Topical Exhibition – Sustainable Living

Dear members of Shue Yan University,
Today, we are pleased to announce that the new topical exhibition is launched. Here is details:
Theme: Sustainable Living
Duration: 13 Feb. 2017 (Mon) – 7 Apr.,2017 (Fri)
Venue: 5/F Library Complex
Web page: Topical Exhibition – Sustainable Living
Related subjects: Agriculture, Bicycle, Clean energy, Farming, Food preservation and storage, Meat, Natural foods, Natural food industry, Outdoor use of water, Organic food, Power resources, Railroads, Recycling, Renewable energy sources, Shower, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Sustainable living, Sustainable urban development, Transportation, Waste, Water, Water efficiency, Water resources development, Wind power industry, and Wise eating.

We provide printed books, e-books and related web pages. You may refer to the web page for details. Moreover, you are welcome to borrow the printed books on display.
Best wishes
HKSYU Library
13rd February 2017

——— Chinese version ———-
各位樹仁師生, 你們好!
新一輯的專題展覽今天開始了. 以下是有關詳情:
主題: 可持續生活
展期: 二零一七年二月十三日(一)至四月七日(五)
地點: 圖書館綜合大樓五樓
網頁: 專題展覽”可持續生活”
相關題目: 農業、腳踏車、潔淨能源、農場經營、食物保存及儲存、肉類、天然食物、天然食品業、室外用水、有機食物、能源、鐵路、回收利用、再生能源、淋浴、可持續性、可持續發展(永續發展) 、可持續生活(永續生活) 、可持續社區發展、運輸、廢料、浪費、癈料、省水效率、水源發展、風力能源業及惜食。

我們提供紙本圖書, 電子圖書與相關網頁. 詳情可參考本專題網頁. 另外, 歡迎各位借閱展覽期間的紙本圖書.