New Databases

You can access these new databases via the Library website.
1. Chinese Great Leap Forward and Great Famine Database, 1958-1962 (中國大躍進─大饑荒數據庫, 1958–1962)

  • 中共中央和各级政府有关大跃进/大饥荒的重要文件
  • 毛泽东有关大跃进-大饥荒的讲话、指示和文稿
  • 中共党政领导有关大跃进-大饥荒讲话和指示
  • 大跃进-大饥荒时期的重要报刊社论、文章
  • 大跃进-大饥荒时期的其他重要文章和报道
  • 中共党内和民间社会的不满、抵制、反抗以及相关的骚乱
  • 内部档案:调查报告、指示统计等等
  • 特殊档案:检查交代和处理结论等等

2. EBSCO: European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750
In cooperation with the John Carter Brown Library, EBSCO Publishing created a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750 from European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed In Europe Relating to the Americas, 1493-1750.
The database contains more than 32,000 records, and covers the history of European exploration as well as portrayals of native American peoples.
3.  Learning Portal (Asian)
The Learning Portal is a tool that allows organisations to deliver effective training to enhance management and leadership skills and frontline staff skills.
The content includes about 200 training films in streaming media with categories of change management, leadership, customer service, sales, and quality.
4.  Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is an open access repository of scholarly research in the social sciences. SSRN is composed of a number of specialised research networks in each of the social sciences including Economics, Financial Economics and Legal Scholarship.
The SSRN eLibrary consists of two parts:

  • an Abstract Database containing abstracts on over 500,000 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers;
  • an Electronic Paper Collection currently containing over 400,000 downloadable full text documents in pdf format.

The eLibrary also includes the research papers of a number of Fee Based Partner Publications.
The Library has other databases available for HKSYU users; further information can be found here.
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