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Legal databases
  • Lexis Advance HK Lexis Advance HK
    Lexis Advance HK is the new online legal research solution tailor-made for Hong Kong legal practitioners, corporate and government users. It is a one-stop legal research platform including the largest local content in the form of commentaries, cases, legislation and forms covering Hong Kong, as well as key overseas jurisdictions. Library subscribes basic module HK9 and Litigation module.
  • Hong Kong e-Legislation Hong Kong e-Legislation
    Hong Kong e-Legislation (HKeL) is an electronic database of Hong Kong legislation maintained by the Department of Justice. It provides current and past versions of consolidated legislation dating back to 30 June 1997 and PDF copies marked “verified copy” have official legal status. Different searching and viewing modes are available to facilitate access to law.
  • Hong Kong Legal Information Institute HKLII (Hong Kong Legal Information Institute)
    HKLII is a free access legal information system developed and maintained by the University of Hong Kong. It provides free access to primary legal materials from Hong Kong including court and tribunal judgments and legislation) and publicly available materials such as law commission reform reports.
  • ICLR Online
    Online platform including ICLR’s Law Reports and Weekly Law Reports covering case law from the Superior and Appellate Courts in England and Wales. The platform also includes: case summaries, a citator service, access to legislation, and individual profiles in order to manage complex research. HKSYU Library subscribes the following law reports & case reports online in the platform:
    -The Law Reports (1865 to present day)
    -The Weekly Law Reports (1953 to present day)
    -The Industrial Cases Reports (1972 to present day)
    -The Business Law Reports (2007 to present day)
    -The Public & Third Sector Law Reports (2009 to present day)
  • Westlaw Asia
    An online legal research service which provides a unique collection of legal and regulatory information. The collections include case law, legislation, law reviews, treaties, and directories from Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Law reports from Australia are also included in this database.
  • Westlaw China
    Bilingual full text of PRC laws and regulations, judicial interpretations, cases, and secondary materials.
Other key databases
  •  China Academic Journals Full-text Database 中國期刊全文數據庫
    中國期刊全文數據庫是一個大規模集成中國大陸各學科中、英文專業核心期刊和專業特色期刊的全文數據庫。 收錄期刊數目前已達8,000餘種,學科內容分為十個專輯,本館訂閱文史哲 政治軍事與法律,教育與社會科學綜合 及 經濟與管理 四個專輯。論文摘要由1994年開始(部分刊物回溯至創刊),文史哲 政治軍事與法律,教育與社會科學綜合 及 經濟與管理 全文由1994年開始。
    文史哲專輯 -- 學科範圍:語言、文字、文學、文化、藝術 、音樂、美術、體育、歷史、考古、哲學、宗教、心理等。
    政治軍事與法律專輯 -- 學科範圍:政論、黨建、外交、公安、群眾組、軍事、法律等。
    教育與社會科學綜合 -- 學科範圍:社會科學理論與方法、社會學及統計學、民族學、人口學與計劃生育 教育理論與教育管理等。
    經濟與管理專輯 -- 學科範圍:經濟、商貿、財政、金融、保險等。
  • EBSCO: Academic Search Ultimate EBSCO: Academic Search Ultimate  
    Basic Search Help
    Full-text Titles List (Excel) -- By Title
    Academic Search Ultimate offers students an unprecedented collection of peer-reviewed, full-text journals, including many journals indexed in leading citation indexes. The combination of academic journals, magazines, periodicals, reports, books and videos meets the needs of scholars in virtually every discipline ranging from astronomy, anthropology, biomedicine, engineering, health, law and literacy to mathematics, pharmacology, women's studies, zoology and more.
  • Project MUSE Project MUSE - Social Sciences Collection
    Video Tutorial on how to use
    The Social Sciences Collection is a subset of the Premium Collection. It is a collection of high quality, peer reviewed journals designed for institutions acquiring extensively in the social sciences. Building on MUSE's strengths in international relations and in aspects of political science and economics, this collection is designed to meet the needs of special libraries such as think tanks, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and related organizations.
  • ProQuest Central
    ProQuest Central provides access to almost 40 of ProQuest's complete databases, with a variety of content types across over 175 subjects such as Business, Arts and Humanities, as well as social sciences including law.
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