learn to create modern GUIs using Tkinter by building real-world projects in Python / David Love.
EBOOKSTransformation of Collective Intelligences : Perspective of Transhumanism.
EBOOKSTransforming Classroom Practice Through Robotics Education.
EBOOKSTransforming social media business models through blockchain / Nitin Upadhyay.
EBOOKSTrusting records in the cloud [electronic resource] / edited by Luciana Duranti and Corinne Rogers.
EBOOKSTrustworthy Cloud Computing.
EBOOKSUnity 2018 augmented reality projects : build four immersive and fun AR applications using ARKit, ARCore, and Vuforia / Jesse Glover.
EBOOKSUnity virtual reality projects : learn virtual reality by developing more than 10 engaging projects with unity 2018 / Jonathan Linowes.
EBOOKSUsing Statistics In The Social And Health Sciences With Spss® And Excel®.
EBOOKSUtilizing virtual and personal learning environments for optimal learning / Krista Terry and Amy Cheney, editors.
EBOOKSVirtual reality : the last human narrative? / by Thorsten Botz-Bornstein.
EBOOKSVirtual reality and augmented reality : myths and realities / edited by Bruno Arnaldi, Pascal Guitton, Guillaume Moreau.
EBOOKSVirtual worlds, the virtual reality and augmented reality intersections / Edited by Paul Jerry and Nancy Tavares-Jones.
EBOOKSVue.js 2 design patterns and best practices : build enterprise-ready, modular Vue.js applications with Vuex and Nuxt / Paul Halliday.
EBOOKSVuex quick start guide : centralized state management for your Vue.js applications. / Andrea Koutifaris.
EBOOKSWeb applications with JavaScript or Java. Volume 1, Constraint validation, enumerations, special datatypes / Gerd Wagner and Mircea Diaconescu.
EBOOKSWeb mining : a synergic approach resorting to classifications and clustering / V. S. Kumbhar, K. S. Oza, R. K. Kamat.
EBOOKSWorking virtually : leading your organization and team, and advancing your personal career, in a mobile world / Trina Hoefling.
EBOOKSWorlding [electronic resource] : identity, media, and imagination in a digital age / David Trend.
EBOOKSYou don't know JS : ES6 and beyond / Kyle Simpson.
EBOOKS5G時代大未來 [electronic resource] : 利用大數據打造智慧生活與競爭優勢 / 顏長川著.
EBOOKSA.I.讀懂未來人工智慧 [electronic resource] / 李連德作
EBOOKSAI 新世界 [electronic resource] : 中國、矽谷和AI七巨人如何引領全球發展 = AI superpowers : China, Silicon Valley, and the new world order / 李開復著.
EBOOKSAI創世紀 [electronic resource] : 即將來臨的超級人工智慧時代 / 埃米爾.侯賽因著 溫力秦譯 = The sentient machine : the coming age of artificial intelligence / Amir Husain.
EBOOKSAI醫療大未來 [electronic resource] : 台灣第一本智慧醫療關鍵報告 / 李友專著 謝其濬, 林怡秀採訪整理.
EBOOKSAPCS大學程式設計先修檢測 [electronic resource] : Python超效解題致勝祕笈 = Advanced placement computer science / 吳燦銘著 ZCT策劃.
EBOOKSAR擴增實境好好玩 [electronic resource] : 結合虛擬與真實的新科技應用 = Augmented reality / 謝旻儕, 黃凱揚著.
EBOOKSG suite google for education上課趣 [electronic resource] : 文件、試算表、簡報、雲端教室完全活用 / 江軍, 葉俞佛著.
EBOOKSGoogle Analytics疑難雜症大解惑 [electronic resource] : 讓你恍然大悟的37個必備祕訣 / 曾瀚平, 鄭江宇著.
EBOOKSGoogle雲端平台實作手冊 [electronic resource] : Google雲端功能一點就通 / 蘇培欣, 胡際善, 洪宜禎著.
EBOOKSHTML5、CSS3、JavaScript、jQuery、Bootstrap、jQuery Mobile跨裝置網頁設計 [electronic resource] / 陳惠貞著.
EBOOKSLife 3.0 [electronic resource] : 人工智慧時代, 人類的蛻變與重生 / 鐵馬克著 陳以禮譯 = Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence / Max Tegmark.
EBOOKSLinkIt ONE物聯網實作入門 [electronic resource] / 曾吉弘, 顏義翔, 陳映華著.
EBOOKSMATLAB程式設計. 入門篇 [electronic resource] / 張智星著.
EBOOKSOI向外看的洞見 [electronic resource] : 如何在資訊淹沒的世界找出最有價值的趨勢? / 約恩.里賽根著 王婉卉譯 = Outside insight : navigating a world drowning in data / Jørn Lyseggen.
EBOOKSPhotoshop x Illustrator就是i設計 [electronic resource] : 適用版本CS6 CC / 蔡雅琦(漂漂老師)著.
EBOOKSPHP 7與MySQL網頁資料庫程式設計 [electronic resource] / 陳會安著.
EBOOKSPython x Arduino物聯網整合開發實戰 [electronic resource] / Pratik Desai作 Cavedu團隊, 曾吉弘譯.
EBOOKSPython二部曲網頁程式交易APP實作 [electronic resource] : Web + MySQL + Django / 林萍珍著.
EBOOKSPython大數據特訓班 [electronic resource] = Python for big data training course / 文淵閣工作室編著 鄧文淵總監製.
EBOOKSPython程式設計入門與應用 [electronic resource] : 運算思維的提昇與修練 / 陳新豐著.
EBOOKSPython程式設計技巧 [electronic resource] : 發展運算思維(含「APCS先修檢測」解析) / 溫嘉榮作.
EBOOKSPython程式設計實例入門 [electronic resource] / 李馨著.
EBOOKSPython程式設計實務 [electronic resource] : 從初學到活用Python開發技巧的16堂課 / 何敏煌作.
EBOOKSPython零基礎入門班 [electronic resource] : 一次打好程式設計、運算思維與邏輯訓練基本功! = Python zero-based course / 文淵閣工作室編著.
EBOOKSPython網路爬蟲與資料分析入門實戰 [electronic resource] = Web scraping and data analysis with Python / 林俊瑋, 林修博著.
EBOOKSR語言 [electronic resource] : 量表編製、統計分析與試題反應理論 = R programming language for scale development, statistical analysis and item response theory / 陳新豐著.
EBOOKSR語言 [electronic resource] : 數學計算、統計模型與金融大數據分析 / 酆士昌著.
EBOOKSR語言 [electronic resource] : 邁向Big data之路 / 洪錦魁, 蔡桂宏著.
EBOOKSR語言資料分析 [electronic resource] : 從機器學習、資料探勘、文字探勘到巨量資料分析 / 李仁鐘, 李秋緣著.
EBOOKSSpark MLlib机器学习实践 [electronic resource] / 王晓华著.
EBOOKSSQL Server 2016資料庫設計與開發實務 [electronic resource] / 陳會安著.
EBOOKSSQL Server與R開發實戰講堂 [electronic resource] / 楊志強著.
EBOOKSVR + 教育 [electronic resource] : 可视化学习的未来 / 杜颖编著.
EBOOKSVR簡史 [electronic resource] : 讀懂虛擬實境大趨勢 / 劉丹著
EBOOKS人人都能上手的資訊圖表設計術 [electronic resource] : 台灣第一家INFOGRAPHIC設計公司,經典案例、操作心法、製作祕笈全公開! / Re-lab團隊著.
EBOOKS人工智能简明知识读本 [electronic resource] / 本书编写组编.
EBOOKS人工智慧、物聯網、區塊鏈大未來 [electronic resource] : 從AI到AIoT到AIoTB = The future of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and blockchain : from AI to AIoT to AIoTB / 張渝江編著.
EBOOKS人工智慧來了 [electronic resource] / 李開復, 王詠剛著.
EBOOKS人工智慧風險分析 [electronic resource] : 人工智慧商業化將帶來的衝擊 = Artificial intelligence risk analysis : the impact of the commercialization of artificial intelligence technology / 吳悅, 賴志遠, 羅良慧著.
EBOOKS人工智慧與相關法律議題 [electronic resource] / 陳鋕雄, 楊哲銘, 李崇僖著.
EBOOKS大數據下多變量應用分析 [electronic resource] / 謝邦昌, 陳銘芷編著.
EBOOKS大數據分析Excel Power BI全方位應用 [electronic resource] / 謝邦昌等著.
EBOOKS大數據分析處理 [electronic resource] : Spark技術、應用與性能優質化 / 王家林編著.
EBOOKS大數據分析處理 [electronic resource] : Storm技術理論與應用 / 陳敏敏, 王新春, 黃奉線編著.
EBOOKS大數據決策分析盲點大突破10講 [electronic resource] : 我分類 故我在 = I classify, therefore I am / 何宗武著.
EBOOKS大數據常用之編程軟體概述及應用 [electronic resource] : C++、Python與Java網頁爬文實作 / 謝邦昌編著.
EBOOKS大數據資本主義 [electronic resource] : 金融資本主義退位, 重新定義市場、企業、金錢、銀行、工作與社會正義 / 麥爾荀伯格, 蘭姆格原著 林俊宏譯 = Reinventing capitalism in the age of big data / Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Thomas Ramge.
EBOOKS小手大創客 [electronic resource] : IoT.Android和Surveillance專案設計 / 鄭一鴻著
EBOOKS小規模是趨勢 [electronic resource] : 掌握AI和新一代新創公司如何改寫未來經濟模式 / 賀曼.塔內賈(Hemant Taneja), 凱文.曼尼(Kevin Maney)著 李芳齡譯.
EBOOKS互联网金融实务 [electronic resource] / 李鸿昌, 范实秋主编.
EBOOKS互聯網+大數據 [electronic resource] : 精準營銷的利器 / 陳建英, 黃演紅著
EBOOKS日本平面設計美學 [electronic resource] = Japanese graphics / SendPoints編著.
EBOOKS比特幣區塊鏈大未來 [electronic resource] / 張渝江編著.
EBOOKS巨量資料分析與智能應用 [electronic resource] / 駱德廉著.
EBOOKS巨量資料處理與應用實務 [electronic resource] / 曾展鵬, 顏春煌編著.
EBOOKS未來世界的倖存者 [electronic resource] : 終極技術大革命的前夜, 每一個人都該思索與知道的事 / 阮一峰著.
EBOOKS民意調查資料分析的R實戰手冊 [electronic resource] / 劉正山著.
EBOOKS用micro:bit+Python寫程式當創客 [electronic resource] : 培養創造力 / 李啟龍, 林育安, 詹庭任作.
EBOOKS用於潛力科技選題之文字探勘方法 [electronic resource] = Text-mining method for discovering potential R&D topics / 林倞, 羅濟威著.
EBOOKS白話AIoT數位轉型 [electronic resource] : 一個掌握創新升級商機的故事 / 裴有恆著.
EBOOKS传播的进化 [electronic resource] : 人工智慧将如何重塑人类的交流 = The phantom of communication : how the ghost in machine will re-shape our ideas of interaction / 牟怡著.
EBOOKS多層次模型(HLM)及重複測量 [electronic resource] : 使用SPSS分析 / 張紹勳, 林秀娟著.
EBOOKS存活分析及ROC [electronic resource] : 應用SPSS / 張紹勳, 林秀娟著.
EBOOKS机器崛起前传 [electronic resource] : 自我意识与人类智慧的开端 / 蔡恒进等著.
EBOOKS我的第一台口袋VR眼鏡 : 看影片x玩遊戲一機搞定 [electronic resource] / 博碩文化著.
EBOOKS明日醫學 [electronic resource] : 終結絕症 X 訂製基因 X 永生不死, 迎接無病新世紀 / 湯瑪斯.舒茲(Thomas Schulz)著 林琬玉譯.
EBOOKS玩轉社群 [electronic resource] : 文字大數據實作 / 謝邦昌等合著.
EBOOKS金融科技實戰 [electronic resource] : Python與量化投資 / 蔡立耑著.
EBOOKS後人類時代 [electronic resource] : 虛擬身體的多重想像和建構 / N.凱薩琳.海爾斯作 賴淑芳, 李偉柏譯 = How we became posthuman : virtual bodies in cybernetics, literature, and informatics / N. Katherine Hayles.
EBOOKS時間數列分析 [electronic resource] : Excel與SPSS應用 / 楊秋月, 陳耀茂編著.
EBOOKS真理機器 [electronic resource] : 區塊鏈與數位時代的新憲法 / 麥克.凱西(Michael J. Casey), 保羅.威格納(Paul Vigna)著 林奕伶譯.
EBOOKS配色設計學 [electronic resource] : 從理論到應用, 零基礎的入門指南 / 紅糖美學著.
EBOOKS高等統計 [electronic resource] : 應用SPSS分析 / 張紹勳, 林秀娟著.
EBOOKS區塊鍊比你想的還簡單 [electronic resource] : 重新定義「錢」的概念 / 董超主編.
EBOOKS從範例學MINITAB統計分析與應用 [electronic resource] / 唐麗英, 王春和編著.
EBOOKS統計指數理論的創新研究 [electronic resource] / 任棟, 王琦著.
EBOOKS給論文寫作者的統計指南 [electronic resource] : 傻瓜也會跑統計 / 顏志龍, 鄭中平著.
EBOOKS楊比比的Photoshop人像後製 [electronic resource] : 展現自然光下的唯美空氣感 / 楊比比作.
EBOOKS資料探勘 [electronic resource] : 程序與模式 : 使用Excel實作 / 葉怡成著.
EBOOKS跟Adobe徹底研究Photoshop CC [electronic resource] / Andrew Faulkner, Conrad Chavez著 江芮妡譯 = Adobe Photoshop CC classroom in a book (2017 release) / Andrew Faulkner, Conrad Chavez.
EBOOKS跨裝置網頁設計 [electronic resource] : HTML5、CSS3、JavaScript jQuery、Bootstrap / 陳惠貞作.
EBOOKS電腦對局導論 [electronic resource] = Computers and classical board games : an introduction / 徐讚昇等著
EBOOKS圖解統計與大數據 [electronic resource] : 圖解讓統計與大數據更簡單 / 吳作樂, 吳秉翰著.
EBOOKS圖說運算思維與演算邏輯訓練 [electronic resource] : 使用Python / 榮欽科技著.
EBOOKS圖說演算法 [electronic resource] : 使用Python : 理解零負擔.採高CP值Python語言實作 / 吳燦銘, 胡昭民著.
EBOOKS實用Python程式設計 [electronic resource] / 郭英勝等著.
EBOOKS實戰AI資料導向式學習 [electronic resource] : Raspberry Pix深度學習x視覺辨識 / 曾吉弘等著.
EBOOKS實戰VMware vSphere 6.x企業私有雲建置 [electronic resource] : 異地備援x軟體定義儲存x高可用性 / 顧武雄著.
EBOOKS實戰物聯網開發 [electronic resource] : 使用ESP8266 / Marco Schwartz原著 Cavedu團隊, 曾吉弘譯.
EBOOKS實戰家電物聯網 [electronic resource] : Webduino智慧插座 Node.js 雲端服務整合 / Webduino開發團隊作.
EBOOKS管理统计学 [electronic resource] / 崔琳琳主编.
EBOOKS管理统计学实验教程 [electronic resource] / 宋冬梅主编.
EBOOKS網站企劃、網路行銷必讀!圖解Google網站管理員工具 [electronic resource] / 大木あかね,菊池崇著 許郁文譯.
EBOOKS認識虛擬化技術的第一本書 [electronic resource] : 在職場也能派上用場的虛擬化入門書 / 高岡将, 高添修著 許郁文譯.
EBOOKS輕鬆學習R語言 [electronic resource] : 從基礎到應用, 掌握資料科學的關鍵能力 / 郭耀仁著.
EBOOKS數碼時代的中國人文學科研究 [electronic resource] / 譚國根, 梁慕靈, 黃自鴻主編.
EBOOKS誰說我不會畫LINE貼圖? [electronic resource] : 主題設計+繪圖+上架的達人養成書 / 吳宜瑾著.
EBOOKS機器人也是人 [electronic resource] : 人工智能時代的法律 / John Frank Weaver著 鄭志峰譯 = Robots are people too : how Siri, Google Car, and artificial intelligence will force us to change our laws / John Frank Weaver.
EBOOKS隨經濟 [electronic resource] : 第二曲線的77個思維模型 / 盧希鵬著.
EBOOKS應用數學實務與資料分析 [electronic resource] / 張現強, 葛麗艷, 黃化人主編.
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