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Self Financing Institution Libraries
Union catalog of five self-funding institutions including SYU

Union catalog of JULAC institutions in Hong Kong

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Union catalog of libraries around the world

English e-journals
  • Cambridge Journals Online: Humanities and Social Sciences Cambridge Journals Online: Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS)
    The Humanities and Social Sciences package includes areas such as economics, business and management, language and linguistics, politics and international relations, literature, social studies, etc.
  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals
    DOAJ provides free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects including Business and Economics, History and Archaeology, Languages and Literatures, Philosophy and Religion, as well as Social Sciences, etc.
  • EBSCO: Business Source Ultimate EBSCO: Business Source Ultimate
    This source contains 8,000 full-text sources including 2,100 peer-reviewed journals in all aspects of business areas. It also contains some non-journal contents such as case studies, country economic reports, company profiles, and interviews of company executives or key players of particular industry.
  • EBSCO: EconLit with Full Text EBSCO: EconLit with Full Text
    Developed by the American Economic Association, EconLit is the world’s foremost source of references to economic literature.
  • Emerald Accounting, Finance and Economics eJournal Collection Emerald Accounting, Finance and Economics eJournal Collection
    Contains 39 full-text peer-reviewed journals on accounting, finance and economics.
  • JSTOR: Arts & Science I JSTOR: Arts & Science I
    JSTOR is an e-journal collection contains 119 journal titles on economics, history, political science, sociology, as well as in other key fields in the humanities and social sciences.
  • ProQuest Central
    This database includes periodical and newspaper articles over 160 subject areas such as business, economics, arts and humanities, religion, as well as education.
  • Scopus
    Abstract and citation database of research literature. Contents include scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, professional publications, and conference proceedings. Have tools to track, analyze and visualize research.
  • Social Science Research Network
    This open-access resource consists of two sub-sections: “Abstracts Database” and “Electronic Paper”. “Abstract Database” consists of over 210,000 abstracts of scholarly working papers and “Electronic Paper” contains over 174,500 downloadable full-text articles. Subjects includes: accounting, economics, law, finance, management, etc.
  • Taylor & Francis Social Sciences & Humanities LibraryTaylor & Francis Social Sciences & Humanities Library
    This full-text e-journal collection contains over 1,000 scholarly titles in various disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences including Business, Management & Economics.
Chinese e-journals
  • China Academic Journals Full-text Database China Academic Journals Full-text Database 中國期刊全文數據庫
    中國期刊全文數據庫是一個大規模集成中國大陸各學科中、英文專業核心期刊和專業特色期刊的全文數據庫。 收錄期刊數目前已達8,000餘種,學科內容分為十個專輯,本館訂閱文史哲 政治軍事與法律,教育與社會科學綜合 及 經濟與管理 四個專輯。論文摘要由1994年開始(部分刊物回溯至創刊),文史哲 政治軍事與法律,教育與社會科學綜合 及 經濟與管理 全 文由1994年開始。
    文史哲專輯 -- 學科範圍:語言、文字、文學、文化、藝術 、音樂、美術、體育、歷史、考古、哲學、宗教、心理等。
    政治軍事與法律專輯 -- 學科範圍:政論、黨建、外交、公安、群眾組、軍事、法律等。
    教育與社會科學綜合 -- 學科範圍:社會科學理論與方法、社會學及統計學、民族學、人口學與計劃生育 教育理論與教育管理等。
    經濟與管理專輯 -- 學科範圍:經濟、商貿、財政、金融、保險等。
  • 中國重要會議論文全文數據庫 (文史哲、政治軍事與法律、教育與社會科學綜合、經濟與管理專輯) 中國重要會議論文全文數據庫 (文史哲、政治軍事與法律、教育與社會科學綜合、經濟與管理專輯)
    本數據庫收錄2000年以來國家二級以上學會、協會、高等院校、科研院所、學術機構等單位的論文集,學科內容分為十個專輯包括: 理工A ; 理工B ; 理工C ; 農業、醫藥衛生、文史哲、政治軍事與法律、教育與社會科學綜合、電子技術與資訊科學、經濟與管理。本館購買文史哲、政治軍事與法律、教育與社會科學綜合、經濟與管理專輯, 全文內容由2009年起。 附註: 請用 CAJ viewer 或 Acrobat Reader 閱覽 圖像檔案) ( 下載 CajViewer )
  • 中文電子期刊服務 中文電子期刊服務
    此資料庫收錄以台灣、中國大陸、香港及其他全球各地以中文為主要語言的期刊, 涵蓋的科目包括人文學科、社會科學、自然科學、應用科學、醫學與生命科學等。 讀者可以學科、出版機構、期刊名稱或進階檢索等選項進行檢索及瀏覽。
Economics and Financial Data
  •  ADB Statistical Database System (SDBS)
    Developed by Asian Development Bank [ADB], SDBS is the bank’s central  statistical database that stores macro-economic and social data of its developing member countries (DMCs). The SDBS data come from statistical contacts that are mostly national statistics offices and central banks of the DMCs. SDBS also store data from other international organizations' databases and websites. The data of this free resource are from 1990 to 2017.

  •  Eurostat 
    Contains a great deal of data on the EU including macroeconomics external trade, demographics and industrial data.

  •  Hong Kong Statistics
    Provides major economic and social data of Hong Kong.

  • INFOBANK Online Database Service 中國資訊行 (繁體 / 简体)

  •  Thomson Reuters Eikon
    Thomson Reuters Eikon contains a wide range of financial data such as equities, equity indices, bonds, bond indices, futures, warrants, options, fundamental company accounts data, etc. To use Eikon, users should access the specific terminal on the 3/F.

  •  UNdata
    UNdata is a multi-disciplinary source providing official statistics produced by countries and compiled by the United Nations data system. The database also includes estimates and projections. Themes including Agriculture, Crime, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Health, HIV/AIDS, Human Development, Industry, Information and Communication Technology, National Accounts, Population, Refugees, Tourism, Trade, as well as the Millennium Development Goals indicators

  •  World DataBank
    Includes the World Development Indicators and Global Development Finance databases. Contains over 500 timeseries indicators under the headings: world view, environment, economy, states and markets and global links. Data are at the country level only and are updated annually. Includes the World Development Indicators and Global Development Finance databases.
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