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1 American Law Sources Online
2 Australian Legal Information Institute
3 Basic Law (基本法)
4 Bilingual Laws Information System (BLIS) (雙語法例資料系統)
5 British and Irish Legal Information Institute
6 Chan Robles Virtual Law Library - worldwide legal resources
7 Columbia Journal of Asian Law
8 Commission Against Corruption, Macau 澳門廉政公署
9 Constitution Finder
10 Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, HKSARG (香港特別行政區政府 - 政制及內地事務局))
11 Current Legal Problems | Oxford Academic
12 Department of Justice, HKSARG 香港特別行政區政府 - 律政司
13 Duhaime's Legal Dictionary
14 Equal Opportunities Commission (平等機會委員會)
15 European Journal of Current Legal Issues
16 Faculty of Law, CUHK
17 Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong
18 Financial Disput Resolution Centre 金融糾紛調解中心
19 FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
20 Government Gazettes Online (by federal governments worldwide)
21 Government Printing Bureau - Macau Special Administrative Region 澳門特別行政區政府 - 印務局
22 Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online (HKU Libraries)
23 Hong Kong Bar Association (香港大律師公會)
24 Hong Kong e-Legislation 電子版香港法例
25 Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited 香港交易所
26 Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption 香港廉政公署
27 Hong Kong Lawyer 香港律師 (Official Journal of the Law Society of Hong Kong)
28 Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII)(香港法律資詢中心)
29 Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Ltd 香港調解資歷評審協會有限公司
30 Hong Kong Mediation Centre 香港和解中心
31 Hong Kong Monetary Authority 香港金融管理局
32 Inland Revenue Department 稅務局
33 Inland Revenue Ordinance - Board of Review Decisions
34 Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London)
35 Intellectual Property Department 知識產權署
36 IP Mall:Intellectual Property Mall (University of New Hampshire)
37 Judiciary of HKSAR, The 香港特別行政區 - 司法機構
38 Justice A-Z (
39 Juvenille Crime Delinquency
40 Law Library of Congress
41 Law Links
42 Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong, The (香港法律改革委員會)
43 Law Society of England and Wales, The
44 Law society of Hong Kong, The (香港律師會)
45 Lawbore: The Law Student’s Guide
46 Lawguru (legal search engines and tools)
47 Legal Reference System (HK)(法律參考資料系統)
48 Legal Resources in UK and Ireland
49 Legislative Council of the HKSARG (香港立法會)
50 OAIster Database
51 Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (US Dept. of Justice)
52 One Country Two Systems Research Institute (一國兩制研究中心)
53 School of Law, CityU 城市大學法律學院
54 Standing Committee on Legal Education and Training, HK 香港法律教育及培訓常設委員會
55 University Law Review Project (USA)
56 World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII)
57 WWW Virtual Library, The - Law
58 中國國家檢察官學院 National Prosecutors College of P.R.C
59 中國政治/法律資源
60 中國最高人民檢察院 Supreme People's Procuratorate of the People's Republic of China
61 中國監察部中共中央紀律檢查委員會
62 中國職務犯罪預防網
63 中華人民共和國商務部
64 全國法規資料庫 (台灣) Laws & Regulation Database of The Republic of China
65 台灣法務部廉政署 Agent Against Corruption, Taiwan
66 國家知識產權局 State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China
67 國家稅務總局 State Administration of Taxation
68 基本法圖書館(香港公共圖書館) Basic Law Library (Hong Kong Public Libraries)
69 法周刊 (Solicitor Online)
70 澳門特別行政區法院網站
71 當值律師服務 (HKSARG Duty Lawyer Service)
72 社區法網
73 立法院法律系統 (台灣)
74 香港特別行政區政府憲報 HKSARG Gazette