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1 Business Degree Guide and College Resource
2 College Source
3 Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC), HKU
4 Concourse for Self-financing Post-secondary Education 自資專上教育資訊平台
5 coursera
6 Curriculum Development Council
7 Discover Business - Accredited Online MBA Guide
8 Education Bureau 教育局
9 Education Policy Analysis Archives (USA)
10 Education World
11 Educator's Reference Desk, The
12 edX
13 Gateway to Education Materials (GEM), The
15 Graduate Record Exams (GRE) (香港考試及評核局)
16 Harvard Educational Letter (Research Online)
17 Harvard Educational Review
18 HKedCity 香港教育城
19 Hong Kong Education Bibliographic Database
20 Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority 香港考試及評核局
21 Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, The
22 Hong Kong School Net
23 Hong Kong Statistics (HK Census and Statistics Department 香港政府統計處)
24 IELTS (British Council 英國文化協會)
25 International Development Research Centre
26 Journal of Technology Education
27 Masters in Education
28 MIT OpenCourseWare, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
29 National education Association
30 OER Commons: Open Educational Resources
31 Open Culture - free online courses
32 Peterson's Education Center
33 SAT (香港考試及評核局)
34 Top Accredited Online MBA Programs Guide
35 UNESCO Institute for Statistics
36 University Grants Committee (UGC)
37 Vocational Training Council 職業訓練局
38 WES Regional Education Link
39 World Wide Learn
40 World's Best Universities
41 學友社
42 學聯海外升學中心 Hong Kong Overseas Studies Centre
43 香港專上學生聯會 Hong Kong Feferation of Student
44 香港教育專業人員協會
45 香港教育工作者聯會 Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers
46 香港教育資訊網 - Hong Kong Education Web
47 香港青年大專學生協會