HKSYU & 扶康會 – 真人圖書館 《俾啲精神:與復元人士對話》

【HKSYU & 扶康會 – 真人圖書館 《俾啲精神:與復元人士對話》】

大家到 #樹仁圖書館 會借的資料通常是實體書、電子書、還是期刊?


香港樹仁大學今次與 扶康會 – 康晴天地合作舉辦真人圖書館活動,以精神復元人士比喻為書,大家可以透過「借閱」一個人去親身接觸與展開真誠的對話,以了解與自己不同的人,以及「閱讀」他人獨特的故事和生活中面對的挑戰。

10月10日 – 10 月14日:真人圖書館展覽,圖書館2樓活動室

10 月17日:真人圖書館 《俾啲精神:與復元人士對話》,圖書館2樓活動室

活動語言:廣東話 (不設翻譯)


[HKSYU & Fu Hong Society – Human Library “Connection with Persons in Mental Recovery”]

What kinds of #HKSYULibrary collections like books, e-books, or articles have you often borrowed?

Are you interested in “Human Library” to borrow “a person” for a while?

HKSYU work with FuHongSociety – Sunrise Centre to organize a Human Library, and the “Collections” are Persons in Mental Recovery. All participants can “borrow” a person to conduct a face-to-face and deep conversation to understand different people and their unique stories and life challenges.

10 Oct – 14 Oct: Human Library Exhibition, Library 2/F activity room

17 Oct: Human Library: Dialogue with Recovered People, Library 2/F activity room

Language of the event: Cantonese (no translation)

Sign up for the Human Library: