Trial database : Man’Du漫讀電子書

The following trial database has been activated for our library:

Man’Du漫讀電子書收錄五南、碁峰、鼎文、遠景、全佛文化等五家出版社出版的電子書,數量達到 6500本以上,分類為公職考試、電腦資訊、經典文學、教科書、宗教哲學等五大類。訂購的書籍,可全本閱讀,沒有訂購的書籍,僅有10%頁數可試閱。 2021年7月31日

Users are welcome to access the trial databases through here
If you have any comment about the trial databases, please send to

Hong Kong Shue Yan University Library

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